T-Mobile G1 Bigfoot… Made By Motorola


Yes. That is the answer to the following question posed by BGR:

Our question of the day is, does anyone care what I just wrote?

t-mobile-bigfootI suppose you want to know what he just wrote: The T-Mobile G1 version 2, also known as Bigfoot, is not an HTC phone. The T-Mobile G1 Bigfoot is made by Motorola. WHAT?

If the rumor is true, and BGR supposedly confirmed this with a couple sources, the second version of the HTC made G1/Dream will not even be made by HTC! If this is the case, why in the heck would T-Mobile be calling it the G1? Having the next generation version of the same exact product made by a completely different manufacturer is pretty much unheard of and there is a lot of randomness flying around this rumor.

Perhaps it won’t be called the G1. Maybe it will just be called the Bigfoot. Whatever conspiracy theories and naming probabilities you can come up with, the bottom line is, the Android Phone you see pictured here is/was/will-be manufactured by Motorola.

Noted is the distinctly Moto-ish font on the keyboard. Also noted is the complete dizziness when trying to sort all of the rumors when putting this into perspective. Here are some of the rumors that lead up to THIS rumor, for all you rumor mongers:

What the heck is going on here? Let boys be boys and rumors be rumors… this will all be sorted out soon enough. In the meantime, feel free to speculate until you’re blue in the face.

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  1. Omg, Motorola sucks like the Nilfisk pro series compared to HTC. :D But it does have a keyboard compared to the Samsumg… :S What a mess…

  2. Quite a mess indeed. I’m not upgrading, Moto is crap imo. and I’m still posting “FAIL” for the keyboard, though perhaps more leaked photos can prove me wrong in the future.

    And with regards to the whole G1/G2/what do they mean mess: Maybe the G1s will have physical keyboards, the G2s will not, and the G3-5, or however many they have lined up, will be other types of devices like netbooks (as I postulated previously)

  3. I don’t think Motorola is crap, i just think their software was crap, but now they are going the Android way, I think they have a chance to make a great phone

  4. “Having the next generation version of the same exact product made by a completely different manufacturer is pretty much unheard of ”

    T-Mobile did this with the Sidekick, why not the G1…


  5. @Marcel, I totaly agree with you on the fact that for the most part I don’t think motorola’s phones are crap either, the software was always the issue for me, they always had crappy OS. Using Android is definitely a move in the right direction

  6. I a friend of my who does tech support for the g1 at tmobile said that they can’t call a phone the G2 because Gatorade has it copyrighted. Not sure if this is true but she seemed pretty sure.

  7. Personally I dont give a damn what its called or who made it as long as it has android software and a Full QWERTY board im getting it…

  8. I’ve had a number of Motorola phones over the years, starting with what, as far as I know, were the first cell phones in the US. Those were commonly called “the brick”, both because of the shape, but also because they were so tough you could pound nails with them and abuse them in all kinds of ways, and they would still work. I was invested in a small landfill, and one of those Motorola bricks was the only phone at the site. It took a terrible amount of dust and abuse, rode in the pocket of the Cat operator all the time, and it never failed us.

    All the Motorola phones I have had have been tough and durable. A Motorola phone with Android OS and a keyboard, I will definitely give a serious look. Depending on the appeal of the phone, and its keyboard, I might upgrade from my G1 after they come out. I’m definitely not interested in the virtual keyboard Android phones.

  9. Hmmmm. This looks like the G2, not the G1. The G1 is made by HTC and has been on the market for a couple quarters. Also it looks like the jury is still out on this: http://tinyurl.com/p96mp9. All in all, pretty C- reporting.

  10. Hey Ian, your shoe is untied… hello? Do you have any clue what is going on?

  11. “…the T-Mobile G1 version 2…”

  12. Rubish

  13. Hey, I’m all for giving another manufacturer a shot. HTC doesn’t really go all out on Android phones anyways, so I could see why T-Mobile contracted someone else. They’re already changing the camera in the HTC Magic. The HTC Hero, even bigger chin which makes the slimmer size useless.

  14. This is a samsung phone. My cousin has the demo of the us version

  15. Motorola is better than htc by the way

  16. I like it. I have the g1 and love the android os and the cool apps.

    I agree with the statements about motorola. The software has been the issue not the phone.

    I was with mortorola since the days of the startac so I trust their products. If they put out a phone with android I am in.

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