CONFIRMED: Official Cupcake Update Underway for T-Mobile G1 USA & UK!


Watch this space… I’ll update THIS POST as the story unfolds:

YES! T-Mobile USA ISSSSS getting the cupcake update! Our first tipster, Bo Shonka, has indicated they are in the United States and they’ve attached a picture proving the Cupcake update has arrived on their T-Mobile G1! Let us know when you get Cupcake on the Official “I’ve Got Cupcake” Thread!

3:07AM member RozzaC has started the Official “I Got Cupcake” Thread so we can keep track of who is getting it where and when and hopefully get some pictures included too! It seems like this is a TMO UK thing as there is no word of anything USA related – I was mistaken on that.

T-Mobile UK has confirmed the G1 Cupcake update via Twitter (@Tmobile_UK) saying update are out as of today! No idea on timescale to complete though. Looks like the UK update was rumored yesterday and we missed it… TMOUK twitter even linked to it!

In a quest to uncover the truth, I noticed EngadgetMobile is reporting the same exact thing. They’ve also got a picture from T-Mobile that shows cupcakes that TMO supposedly baked with the comment, “We heard people wanted cupcakes.” [Via EngadgetMobile]

I’ve received a couple more tips tonight also suggesting that T-Mobile USA G1 owners are getting updated to 1.5 with Cupcake. This is not a joke… I’m dead serious. As for the tipsters being serious… I have yet to verify this since I have not personally received the update and I have yet to see any pictures/videos suggesting the update has occurred. I’ve e-mailed our tipsters asking to send pictures. If you have any… send them in to me at Rob-at-Phandroid-dot-com without the dashes and with the symbols!

12:23 ET
I just got a tip from “Bo Shonka” saying the following: “I’m am getting the official 1.5 cupcake update from T-Mobile on my G1. I’ll include pics if you want, just email me back if you’re interested”

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. /* no comment */

    ps: but please make another podcast guys! :)

  2. We were supposed to do a podcast tonight but Spencer is MIA.

  3. Oh man, I hope it’s out in the US soon. :\

  4. It’s out in the US. I’m not sure how the rollout is determined but my best bet is that you can expect to see yours sometime tomorrow. I got mine just tonight.

  5. Apo11oBo – hit me up with pics/video!!!!!!!

  6. I just sent the notification picture, what other photo’s/video should I shoot?

  7. Get photo/video of the phone information in your phone settings and showing some of the features like the software keyboard! Also show us you are T-MO USA somehow.

    Man I am jealous… checking my email now and thanks for helping out!

  8. Gotcha. Gimme a couple minutes and I’ll put somethin together.

  9. Oh yay!!!
    What’s funny is that T-Mo UK just sent me a reply on Twitter saying they have no clue on a US release of Cupcake.

  10. So will this update be rolled out in sweden or do I have to wait until I can do a manual install?

  11. Hey, I’m gonna have to get you that video in the morning. I’ll post it to youtube and let you know as soon as it goes up. I hope you all get your update tonight tho, its pretty sharp

  12. Thanks dude! Have a good night sleep while I stay awake dry heaving until cupcake comes my way. Hehe jk ;)

  13. Is that the only picture he sent to you guys??
    I’m not getting any sleep tonight. :( I want it now…

  14. That’s the only picture so far… It’s 5:15AM and I haven’t slept yet. Looks like another all nighter – ughz.

  15. Hey, what i dont get is, why can’t you actually check for an update when you go to settings, about, system updates??
    Like shouldn’t there be a “check for updates” button, or a loading screen, or something?

  16. Omg omg omg omg omg omg omg

    Enough said.

  17. OMG OMG OMG I HAVE… not gotten cupcake… awww… I’m still waiting for the tasty pastry to be in the tummy of my G1… :/

  18. @Ricky there IS a check for updates button. Only it says there are no updates because this is one they push out in increments, gradually.

  19. @Rob Oh my bad. :o

  20. So how’s the on-screen keyboard guys?

    Would be cool if I finally could get an Android phone with some kind of azerty layout… though I actually prefer hardware keyboards to be honest.

  21. Ok if US isn’t happening now….you need to UPDATE the title of your post!

  22. Nevermind. Refreshed and got the update…yippie!

  23. Nothing for me in CT.

  24. OMG. I want my Cupcake. Not there yet for me. I am in the USA, and still no 1.5 availability for me.

  25. Yummmm… Wearing my ‘Android green’ shirt today @ work! Bring that Cupcake mojo this way!:)

  26. Wow! 44mb is pretty damn big for a phone! I hope it doesnt come with some lame ass demo videos that cant be deleted. Does anyone know what that temperature app is that he’s using?

