Apr 30th, 2009 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 4:28 pm

Watch this space… I’ll update THIS POST as the story unfolds:

YES! T-Mobile USA ISSSSS getting the cupcake update! Our first tipster, Bo Shonka, has indicated they are in the United States and they’ve attached a picture proving the Cupcake update has arrived on their T-Mobile G1! Let us know when you get Cupcake on the Official “I’ve Got Cupcake” Thread!

AndroidForums.com member RozzaC has started the Official “I Got Cupcake” Thread so we can keep track of who is getting it where and when and hopefully get some pictures included too! It seems like this is a TMO UK thing as there is no word of anything USA related – I was mistaken on that.

T-Mobile UK has confirmed the G1 Cupcake update via Twitter (@Tmobile_UK) saying update are out as of today! No idea on timescale to complete though. Looks like the UK update was rumored yesterday and we missed it… TMOUK twitter even linked to it!

In a quest to uncover the truth, I noticed EngadgetMobile is reporting the same exact thing. They’ve also got a picture from T-Mobile that shows cupcakes that TMO supposedly baked with the comment, “We heard people wanted cupcakes.” [Via EngadgetMobile]

I’ve received a couple more tips tonight also suggesting that T-Mobile USA G1 owners are getting updated to 1.5 with Cupcake. This is not a joke… I’m dead serious. As for the tipsters being serious… I have yet to verify this since I have not personally received the update and I have yet to see any pictures/videos suggesting the update has occurred. I’ve e-mailed our tipsters asking to send pictures. If you have any… send them in to me at Rob-at-Phandroid-dot-com without the dashes and with the symbols!

12:23 ET
I just got a tip from “Bo Shonka” saying the following: “I’m am getting the official 1.5 cupcake update from T-Mobile on my G1. I’ll include pics if you want, just email me back if you’re interested”

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