G1 CPU Specs Leak, Could Mean Developer Hacking Heaven


g1-hackersDisconnect over at AndBlogs.net has just posted a link to the full T-Mobile G1 Hardware Specs and no… we’re not talking how many megapixels the camera has or what version of Bluetooth is enabled. These specs, ladies and gentlemen, are WAY above my head. To put it in perspective, these are the specs that Google and T-Mobile had when they were deciding what they would and wouldn’t include in the G1.

For example, can you currently do TV Out with your G1? Nope. But did you know that the chip in the G1 DOES allow for TV out and it simply isn’t wired? Now you do. Access to these specs will allow the hacking geniuses of the world (nods to XDA Devs) to enable things like USB-OTG, USB-HOST, TV-OUT, Bootloader Hacks and Radio Hacking.

What does that mean for you? Good question… we don’t know yet. While there are developers with these specs in hand, working on hacking together cool additions and features for their G1s, it isn’t likely you’ll be able to implement them yourself without some nitty gritty work y0urself. It will be interesting to see what comes from this and if any developers want to chime in via comments, have at it because you inherently know the implications of this leak better than myself.

I won’t hotlink and won’t host the file here… gotta show love to AndBlogs for putting this out there. So hit the via link!

[Via AndBlogs.net]

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T-Mobile G1 Bigfoot Picture, Details Leak

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  1. Cool! Now maybe someone can answer the age old question of.. “Can this phone do UMA”!

  2. Sure. No reason why it couldn’t. UMA is basically, just VOIP to an IP-to-GSM gateway. The trick to UMA is really the gateway hardware/software, not the handset. Comparatively, the handset code is rather simple.

    Quick note to Rob, the correct term of art for this document is “Datasheet” or “Databook”. Specifications refer to a tabulated list of parameters, whereas a complete product specification + architecture + explanation + interface description –> Datasheet. Just an FYI from a practicing engineer… Cheers!

  3. yes it does UMA i have it but you need a t-mobile wirless router and the uma activated on your account in order to accomplush UMA

  4. If it did UMA then people wouldn’t be constantly asking why it doesn’t. I would kill for UMA on the G1 but obviously Tmobile won’t support it at this time.

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