T-Mobile USA: G1 Cupcake Update Delayed 1 Week


For T-Mobile G1 owners, Cupcake has been an enigma, and it will remain so for at least 1 more week. Following up on T-Mobile’s May 7th announcement that Cupcake would be launching the end of that following week, T-Mobile is now saying the Cupcake rollout has been delayed 1 week. Furthermore, the rollout will occur over a period of time and all G1 owners in the US won’t be serviced until the beginning of June, as opposed to the initial “end of May” timeline.


We’ve waited so long already… what is another couple weeks? An eternity, I know, but please don’t shoot the messenger.

[Via T-Mobile Forums, Thanks Ryan!]

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  1. WTF? I should have rooted a month ago.

  2. You Yankees can wait a week or two, can’t you? Its just an update.

    I remember other networks outside the US had to wait patiently for earlier updates after you guys had received yours.


  3. that’s lame :(

  4. Wow!, T-Mobile kind of blew it here. Although it’s just an update to a phone, all of us nerds can’t really wait anymore. I think i’ll just root my phone and get the update.

  5. Man… I would be a billionaire by now if I took bets on when the mythical cupcake would be released.

  6. I’ve never written on any type of message board. This is so distasteful. Once you tell fanboys a release date for an update you better stick too it. Tmobile are idiots.

  7. I’ll be patient. I’d rather wait than get a screwed up update.

  8. Son of a bitch? WHAT is the delay? Am I missing something? IS 1.5 NOT ready for release or are they failing at being able to maintain a fucking 5 dollar network to release an update to a few cell phones?

    Holy christ, They should just distribute the update to a bunch of dedi boxes all over the US and p2p this shit or something. Fuck this phone and t-mobile, I’m getting a TracFone.


    lol, j/k sorry I’m crappin up your comments today =D

  10. the thanks ryan.. was that directed towards me? because i left a comment in the previous article? i know its just an update, but i get all super nerdy over my phone and iv been waiting patiently and its running out! haha but i guess another week wont hurt ( to much) that is

  11. Bottom line is they must have come across some issues. I’d rather they work these out ahead of time so that it does not jack up my phone. We all hate buggy updates. But serriously next update keep to the timeline, or don’t give one.

  12. so will we get donut first or cupcake to our g1’s in the us?

  13. Honestly, this is my #1 complaint with Android. The updates seem so disorganized, but the biggest issue for me is the rollout schedule.

    Why can’t they release it to everyone at one time the way S60 and Apple do it. This was one of the reasons I left Windows Mobile phones. Updates would come out, and we were held hostage by the manufacturers or carriers as to if or when we would ever get the updates.

    I hate Apple’s nazi policies, but one thing they got right is that when they release ANY software update, EVERYONE can download it any time they want to.

    This slow rollout crap is ridiculous. Why can one person get it sooner than another if we have the same phone running on the same carrier?

    I know it’s because the G1 does OTA updates, but if that is causing this big of an issue, then for God’s sake create a way to download the update to a PC and transfer it to the phone as a second option for those people that do not want to wait!

  14. Ok this done officially pissed me off. I was being patient about it. But work has pissed me off today and now this.

    Thats it…I think I’m going root. I like Linux for the full control I have over my computers so why not enjoy the same goodies on my phone.

  15. I’ve been waiting very patiently for this update for about 3 weeks and is is bull shit. Tmobile needs to get their shit together soon cause i’m over them

  16. There’s now talk hat the update is idled and it won’t even have all the features we’ve been expecting.it will ony make everything a bit smoother. No video recording or on screen keyboard. Yup. It sucks

  17. dang… some of you people are just angry… patience is a virtue…

  18. I’m complete pissed with this update crap…T-mobile and android sucks…am out of android till they finish all fricking updates…I can’t stand T-mobile anymore the network and service sucks. G1 is piece of shit, more bugs in the phone software that I can’t even imagine…it freezes more than Alaska and its lacking a lot compared to a lot of smartphone out there.

    If I have my way today will be my last day with freaking T-mobile and crappy Android G1. To hell with the update!

