May 8th, 2009

We’ve heard a lot about the new “widgets” debuting on Android 1.5 – well, you have because I won’t stop taking about them! I think imlementing a standardized system for widget integration will bring a new and immediate level of functionality to all Android phones that will be pretty exciting. John from Phonedog put together a video demo of widgets in action on his rooted and cupcaked version of the G1 for all to see:

Good stuff on all accounts. However, notice the search John does for “widget” on Android market yields 42 results? I would expect that number to increase DRASTICALLY as Cupcake updates hit the UK, US and elsewhere and it is for that precise reason that I hope the Google Android Team will add a “widgets” category to the Android Market Applications area. All in good time… for now I’m just excited to have all the great widgets that will undoubtedly be developed!

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