T-Mobile G2 (MyTouch) Coming To USA In July Via WalMart, With Icing


In addition to a new T-Mobile G1 Bigfoot picture and some other details about the second generation G1, BGR has uncovered the entire 2009 Wal-Mart Roadmap for all T-Mobile devices… and it includes some surprises about the T-Mobile G2/MyTouch, too!

Lets see if you can spot the extra special reason to celebrate yourself:


See that little “5MP” on the back of the G2? That 5 megapixel camera is 1.8 megaxiles more than the same phone floating around the rest of the world as the HTC Magic! This isn’t exactly breaking news – we knew this when the Magic/G2/MyTouch passed through the FCC over a month ago. But a few things we DIDN’T know were price and release date:

  • July release at Walmart
  • $179 with 2-year contract

Can we assume if it hits Walmart in July that T-Mobile USA will get it a little bit earlier? Probably. Speaking of probably, you probably want to see the rest of the 2009 Walmart/T-Mobile lineup since we’re on the topic…

Click on each image to enlarge a little bit:




The main things to note from above documentation, in addition to the G2 news:

  • G1 version 2 (Bigfoot/Morrison) launching in October
  • BlackBerry 8520 launching in July
  • Sony Ericsson CS8 launching September

Pretty delightful leak, don’t ya think?

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  1. Do you know if this US version of G2 will work on Europe ?

  2. Mytouch in JUNE plz!

  3. FINALLY some solid US news on the Magic. July was just about the latest I was gonna wait too. The increased megapixel camera is fricking awesome, and I love the “old” button configuration below the screen over the “new” one that Vodafone just launched. Can’t wait.

  4. Did anyone else notice that the US version has the ugly button setup? Wish it had the same buttons as the overseas version.

  5. Andrex, looks we posted at the same time, I guess the button configuration is a matter of personal taste. I personally don’t like them, but to each their own.

  6. Hector, I can see where you’re coming from, the light behind the new button layout does look cool, but to me it also looks a bit clunky. Six large buttons with no real layout to them, as oppose to four streamlined ones, with one off to the side. I’m good for either config, to be honest.

  7. The “wal-mart” part of the news is irrelivant. Who would buy a phone from “LetsTalk” (The company that runs the phone center) knowingly? Well, Nobody, if only they knew HALF the fine print in detail.

    LetsTalk sells you the phones dirt cheap, Peep their TOS/Fine print and find out why.

  8. I really want an Android phone. My AT&T contract is up this month. HTC execs were talking about new Android phones in January, which didn’t happen. Then they said April, which didn’t happen. I don’t understand why carriers aren’t putting out phones when HTC has the hardware ready, and Google has the software ready. That being said, right now T-Mobile is my only option, and they don’t even have a store in Omaha, and supposedly have terrible coverage in Omaha.

  9. I work at Walmart and if you buy a phone in the store it’s not through LetsTalk, it’s through Walmart and your carrier. LetsTalk handles stuff online. Phones bought in the store can be returned to the store or you call T Mobile or whatever.

    Anyways where can I get this official list? No one I know ever knows anything.

  10. will u be able to buy this on tmobuile.com??? cuz i really dont wanna go thru walmart, i hate walmart with a passion…lol

  11. Cher, Your comment reflects Wal-Marts abilities to properly train their employees. Now unless anything major has changed since the last time I spoke to a T-Mobile Rep, You cannot return a phone purchased at Wal-Mart to T-Mobile. T-Mobile specifically states that unless the phone is from 1800 TMobile or t-mobile.com, You have to deal with who you purchased it from and THEIR policies.

  12. What I meant is that when you buy a phone at Walmart, you can return it to Walmart within the 15 day period. Just like if you buy something over the phone at T-Mobile, you can’t return it to the store. After the 15 day period if you have any problems, you contact T-Mobile. I have not had any problems with people contacting T-Mobile about phones they have purchased at Walmart. Walmart doesn’t charge any fees or anything for changing your plan or phone number like Let’s Talk does. We work directly with T Mobile and other carriers and there is a rep from each carrier that gives us info. Not cool info like this though.

  13. I just used my upgrade about 4 months ago so I’m not going to be eligible for an upgrade for a while. Anybody have an idea how much it will be to just buy this phone? I’m guessing about 400 or so.

  14. Anyone have any idea how much it will be without the upgrade? I’m always buying phones every couple of months, so upgrading is out of the question. Going to be selling my blackstone to get the funds for this phone lol.

  15. You can already buy the phone in european online stores for 370 Euro.
    Why can Vodafone sell the phone in Europe for 1 Euro with a contract while US carriers still charge hundreds for sim lock phones with contracts? That sounds like a rip off to me.

  16. phoneboy, got a link or something to this? I am wanting to order one, but contemplating on just waiting to get some hands-on time with it, b4 i drop another couple of $100 on a phone that will disappoint.

  17. does anyone know if t-mobile will be selling it at the same price as wal mart?

  18. Anyone know if it will also be available in T-mobile stores?
    and what is an upgrade?

  19. will this be at tmobile at same time too?

  20. upgrades go by 22months at tmobile…the price would prob be about the same as the g1 now with out any discounts…and if u purchase away from tmobile(lets talk..ect) the warrenty will not be effective…*get ins*…rob u are right u have to return the phone back to the same place as purchased..Its not 15days it is 14 days except for cali..and the launch would prob be first on mytmobile then in the stores…keep an eye on the website

  21. how soon could i buy samsung android in san Diego
    is july 2009 confirmed


  23. I heard that u can pre-order the phone from T-Mobile website on July 8th. But i dunno what cost, lol. Looking forward for this phone. :]

  24. I realy want the tmobile g2. I just want to know how much it cost without the upgrade and I want to know when it will be in the tmobile store. Because I already have the g1 (white)

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