  19. I’m soooo sick of this! Stuff like this makes me want to switch to the so called “dark-side.” This is getting ridiculous! Don’t tell us your trying to make it a “peaceful, polite transition” and your screwing up your consumers. Its like a store, if you keep selling your customers b.s. products, then they’ll go to a new store that sells the same product, and you loose customers! I might just have to either root this stupid G1, that I defend sooo proudly! Or just get an iPhone. I at least know that I won’t have problems in my market, or worry about other stuff.

  20. I totally agree with you Sean. I love Android and what it represents for the open handset deal, but when you can’t release an update on time and then can’t give an explanation as to why the hold up, you loose customers. I have just begun making calls to other service providers. Some people say that it’s just an update, true, but that’s not all we are upset about. It is the level of service. They expect us to pay our bill on the date it’s due, why can’t they deliver on the day it’s due?

  21. You guys need to get out more.

  22. Well patience is one of my virtues,
    so, I’ll just have to wait a few more days.

  23. Haha, I agree with Vinc. Some of ya’lls comments are laughable “I’m switching service providers!!”. Whhaaaaaatt?? If you want the update so damn bad root your phone. It’s easy. Stop complaining.

  24. I really am kind of mad about this I mean come on I know its only delayed for a week or whatever but you all know that this means that they are probably just going to keep on delaying it I dont know all I can say is I am sort of pissed off.

  25. Ok so first it was February then April now May now June… seriously this is ridiculous. Tmobile doesn’t realize they are pissing off there small fan base. No wonder Iphone is and always will have the largest consumer base. I’m making the Apple switch as soon as my contract is over. Thanks for helping me make that decision Tmobile. I’m not rooting my phone to get a stupid update. Keep your word or lose your customers, it’s business ethics.

  26. Fuck the T-MoHo ClubCake yea thats right im already on the AndroidDevPhone 1 version of CupCake which came through JFv1.42 so the hell with T-HO:)

  27. WOW at first it was january then april then end of april then may then end of may and now beggining of june.THIS IS SOME BULLSHIT

  28. @complainers and crybabys

    Geeeeez!!!!!!! You sound like a bunch of 5 year olds! Like others have said…. stop crying and root your phone. Its amazing how I still really enjoy my phone…. and I don’t have cupcake. Take a bonghit and shutup! It will come as soon as you get it.

  29. For those who say why can’t we wwait it just an update ….its not this is the way the phone should have been when it first came out with video camera n vitrual keyboard also with the ability of downloading widgets. They shoukd also relieze many people. Are getting pissed and I kno many people who might wanta get rid of g1 because its missing a lot still

  30. I’m with Vinc and Chris.

    For perspective, when was the last time Windows Mobile had any sort of update? I had a WinMo Phone for over a year, not one update. G1 for 8 months, had two updates so far and a 3rd one is only delayed a week.

    Sean, Apple has been screwing the iPhone app developers. They owe hundreds of thousands of dollars to their devs who can’t get customer service to do anything other than threaten them with harassment charges. Many of these devs are parents with children who are having trouble making ends meet because of Apple’s stupidity with handling something as simple as money — so go right ahead, go support that.

    So it’s delayed, so what? Are ya’ll hooked up to life support through your G1? This isn’t about principles, if it were about principles you’d all realize two things: Any other manufacturer would make you pay for 1.5. it’s upgrade, not an update. They’d put a label like “Vista” on it and make you buy it. You didn’t pay for Android, you paid for the hardware, the OS is free. No, this isn’t about principles, this is about a runaway sense of entitlement. Oh no, it’s going to take another week for the FREE upgrade for the FREE OS. Talk about unrealistic expectations. Please, all of you threatening to leave Android, GO. Please GO. I DARE YOU! Put your money where your whiny mouth is AND GO! We need less whiny, self-important people who don’t have the maturity to be patient, or the sense to ignore rumors instead of ignoring facts.

    If you’re so unhappy, stop complaining and do something.

