Archos Android Phone/Tablet, Sick Like Arsenic


Looking at Archos upcoming Android Phone/Tablet that is poised to see the light of day at Mobile World Congress next week, it seems it could become an instant sensation. Archos calls it an ultra-thin Internet Media Tablet (IMT) combined with a mobile phone and specifically designates that it merges, “Google’s Android telephony stack and the ARCHOS’ multimedia framework.” It will also utilize OMAP 3 from Texas Instruments.

Android will handle all the smartphone capabilities while ARCHOS’ platform will handle multimedia capabilities like HD video playback – awesome! Here are some specs/features included IN ADDITION to Android functionality and voice support:

  • PC-like Internet experience enhanced by a high-resolution 5″ screen and full-width page viewing
  • Adobe Flash(TM) and Flash Video(TM) support, full screen
  • Access whenever and wherever to TV, movies, photos, music and games
  • Uncompromised TV recording and High Definition (HD) playback, all formats
  • Hundreds of hours of video storage, up to 500 GB
  • Innovative design: compact 10-mm ultra-thin tablet
  • Long battery life, 7 hours’ video playback
  • 3.5G 7.2 Mb/s HSUPA
  • Laptop-like performance from the first implementation of OMAP3440 processor based on the ARM(R) Cortex(TM) superscalar microprocessor and DSP

Now can you see why we mentioned “instant sensation”? The Archos 5 is the companies current flagship model and Engadget Mobile slapped on an Android UI to show what the sexy little thing might look like:


Try to find something bad about this thing… I dare you. Go ahead, try. If its anything like the Archos 5 it will be less than half an inch thick and fit in a nicely portable package. Keep your fingers crossed that this thing will sneak out of a napsack at MWC and we’ll get a more in depth look at what it will offer.

Hear that? It’s the (still unnamed) robot’s stomach growling…

[Thanks Charbax – ArchosFans, ITNewsOnline, PRNewsWire]

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  1. Hey I just wanted to let you know t-mobile is sending the RC33 Updata as I write this. My phone just got it..

  2. This is absolutely awesome. Since this device is going to be a phone, do we we have any idea which wireless provider will carry it?

  3. I found something bad…no camera, and no physical qwerty keypad.

  4. great ..

  5. Sure, you can’t take still pictures to the device.

    But to make up for that, you *can* record HD video straight to it. I’d say it’s a pretty great trade-off. As for the soft keyboard, that’s much less of an issue because this is much roomier than your standard smartphone.

  6. I have just bought an Archos 5, it does have a physical qwerty keypad..
    But my Archos is already great, especially the large screen and the large memory, only the add-ons and plug-ins are expensive and some of the plu-gins should already be installed. That this new phone has no camera suprises me, almost every phone has a camera installed nowadays.

  7. will the archos 5 get an update to be able to get android???

  8. will all the issues with the Archos crashing if you have too many songs on the device be solved. My 160gb archos is virtually unusable because it is so unstable…

  9. Is there any carrier for this phone/device yet?

  10. Another ‘bad’ thing: it is not iPhone OS ;-)

  11. I have the Archos 605 wifi. Is there anyway to use the G! as the modem for the 605?

  12. I think there will not be a carrier. I think it’s gonna be true voip. It’s more like a tablet with the functionallity to call. Sorry for bad english

  13. Damn Archos and Google. Just bought Archos 5 and the G1 at this year.

  14. If it has 3.5G built in and if Archos is really trying to make this an “instant sensation”, then the following should be built in also;
    -If Archos wants to reach the entire world easily, the 3.5G module should support at least the 4 common HSDPA bands (2100/1900/900/850Mhz). It should also support voice; not like the HTC Shift!!!
    -At least a front-facing camera. A rear high resolution camera would also be great.
    -GPS. It’s 2009, we don’t need external attachments.
    -Wifi. Exluding this is potentially a recipe for disaster ‘cuz not everyone will be on HSDPA 24/7, but most people have free access to Wifi
    -Capacitive Touchscreen. The Archos PMPs and IMTs have all been geared for fingers, I wouldn’t want to carry a stylus around for a resistive touchscreen. Capacitive touchscreens work better with fingers.

    Both FM radio receivers and transmitters would be great, but if not, oh well!

    These are just my thoughts! Anyone?

  15. It’s nice and a new innovation. But, why can’t it be a full smartphone with all these functionalities and with an 8mp camera? For God sake, this 2009, u mustn’t go about with a Camera, phone, PMP etc separately!

  16. I have a 605 WiFi and take it around the world with NONE of the glitches or problems. I was hoping Archos would become a phone so I wouldnt have to carry two things.

    This is perfect. I love my Archos 605, and love that the new 5 will also be a phone.

  17. Check out the Sony-Ericsson Xperia X10 Android phone which is has a 4″ AMOLED CAPACITIVE touch screen and an 8.1 MP camera.


  18. I Love this !!

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