Sprint Android Coming, CEO Reassures


hessedroidWhen Sprint customers and Android Fans are one in the same it can make for a frustrating combination. Before we knew who would carry the first Android Phone, Sprint was a logical possibility. But T-Mobile released the G1, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse dissed Android and things didn’t look so good.

That is until December 2008 when we learned that Sprint WOULD release an Android in 2009 followed up a week later with news that it would be made by Samsung. But Sprint has since been pretty quiet about Android and all the attention has been on the upcoming release of Sprint’s Palm Pre which will be an exclusive for 1 year on the carrier. That’s enough to give a Sprint Phan an achine belly. But fear no longer…

While there is no “new” news to announce, The Business Insider spoke with Hesse and assured them they ARE working on a Sprint Android device. It will NOT be tied into WiMax, the 4G network rolled over to Clearwire, but if Clearwire is to exist much longer someone had better do something with it. So yes, Sprint customers… you have NOT been forgotten by the Android Gods and you WILL have something in the coming months. Or at least in 2009… I would think.

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  1. I hope we will get something, I’ve forgone signing a new contract until I decide if I am jumping to TMOBILE to get the G1 or if Sprint will get an Android.

    If TMOBILE gets 3G in my area before Sprint releases an Android, then I’ll go to TMOBILE.

  2. I will say this about Sprint. I’ve been with them since they started (one of the first 300,000 customers) way too many years ago. I have had my very frustrated moments with them, but when I called in late ’08 to bitch about my 755p and talked about leaving to buy a G1. The tech that I got on the phone (he was an android fan) assured me then one was coming. He even sent me a Treo 800w free of charge (yes, free of charge) so I would stay with the company and wait for their android offering.

    Of course I’m still waiting, but getting rid of that 755p has made it a little easier to deal with.

    Thanks Rob for bringing a bit of brightess to my day. To hear that Sprint Android may be 3G and fit into their “Simply Everything” plan that I have now makes me happy.

    But I have to admit I would love it if the HTC Dream would come to Sprint. I can’t have everything though can I?

  3. I’m on contract with Sprint. That is the ONLY reason I’m still with them, but if they plan on keeping me, the only way is with an Android handset, and it better be snazzier than the G1 (not that there is anything wrong with the G1). I hear Verizon calling me, so make it snappy Sprint.

  4. I’m on contract with Sprint as well, and I have been about to jump the shark for several months now, simply because of the hardware and software, not because of sprint’s plan, coverage, or customer service. Their plan is the cheapest and the best, they have good coverage, I have yet to complain about 3g, and I dont use customer service but twice a year so that doesn’t bother me.

    Its the pda hardware/software that has bugged me to death, coming from a mogul and then to a touch diamond, I can only say that windows mbile 6.1 is so frustrating and rewarding at the same time. I want a new stable os.

    I can’t wait any longer for a combination Android OS with Samsung hardware, and Sprint’s cheap data plans!!!!

  5. Verizon is not the way to go if you want Android on your phone. I don’t know whether they have any plans in the works, but even if they did I doubt they’d provide the full Android experience. Verizon locks you in to so many proprietary services, I doubt that it would be worth it.

    P.S. I am a current Verizon subscriber waiting for my contract to expire this summer. Then I will jump ship for whoever’s got the prettiest Android device out there (preferable w/ a physical keyboard!)

  6. i think the new andriod for sprint should come out, im a former sprint customer am planning to leave sprint because for the reason i dont like the programs that the phone carries to be paying alot of money compared to boost or metro now if that new phone comes out i will be more then happy to stay several of years with sprint

  7. I’ve got 6 months left on my Sprint contract. Barring an Android phone, I’m GONE. Can’t compare service to T-Mobile, but I switched from Verizon (evilevilevil) and it’s half-arsed (even in Manhattan). If Sprint releases a good Android phone, I will jump on it. If not, I’ll probably be switching to the G2 on T-Mobile (would rather have a “2nd-gen” G1, though).

  8. Sprint is concentrating a lot of their resources on the Palm Pre right now. After the G1 came out on TMobile I forgot all about Android. I did go and see a G1 in person and I was really impressed with the usability with the device and the software. But…man the G1 phone itself…physically it is just too bulky for me, the keyboard arrangement makes it awkward to use while opened, and the way that the phone curves up makes it look a little strange. Google did an excellent job on the software for Android but I think that they should have made some different decisions about the hardware. I want a sexier, thinner, slicker looking phone. When I first saw the Palm Pre demos, I thought, man Android should have done a hardware design similar to that. Hopefully the Sprint Android phone or the TMobile G2 phone will be more up to par with the looks and form factor. I am a windows mobile user and I really want a better operating system but I do not want to pay the outrageous monthly rates that AT&T charges for its iPhone. Thus, for me Sprint is the most valued choice with the cheaper monthly plan pricing, but hurry up with the Palm Pre and the next Android phone Sprint!!!

  9. Currently a Sprint customer for about 8 months now, and I’m glad that I switched from AT&T. Sprint’s plans for unlimited data is the least expensive out of all the carriers. That is the major reason why I switched. I wasn’t too sure of the voice performance at the time of signing, but now, I have no regrets. AT&T and probably Verizon, nickel and dime on every single function available. Their plans are confusing and difficult to understand. Whereas Sprint’s plan are simple and direct and gives you a buffet price instead of the single menu price. So far, it is great experience with Sprint. The inbound and outbound calls have never dropped. The internet and other data functions perform without a problem. Their customer service is excellent. I’ve read other long time Sprint customers that the customer service department has vastly improved. That department is willing to help in order to keep you as a customer.
    With the Palm Pre and Android coming, Sprint is looking faily well. Give Sprint a try and you’ll have a great experience.

  10. I have been with Sprint 6 years and have no major complaints with them in the past. They are quickly falling behind though and I am seriously thinking of switching to T-Mobile simply for the G-1. Dan’s continued delay in pushing subpar phones confuses me. When calling customer service, they are clueless, only pushing the Palm Pre. How can they say they are part of the Open Handset Alliance if customer service has no clue? Cricket and Metro even look better after you learn that Boost only supports their own phones, not even supporting Nextel phones fully.

  11. I am a Sprint user and have been for about 16 months. I was with Nextel for 3 years and before that SunCom (now T-Mobile). When SunCom switched to GSM that was the straw that broke good service especially here in the mountains of Tennessee. I must say Sprint has been great. I heard that they were supposed to have really bad customer service, well that is wrong. Sprints customer service is the best I have ever had with a cell carrier. In fact they have bent over backwards to make there service the perfect pick in cell service in the USA. I use a HTC Touch Pro with WinMo 6.1 and I am fairly happy with the OS, but I will stay a Sprint customer forever if Sprint comes out with an Android HTC in 2009. What could be better, Sprint with inexpensive Everything Plan and Android OS. I think I’m in heaven.

  12. I am have been with sprint for more than ten years. They used to have horrible customer service and dropped calls. Not any more, I am very happy. They don’ have the best selection of handsets though. Why would anybody pay 50 dollars more a month for less with verizon and at&t. Unfortunately, sprint doesn’t broadcast it but gps, pandora, nfl, and tv streaming are free. Also, if you have been with them ten years or more,or have part of premier care. You don’t have to renew for two years to get a rebate on a new phone. You only have to renew for a year and they give you the rebate without having to mail it in. I had t mobile and they charge to pay over the phon and sprint is free. Common sense, sprint is the best value.

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