    Oh and keeping on the subject, I’m in southern california and havent received any update yet.

  27. @Rich That looks like the Weatherbug App. And I’m in So Cal also. no update. :\

  28. If u have rooted ur phone can u still get the cupcake update idont care if I still have root I just want the update. Can u find out please it u could unroot ur g1 for the update.

  29. Rob – does it include Flash support??

  30. Got the video done, it’ll be on Youtube in a bit, i did a shoutout to phandroid so you can claim this video if you feel like it

  31. I’m like a fat kid who loves cake. Now I want my cupcakes.

    I’m in colorado and no sweets yet.

  32. @Apo11oBo Please include video title in next post please, so we can find it…is your screen name the same on youtube if not please include as well….thanks

  33. Alright, video’s up on Youtube. Android 1.5 Quick Walkthrough. Enjoy, and I hope ya’ll get the update soon.

  34. Jizzzed in my pants….

  35. Apo11oBo – flash functionality in this update?

  36. Hey guys, I was wondering if you have say a jesus freak rom installed, do you still get notified of the update? And if so, will my phone stay rooted after the update or do I need to get a jesus freak update of the android 1.5?

  37. Dev Phone 1? it must be ADP 1.5 OTA update :(

  38. Unfortunately, this doesn’t come with flash. I can’t wait for that tho. The title of the video on youtube is “Android 1.5 Quick Walkthrough”

  39. You will get the update with the Jesus Freke Rom and your phone will stay rooted. unfortunately, you lose multitouch and pinch browsing.

  40. Good job on the video, Apo11oBo. The new features look great. That helped me get through the day until this OTA update comes. Thanks.

  41. So the UNOFFICIAL word is that T-Mo is only rolling this thing out to so many people each day. I don’t know how many or who they determine gets it but it is gradual.

  42. Hate to squash the G1 rumors, but I spoke to T Mobile G1 tech support and they said 1.5 is released just not for the US. 1.5 will be released later this year. So guys don’t do this to yourselves again.

  43. Omg I just got the cupcake update! I live in mpls mn. I love it

  44. I’m wondering if it might be because I have the JF Dev ROM? But even if thats the case, there are a lot more people than just me writing in to say they’re getting the OTA.

  45. I got my official cupcake update last night at approx 2:45 am (gmt-7), but after installing the update the market and gmail no longer work so I guess it’s not really all that great.

  46. So if I read this right, Im on JF’s 1.42 RC33 and the update will come to me OTA and I will keep root?

  47. So if my G1 is rooted/mod/hack will it still get the OTA cupcake update?

  48. Im Wondering If The Update Roll Out Depends On The Day You Bought Your Phone.. Thats The Order Everyone Will Get Cupcake?? What Do You Guys Think??

  49. @JLine & Arnold

    I don’t believe you will be able to recieve and install the update if you have installed a JF ROM

  50. Since the file is 44M do you need that much phone memory available to get the update or will it install to SD?

  51. still havent got the update and i also live in mpls mn…hey brian guy drop me an email i would like to know others in mpsl who have the G1…walkingdead2005@hotmail

  52. Justin the cupcake update is coming to the us either tomorrow or in may there are some pl in us that say they got it

    quote by Apo11obo “It’s out in the US. I’m not sure how the rollout is determined but my best bet is that you can expect to see yours sometime tomorrow. I got mine just tonight.”

    so get your facts straight plz

  53. Is there a location to downnload it manually?

  54. yo anyone in FL get the update yet

  55. To answer the JF/root/mod questions. You will get the update but you will also lose root capability. i mixed that up earlier. You WILL get the update. You WON’T keep root. I don’t know if the update got that 44 MB from my phone memory or from my SD card, that’s a good question. However, I think it uses phone memory that is normally unavailable to anything else. It wouldn’t make sense to me if it required an SD card because someone may not have one for their phone.

  56. Anyone heard about improved battery life for the 1.5 release? The radio is updated so hopefully it will be improved a bit. I guess we will just wait and see. :)

  57. Like i said before i just spoke to T Mobile USA and they have not released anything official for 1.5. So i have my facts straight and people on these forums are trying to wish it true, but its not out sorry.

  58. Agreed with first Justin. I was able to flash my phone to register as an ADP, and with that, I got cupcake myself. That is why Bo got the update over the air, the phone is being seen as an ADP by the network, so he got the update. Now I don’t share the first Justin’s negativity that cupcake will not come until later this year. I think it will be rolling out soon for standard G1 users, from what I have been reading, but the only folks getting OTA right now are ADP users.