  31. Sorry to break the news to you. I just graduated with a BA in Business and all of the delays of fake release dates is to hype up a product to make more money. There marketing department starts rumors witg out saying who thet really are. Basically they sell more phone and make customers void their waranty to make even more money. How ever, the last delay was probably a real delay. This is done now with a fortune 500 company i worked with last year. So thank them for playing with your head

  32. LOUD NOISES!!!!!!!!!! Also, the word is spelled lose with one “o”. Next time you try to use this word, think about yourself (a loser), it will definitely help your spelling. An alternative to looking like a dumbass is just shutting the fuck up.

    Happy complaining.

  33. Maybe they shouldnt let the complainers read their blog and make it private like everything usdd to be. This way you just get updates out of no where like every other company would do. Be happy they let you into their development stages. They really dont have to let you know anything

  34. To all those crybabies out there, honestly, are u even gonna use some of the features? Like onscreen keyboard!

  35. As I posted elsewhere!
    Waaaaaaaa! you all are whiney babies. I pre ordered mine on Day one. It got bugs and problems and I KNEW it would going into it. If you thought it would be less then 6mos to a year before it would have the kinks worked out you are naive idiots. It’s better they make sure they get it right instead of releasing things that aren’t.

    look at the bright side they are at least now making official comment that they hadn’t been originally… to quote SOtL “All good things to those who wait”

  36. Good luck to you guys who switch to other phones. We’ll be over here with our adobe flash player pretty soon. So we have to wait til june..big deal…get a girlfriend and go to the beach or something..smoke a blunt…just chill out

  37. One more WEEK! are you kidding me. I have been waiting for update for more then month. I tought I would get update but fucken T-mobile deleyed again. I guss they wont update until next month. Now I am starting to hate t-mobile. United States users should have got the update FIRST then England. Google is in US and they giving update different countries frist. No wonder ecnonmy in going bad here.

  38. try waiting all this time for a phone to come on sale in my country..that is worst..i am stuck with crappy phones and no android at all..

  39. Another WEEK?!? are they insane? this is BULLSH*T

  40. I’ve been waiting expectantly for about a month now. T Mobile is really screwing up here. Not to mention, their coverage sucks eggs ! I CAN’T WAIT to LEAVE T Mobile for another carrier that has Android products. How could they keep screwing this up ?

  41. Well guess I may just order the htc touch pro 2 a
    nd see if can use here in us that phone is ten times better than this one. Screw the delay!

  42. Ill Be Patient but this is ridiculous they were first suppost 2 give it in mid march wtf iz dis now begiinnning of june gotta b kiddin me

  43. Let me just tell you guys, you will be let down after you get cupcake. It’s no big deal and theres nothing to it except auto rotate and a lame ass onscreen keyboard. I dont use the live folders and who cares about the kiddie widgets.

    Hmm.. let’s see.. what else did cupcake do for me..? I can’t think of anything right now, that must mean it’s not significant. Oh I remember now, the on screen animation has a “fade” to it now. wooooh Other than that, Im more jazzed about it only taking 15 minutes to root my phone and Im happily tethering all over my city.. cupcake or no cupcake.

  44. Seriously, I agree with the majority. It’s a tease, but c’mon, its only a week. To be true to the fact, it’s HTC that is releasing the update, and not T-mo per se’. And I think the build is fine, they are just giving the devs a bit more time to work out any 1.5 bugs because they only had about 2 weeks of the dev cupcake release before last weeks proposed ota release….yeah, there have been alot of market 1.5 updates, but it has mostly been on the freeware, but the devs with the apps for sale have taken their time to insure a smooth transition, and htc seems to be listening as well…..I pay for, and support many good paid apps, and prefer them to be bug free with the release….I would root also, but prefer the update to be clean and from the manufacturer, so if there is complications, I have a reason to bitch straight to the source…..But of course, thats just my opinion…NOW HURRY UP DAMNIT…………..lol

    Oh yeah, those of you changing carriers, please do so in a hurry, that way we will get our updates quicker !

  45. I am enjoying the UK update with my US phone. I will update again when the US update is released. That is the beauty of the android.

