May 8th, 2009 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 4:28 pm

Earlier this week a T-Mobile roadmap leaked out indicating we would see at least 2 new Android Phones on T-Mobile this Fall: the Samsung Houdini and the T-Mobile G1 v2 (Bigfoot). Unfortunately the pictures were miniscule and offered little more than a representation of form factor, but today we bring you a (rumored) larger, sexier picture of the T-Mobile G1 Bigfoot courtesy of BGR:


If you love the sleeker styling of the HTC Magic but can’t live without the Full QWERTY Keyboard of the G1 – then Round 2 of the T-Mobile G1 might be your cup(cake) of tea. It will supposedly launch in October for $148 on a 2-year contract at Wal-Mart and speculation prices it at $149.99 directly through T-Mobile.

The T-Mobile roadmap has this codenamed “Bigfoot” while the Wal-Mart internal document names it “Morrison” so I’m guessing NEITHER of those names will fly come launch time. A simple G1-2-1-2-keep-it-on, listen to the ill s….

Sorry, Beastie Boys moment.

UPDATE: By the way, how do you all like this design compared to the original G1? Personally I love that the keyboard spans the entire length of the phone, which should make for larger buttons and easier typing. However where are the hardware keys and the trackball below the screen? I really enjoy the implementation of these on the G1. Also judging from the picture, the keys don’t appear to have much depth… they look almost Xperia-like… but we’ll see. We shall see.

[BGR via Engadget, Thanks Justin!]

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