T-Mobile G1 Bigfoot Picture, Details Leak


Earlier this week a T-Mobile roadmap leaked out indicating we would see at least 2 new Android Phones on T-Mobile this Fall: the Samsung Houdini and the T-Mobile G1 v2 (Bigfoot). Unfortunately the pictures were miniscule and offered little more than a representation of form factor, but today we bring you a (rumored) larger, sexier picture of the T-Mobile G1 Bigfoot courtesy of BGR:


If you love the sleeker styling of the HTC Magic but can’t live without the Full QWERTY Keyboard of the G1 – then Round 2 of the T-Mobile G1 might be your cup(cake) of tea. It will supposedly launch in October for $148 on a 2-year contract at Wal-Mart and speculation prices it at $149.99 directly through T-Mobile.

The T-Mobile roadmap has this codenamed “Bigfoot” while the Wal-Mart internal document names it “Morrison” so I’m guessing NEITHER of those names will fly come launch time. A simple G1-2-1-2-keep-it-on, listen to the ill s….

Sorry, Beastie Boys moment.

UPDATE: By the way, how do you all like this design compared to the original G1? Personally I love that the keyboard spans the entire length of the phone, which should make for larger buttons and easier typing. However where are the hardware keys and the trackball below the screen? I really enjoy the implementation of these on the G1. Also judging from the picture, the keys don’t appear to have much depth… they look almost Xperia-like… but we’ll see. We shall see.

[BGR via Engadget, Thanks Justin!]

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  1. I’m pretty surprised there’s no mention of this having a very iPhone-ish look (just with a slide QWERTY added). No chin so does that mean no trackball? Hard to tell in the rumored pic. Of course, being just that it may be one of those “artist renderings” of what it will look like.

  2. Keyboard Nazi checking in: They look too small, and as mentioned, without depth. I might not upgrade just for that reason. And perhaps the hardware buttons will be tap only, like on the Chocolat phone for their music-player keys on the outside. You just slide your finger over, but it doesn’t click. Should have backlighting, but the pic doesn’t show it.

    That middle button thing looks like a 3×3 row of dots, so maybe instead of the trackball you just slide your finger over that in whatever direction you want and it can read it. Up, down, left, right, and diagonals. Perhaps…

    It looks sleek, but not much to hold on to. I would almost guarantee they’re not going to go with the glass like iPhone did, so dropping it won’t be my main concern, but it is concerning. Also, I think I see a mini-usb on the side. That’s going to make docking stations REALLY awkward.

  3. Looks like a thinner, curvier, HTC Touch Pro.

  4. Keyboard looks good to me. I’ve never had a terrible problem with keyboard depth but then again I never played with the Xperia1 either. I’m excited to see a true successor to the G1.

    Between this, the Magic, and the Samsung i7500 there are a lot of good looking Android phones coming out and, to be quite honest, it’s making it really difficult for me to choose what my next one is gonna be!

  5. I, for one, like the utility, hardware look of the G1. I dislike the “fashion” thing in phones, and am not really interested in how sleek it looks. My G1 functions well, with lots of nice features. Gonna be hard to get me to give it up.

  6. …not gonna lie. I may consider trying to work my way into that one if its all good when I try out the keyboard. I could possibly go for the bigger keyboard and I like the way that its evenly distributed on both the top and bottom of the screen. I mean the G1v1 isn’t terrible or anything but I am VERY big on symmetry…just a quirk of mine.

  7. I really like the design.
    And I’m glad a nicer picture has finally leaked. I’m getting this for sure, but lets just hope it has a standard headphone jack.

  8. Looks really fake to me, just like a PhotoShopped Iphone by some fanboy…

  9. The volume button on the side and the switch above it is to much like the iphone .it also has that silver lining arounf the screen just like the iphone.if it doesn’t have a track ball I don’t want it .I also don’t like that the buttons on the bottom are like the chocolate those buttons should be physical.overall I like the way it looks and hopefully they will put a lot more internal memory.if thay make the buttons on the front physical and add memory I will deffinetley get it

  10. I’m planning on upgrading to the G2 Magic or whatever they are gonna call it. But if this one is as good as the rendering is, I may have something to think about. Especially since we don’t know anything really about the one being made my Huawei (I hope I spelled it right).

  11. This phone looks like the mda. I will try it when it come out.

  12. I would consider it for one reason only.

    Arrow keys?

    I know we have the trackball, but I can’t be the only person who’s overshot while trying to scroll through tiny links on a webpage or something.

  13. ehhhhh…buttons look too small, and i like to have some tactile feedback when the keyboard is closed. It does look like it has a physical silent/sound toggle switch on the out side, just above the volume control, just like the iphone. thats a big plus.

  14. That’s what I’m waiting for. Something between G1 and G2. Slick, pretty, sexy, but with obligatory hardware keyboard.

  15. I love it! What can I say. It looks like an iphone, has a keyboard, and runs Android. That’s for me!

  16. I love that it moves the USB port to the side, instead of sticking into your palm when you’re trying to type and charge, or type and use a wired headset. Excellent design decision. Looks like a more accessible card slot too.

    Will it have a 5 row keyboard?
    Will it have a tilt screen (like the touch pro 2)?
    Will it have a 3.5mm headset jack?
    Will it have a dpad on the slide-out keyboard (there’s a big button to the left of the left shift key.. makes me wonder what else is on the keyboard besides qwerty keys)?

    I want to know SO much more about this device :-)

  17. will this have wifi and voip app

  18. Sigh… you know what? MY G1 is slowly falling apart. Contacts stopped synching, cal stopped synching with outlook. Email is still cludgy. no spell check.
    PH slows to a crawl with a few apps running. Now sinc eI deleted that crap app handcent I get no SMS notifications.
    I’m done. I’m going fanboy for the iphone. At least it WORKS.

  19. It’d be funny if tha pic WAS actually just a photoshop rendering like someone else said, and this sight just put it up to increase traffic for ad purposes. Anyhow, the G1 is straight, Android is alright … I just wish Windows Mobile could put together some of that kind of functionality like G1/iphone/instinct, etc and put it on a decent phone. Doubt it though.

  20. yhh it lookz gdgd i deffo have itttt

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