  46. To those that feel people are crying and should just root their phone….

    Did you pay for your phone? The rest of us PAID for ours as early adopters of Android and we’d like to benefit from what they have learned from us. Normally when you PAY for something its ok to demand better service. While I may go ahead and root my phone the average consumer should not have to. If the update is ready then push it out and quit bullshattin. Its no different than complaining about any other lack of service when you PAY for something.

    And I changed carriers just to support Android. It wasn’t stupid then but now that people are feeling betrayed or slighted it becomes stupid to switch.

  47. Next time there’s an update I don’t want to know. That way I can’t be disapointed if it doesn’t happen when they say it’s going to happen for the 13th time. At this point I just don’t care anymore.

  48. I swear when they release next iphone i’ll buy in first day…

  49. FAIL!

  50. i rooted this morning.. you wont regret it if you do its awesome.

  51. I rooted my phone sunday cause i came to the conclusion that even when cupcake releases it’ll be missing massive functionality, i went with the JF build and i can put my apps on my sd card, tether my phone to my laptop, and have the pinch functionality that an iphone would have in the browser. Who ever is reading I would implore to root your phone and install 1.5 on your own. It runs faster and cleaner with more functionality and it isn’t really all that difficult just follow the step by step guide on androidandme.com below is a link


    it takes any where from 30 min to about an 1.5 hours depending on your connection and ability to read and follow instructions step by step.

  52. T-Mobile & Android project managers need to be hung till about near death, then shot to death. This is pathetic, if they publicize a release date for a UPDATE ( it’s not even like its a total renovation of the software ) they should stick to it. This is poor management & apple will totally smash android with there new update this summer. fcuk google.

  53. Oh damn you T-Mobile.. :(

  54. i couldnt resist!
    i jailbroke my G1, and it is soooooooooooooo awesome!

  55. i dont understand why android and tmobile are so unorganized! they need to run their system more like apple does where we can all download it at the same time. And they shouldn’t be talking or bragging about what updates are coming out and just spend all that time working on perfecting them this is just from 1.1 to 1.5 not 2.0 or w.e its not a big improvement so i dont understand why they are making such a ruckus about this one update.

  56. To you people telling everyone to chill and stop complaining, get a girlfriend, take a bonghit, etc…

    In the real world, when someone in business tells you certain results will come at a certain time, and then fail, PEOPLE LOSE THEIR JOBS.

    This was a failure on TMO’s part. NO, it WASN’T HTC or Google, it was T-MOBILE. GOOGLE released the software/firmware build to T-mobile to distribute. T-Mobile is stalls distribution so they can add their bloatware like myfaves or some bullshit like that.
    Google manufactured their product, sent it to the retailer/distributor (tmo), and they DROPPED THE BALL by failing to deliver to the customer. People can say “hey, it’s only a delay, not a failure”, but in the world I live in, if somebody fails to come through on time, somebody has to go. So I’ll go take a bonghit and fuck my wife, after getting outdoors for a while. But failure is failure,
    and if somebody lost his job over this, I don’t feel bad at all.

  57. Man I had the HTC 1.5 update and it was pretty good. Just got the Jesus Freak 1.5 update and it is off the hook. The black soft keyboard is so responsive and the vibrate is the best I have ever felt. I use it now more than the hard keyboard. To all….ROOT your phones and quit being little bitches. You will thank me later. Forget about waiting for T-Mobile…that bus ain’t coming. Man up and ROOT your phone…be free like the rest of us developers.

  58. Tmobile is the worst cellular company ever…….no costumer service…no support for their phones…the coverage sucks…and i am not talking about 3g…even 2g is hard to get sometimes…they try to rip off costumers…anymore reasons to switch to another company?

  59. I can’t wait until other carriers come out with their own Android phones. TMobile has provided by far the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. They actually found a way to disconnect my HOME phone number when transferring numbers.

    That’s right, when their system messed up transferring the requested phone numbers, they defaulted to use my HOME phone number thus trashing my wife’s cell phone number of 10 years. When I called them, they pretty much told me I’d have to ‘fix’ it myself and risk incurring an early cancellation fee. If only Verizon offered CDMA service, I’d transfer back to them in a flash.

  60. First.

  61. yea it sucks that they pushed it back a week. but id rather have a fully functional update then a rush release and then there would be problems. we should all be patient until the update is finalized and ready for action.

