May 18th, 2009


As we recently reported, popular hacker and custom-build master Haykuro from XDA Developers has ported a fresh, leaked build of the HTC Hero firmware onto the G1 (not yet available for public download). He subsequently gave us a video preview of some slick and smooth new UI improvements and extra features that will be on the HTC Hero. The folks over at XDA Developers have been salivating at the new look, and amid their excitement an interesting tidbit has surfaced, and it could be big. User funbacon dug up an interesting little screen that has a file called “”. Also, the translation of a Chinese page with HTC Hero information found a little to-do list by someone which included “10. flash player browser to work”. Whether this is meant to be simple tease, or a serious development is yet to be seen.

The discussion is already heating up on this thread at XDA. This is pretty exciting news amid the release of the HTC Magic, the announcement of the Samsung i7500, and Google’s IO event. Stay tuned for my details, and hopefully a confirmation of this supposed flash support!