Feb 20th, 2009

hessedroidWhen Sprint customers and Android Fans are one in the same it can make for a frustrating combination. Before we knew who would carry the first Android Phone, Sprint was a logical possibility. But T-Mobile released the G1, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse dissed Android and things didn’t look so good.

That is until December 2008 when we learned that Sprint WOULD release an Android in 2009 followed up a week later with news that it would be made by Samsung. But Sprint has since been pretty quiet about Android and all the attention has been on the upcoming release of Sprint’s Palm Pre which will be an exclusive for 1 year on the carrier. That’s enough to give a Sprint Phan an achine belly. But fear no longer…

While there is no “new” news to announce, The Business Insider spoke with Hesse and assured them they ARE working on a Sprint Android device. It will NOT be tied into WiMax, the 4G network rolled over to Clearwire, but if Clearwire is to exist much longer someone had better do something with it. So yes, Sprint customers… you have NOT been forgotten by the Android Gods and you WILL have something in the coming months. Or at least in 2009… I would think.

[BI via MC]

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