ARCHOS Event June 11th Hints Andriod MID


We know that ARCHOS is working on Android but its been a hot second since we’ve caught wind of any details. Worry not – ARCHOS themselves will be filling everybody in on June 11th in Paris, France. Whether or not this concerns Android remains to be seen, but the robot green background and partly transparent MID-looking device on the invitation suggest it is very possible.


If it is the same device that was leaked by Texas Instruments in a Press Release, the ARCHOS Android will have a 5-inch screen, HD playback, 10mm thickness and Flash Support. Wait, what? Flash Support? Yes… Flash Support.

For a complete analysis of ARCHOS’ next generation products include Android’s possible role, check out this article by ArchosLounge.

[Via ArchosLounge (translated to English)]

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  1. Mhmm very interesting! But now its the beginning of a new weeks and the latest info involving the1.5 update was the roll out was going to begin at the end of the week of may 11th ( which just passed) I have no received my update yet ( so cal) I’m curious if anyone has got theirs yet..
    I am oh so very impatient

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