  62. My phone work great with the 1,1 what big deal 1 week more 22 moth more don’t root u phone it never work write againt with future up date. Iphone suck. Yea I said again. Iphone suck

  63. No to take this thread off course, but .. as you can see by my name, I havent had the best of luck tinkering with phones, but I must say.. jailbreaking this phone was actually easier than flashing my sony ericcson! And I was high as a kite to boot! I guarantee you that ALL the staff members on this site have jailbroken phones. It’s like removing the speed governor on your new Dodge Charger!

  64. Not to restate the obvious (too much) … but I’m really not freaking out too much about the delay. If you want something special sooner, root. Most other phones don’t get updates at all of ANY KIND, the iphone and blackberry’s get there’s even less frequently than the G1 and the G1 already does more than any other phone out there. So … what’s the problem? ;)

  65. Hehe.. what a bummer. Oh well. :)

    *does a little dance* Can’t wait for a working video recording! :D

  66. This is hilarious! I am just as upset as the next guy that the update is late, but to go off on retarded tangents like”this phone is buggy” or “it locks all the time” is just stupid. I have been on this net since voicestream. The first thing every smartphone user knows on t-mobile is that we have to reboot every few days. If we do that most of the bugginess disapppears. Yes we do need some fixes, but this is the first true hope for a real open os like linux. As far as lame games and apps, grow up. I have a G1 that is jam packed with apps and games and have only spent $1 on buying anything. Apple GayPhone would never let me have for free what the G1 has. Furthermore, Google isn’t rump raping their devs the way Asshole, I mean Apple, is. If i sell an app on Google they do something completely different than almighty “tree top” Apple does….. they pay me. Wow! What a concept. Grow up and stop complaining. Or if you can’t wait. ROOT YOUR PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol.
    P.S. I still want my update

  67. I really don’t understand getting your knickers in a twist over a firmware update. The other company’s would probably render our phones obsolete and charge for new hardware rather than produce an update. Open source is hip and we should be thankful we have an innovative option other than the “others”. Wake up and get a life, perhaps they have an app. for that?

  68. im done with this, im going to root my phone tonight, anyone knows a good step-by-step tutorial on how to do it ?

  69. just type “how root google g1” on a google search

  70. @#25 Over the G1

    Where are you getting this from? T-mobile didn’t officially say anything until May. Internet rumors were the source of everything else like the February and March releases. So don’t get mad at T-mobile because you took internet rumors for fact. There must be a good reason T-mobile pushed it back because I bet they want it to be released sooner rather than later.

    I’ll be patient and wait for my OTA 1.5.

  71. according to this site, you can just download the U.K. update. Then manually install the U.S. one when it finally gets released.

  72. T500 a month does not mean you work for a fortune 500 company you douche.his is for the douch who left the comment about graduating with a BA in business. First of all you don’t know shit about business douche, secondly if you just graduated, why is your spelling and grammar completely off huh? Douche?get a life and stop bragging to people who don’t give a shit about your fake degree from ITTTechnical institute douche. Its not hyping the product asshole, its free there is no profit they are making from the advertising other than paying the poor bastards who deveoloped the thing, their salaries. By the way douche working at 711 as a cashier, and you make

  73. ^

    Let’s be sure that before we make fun of someone’s spelling, that we have left our glass house.

  74. im tired of empty promises. i’m leaving tmobile when my contract is up and telling everyone i can to not go to them.

  75. WTF. T-mobile is such a loser. lame, lame and lame… :)
    I swear I will switch to AT&T next month.

  76. OK, I don’t want cupcake no more. It pisses me off and is like eating sh*t. Damn t-mobile and google.

  77. It is not delayed another week. What T-mo actually said is “the rollout schedule has been reset by approximately a week.” Keyword “approximately.” Which mean it is delayed by a week give or take 1 or 2 years.

  78. These comments are comedy! Everyone’s pissed off at T-Mobile for delaying an UPDATE! Technically the first “OFFICIAL” announcement for Cupcake was for the end of May. All the other “January, February, April” BS was from some numbnuts-blog on some website that some dude (who thought he got some inside info) spread around.
    So if you want to pay $20/mo more, get poor signal, and shity customer service (who’s closed on the weekends!), then by all means BUY AN I-PHONE!!

  79. Good job 78 !!!!! you got it right. I have been a customer with Sprint, AT&T and Verizon. T-Mob has their issues, but they have hands down the best service and pricing. They don’t violate your anus with their data packages, you get a true open source platform with android and the best part is you get hands down the best rates for phone service. Oh and for those whiners out there who say they have problems now and then, when you call T-Mob to say something is bad or wrong they always throw you at least 200 free minutes. if you don’t believe me just call and try it. Their reps are told to give 200 minutes without any supervisor approval. As far as cupcake goes, I am pissed too, but i am pissed because I want to have something rumors and inuendows from blogs have promised me for months. T-Mob never promised any of us anything before the last few weeks. Actually for those of us that called and asked, we were told there was no update even promised or guaranteed ever. Its only recently they even acknowledged there would be an update. Also, the reason the update is late is connected to why the US update is different than the UK one, the pieces like Amazon that are in it and not in the UK version needed fixing before the release. Imagine their revenue stream from Amazon not working because they rush it out. No revenue on an open source free platform eventually means no more platform. So lets all grow up and be patient.
    As a final note, I still want my damn cupcake yesterday. So i wait…..

  80. there is no such thing as cupcake fuck t mobiel fuck this fone there lying why wont they just put it on the fucking market so we can dl it ourselveessss!!! why teh fuck should we wai t?
    what the fuck ?

  81. Well its may 25th now and its 12am there is a schedule that had said 100% of the peaple was gonna get it tday but let’s see later when I wake up from my cupcake waiting nightmare and I smell that fresssh out the oven cupcake yummm.

  82. Listen put the damn cup cake update my boyfriend is drivin me crazy wit it sooo plizzz just put do it

  83. Listen put the damn cup cake update already. my boyfriend is drivin me crazy wit it sooo plizzz just put do it

  84. Some (and I mean most) of you guys are all worked up about an issue you don’t even understand. T-Mobile never said they would release cupcake in January, that was the release date of the source code, which did launch as promised, and is why rooted users have had it for quite some time. This delay until next week is due to a security flaw in the T-Mobile OTA system, and has nothing to do with Android (and the Open Handset Alliance that develops it).

    While T-Mobile’s advertising may not have mentioned it, us G1 users are early-adopters, and should expect developmental “growing pains”. All of the so-called promised release dates were speculation by self-important bloggers who pretended they had inside info. T-mobile only has officially said that it would roll out this week, and that it was pushed back to next week due to a security issue they’d like to fix before pushing the update. Apple initially released a substandard device lacking current technologies with an near immediate upgrade on the horizon to force early-adopters to buy a 2nd device. T-Mobile is not obligated to push the upgrade and could have put Cupcake on a new device and pull an Apple on us, but they’re spending development hours to give us what we want and all you guys can do is complain. Seriously, grow up and wait a week or go buy a phone more suited to the children you’re acting like.

  85. dude guys calm down, im just as pissed as all of you, it sucks having to wait so long for something that should have been put on the phone when it came out. Tmobile you guys should listen to these forums we are your buyers and the ones keeping your companies from even existing with our money, apple does have a better way of releasing updates and you should do the same. but just one week isnt gonna make me go ballistically insane so i can wait, but seriously this random ota is crap. as for not having all the features you guys should really only get your info from tmobile, and android cause they are the ones with the actuall info. so calm down grow a pair and wait one more week. you will all have the update soon so seriously calm down

  86. Everyone that’s pissed and leaving the rude comments either need to get a job or get a life. With the amount of G1 phones out there, and then to maintain other types of phones over the network so as to not to screw them up is not that easy.

    Maybe T Mobile should have sat back and said we will send a screwed up and not ready update to all of the pissed off people and the patient ones will get a correctly functioning update.

    Have some damn patience. It’s a phone, not a lifesaving device. If your phone is still working and not broken and still function the way it did when you bought it, I’d say you are ok. Sit back, relax, and wait like the rest of us.


  87. My wife received her cupcake yesterday. I also have a g1, but have not recieved mine yet.

  88. I’m not mad about this…just dissapointed. I don’t think its Tmobiles fault. I’ve been very pleased with them. There’s no reason to get your panties in a wad because of a delayed firmware update. So just sit back and enjoy the ride. Don’t whine like a baby until you actually HAVE the product.

  89. ok. It is 10:00 am on Thursday May 28th. after I posted that comment above ^ my phone announced to me that I had an update to download. Yes people…. I am in Murfreesboro TN, US of A and I have cupcake now. Its installing as I type but I will post opinions and whatnot on my twitter account. twitter.com/aaronbronander No, this is not a ploy to get people on my twitter (I could care less).
    Cupcake is here people! Rejoice!

  90. AaronB is right, I’m Eric Almeida from Tampa, FL 33614 and I just got an update too. Now let’s just hope the cupcake update wasn’t too hyped up. Or buggy for that matter.

  91. well i dont know how long the delay was bcuz this morning at 4 am i got a pop up on my phone sayin it had a system update yep yep thats right I GOT CUPCAKE!! it is soooo grrreAAt just wait for it and it will come to ya

  92. Argh! My coworker came into the office with her phone updated to Cupcake. I looked at my poor G1 phone and there was nothing. I understand people’s pain. It is not cool to have to wait another week when you know coworkers have the update already. The funny thing is she didn’t even know what the update was for. The pain…

  93. I Got my Android 1.5 Cupcake Update May 30th in new york

  94. I just got my update 10 minutes ago in Houston.

  95. cupcake is awesome. now jump on the market and get some sweet widgets

  96. Just got the cupcake update 5min ago. If you want pics then let me kno. [email protected]. btw…I love the fact that they put autorotate on here now and the onscreen keyboard is NICE! =]

  97. When is the Cupcake update coming to my part of New York? I’m in the Bronx and patiently waiting for my update. I can’t help but check my phone like a maniac!

  98. What is so great about cupcake any way. I just want a flash player and to beable to access my mobster app on myspace. I can play mafia wars but why the hell can’t i play mobsters. So will this cup cake fix this? What does cupcake promise.

  99. Update June 1.. Chicagoland.. However, not noticing much yet.. Ill check the site..

  100. No Cupcake yet in Pennsylvania!!!

  101. I received my update this morning, I did not get a message to install. I kept checking, go to settings then go to about phone then go to systems updates and if there install.

  102. To the guy below who still uses the word Yankee. The war is over bro, we won.

    PS. THE NEW UPDATE IS AWESOME. Its pretty much everything that it was lacking before. The new video feature is awesome. I love my G1. I moved from LA to Omaha, NE. Now if Omaha can only get 3G. I would keel over my phone would be so awesome.

  103. ok guys look its about time we got the update this is what i did i went to my phone i put my settings and i went all the way down on till about phone or something like that and then it said you G1 is currently up to date then just go back home and try another 5 mins later and it should work it did to me if you wanna contact me here’s my email:[email protected] and this is my msn [email protected] well hope i kinda helped and have funny dont root trues me i tryed and my phone broke so T-moble gave me a new one in a week and i got it today so guys if ur not sure you’ll get it right dont do it cause like me i dont have that much experience i have only had it for like a month
    well bye guys =]

  104. I don’t know if it helps anyone, but I just got my cupcake upgrade at 4:00 am today! I live in N.E. Pennsylvania. So hopefully more in this area will get it also.

  105. After Cupcake.

    I look at my synced folders and find that emails I sent are still in the outbox sending and not getting updated that the email did go out. Anyone having this problem? Also now when I use the Maps V3.0 I can not find my location with using Satellite GSP. Before we could still use it and it would give us a 10 mile radius of where we where. What can I do to fix it ?

  106. I think all these phones will becom dull when Nokia aeon will come out. Check this out

  107. I am so pissed. I just learned that I am not going to be able to download adobe to my G1. It is going to come installed on their next gen phone. Is this true or can I not understand what I read

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