  59. @Justin, the T-Mobile reps don’t discuss things like this. It’s not in their little training manuals. You’re making an ass out of yourself by saying that ALL these people are lying. It’s not just this website. It’s Engadget, Gizmodo, Android Central, Talk Android, even BGR and more. Are ALL of the people who tipped them off lying as well??? When you get it, I hope you apologize to everyone.

  60. Justin, the last people who are going to have the information are the people you deal with on the phone and in the store. Reps are always last on the food chain. Trust me, as a rep, I know.

  61. Justin everyone knows the reps are the last to know so i agree with Ricky apologize to everyone

  62. ok any way i like to know if anyone with a regular g1 not rooted has got the update in the good old usa anyone?

  63. so i work at the t-mobile customer care center in meridian idaho. updates will be pushed out in no certain order. it is all generated by the system and us as customer care reps or even tech care reps have no control over when you will get your update. but the update has def been released

  64. im in chicago, and no sign of the update…i cant wait to get it though. whats this about not being able to get it because of custom roms? what does that mean?

  65. no john my g1 never been rooted and i still dont got the update.. was that what you were asking?

  66. I cannot wait for cupcake. I’m amusing that if t-mo is only releasing this to limited people, that it will be whoever has been a customer the longest?

  67. T-Mobile USA has not released an update for the G1 since RC33.
    This point is not up for debate. This argument is so pointless. When an update is available, there will be a press release. When the last update came out, we were given two weeks notice by T-mobile

  68. A lot of people got the update.. Im just hoping everything is true and.. t-mobile didnt even know what 1.5 was when i called them so they aint even suppose to be up in this discussion LMAO!

  69. Can anyone verify that root/JF/mod phones will get OTA update?

    i’ve heard yes and no. Haven’t gotten mine yet

  70. Hi guys, I work as an indirect agent for T-Mobile and I just wanted to let you know that our t-mobile rep has informed us that there is a release for this update but is being released slowly to avoid any large scale problems since it is a fairly good sized update. We actually had someone come in with the update a couple weeks ago so it seems they have been letting them slip out of a while now.

  71. no updates here in seattle….ahh i hope its not another let down i been waiting since dec! lol

  72. exactly R. T Mobile USA has released nothing. I dont care about engadget, gizmodo, and all these unofficial sources. G1 technical support slated a release date for later this year.

  73. I’m still waiting on mine. With the last update I received mine two days after people reported first receiving it. I hope this one comes sooner, I’m dieing to try out the keyboard.

  74. For everyone in the UK this story was confirmed in the telegraph newspaper i found the article last night. Heres the link:

  75. got the update! Finally! i looked at all the new things, and its just great. Looks like T-Mobile came through.

  76. Confirmed!!! 1.5 became available for dev phones only. Just spoke with T-Mobile USA G1 Tech Support. 1.5 will not be available for regular G1 users until later this year.

  77. Wtf are u talking bout RON! T-mobile tech support dont know shit EVER last time i talked to them they didnt even know wat 1.5 update was!

  78. AWWW!!! I was seriously waiting for this update… I guess that this isnt gonna be my day… at least we are going to get it according to this website… … We will start getting it this month… so rejoice!!! :))

  79. oh BTW… Telekom is the main website of T-Mobile… its the daddy of T-Mobile…

  80. Nd what does Telecom say?

  81. Nothing to see here. Apollo has the Dev rom and got pushed the Dev update. I really want the HTC created stuff like the new dialer and weather widget. I bet the circle zoom on the magic was created by HTC too.

  82. I live in CA and still have not received my update!?!? Anyone else in the Los Angeles area NOT recording video or typing on the screen?

  83. Missed earlier comment about cupcake not being available until later this year, my bad. Thanks Phandroid! :)

  84. Agh…here are your answers
    T-mobile USA has not confirmed any updates yet.
    ADP1 phones receive ADP1 1.5 firmware as that was officialy released by GOOGLE (not by T-mobile) couple of days ago. You can get your own update from Google (search XDA-developers) or number of customized builds from Haykuro, DudeOfLife or JesusFreke (last one is not released yet, expect in few days.) You will only be able to install those if you have ADP1 or G1 with root. Un-rooted phones can not install these updates because updates are signed with “test” keys. Un-rooted phones need to receive update signed with “release” keys. There’s absolutely NO way around it: either root your phone or wait for T-mobile (and who knows how long that’s going to be since they did not announce anything at this point). To those of you saying “But everybody reports it!!!”: Someone started a rumor and now everyone reprints. Good luck to everyone.

  85. Justin where do u live in us or uk

  86. What do I risk from rooting my phone and if I do choose to root my phone can I ever put it back to factory settings (like it had never been rooted)?

  87. Well sorry to be critical but this bug has bit me before.

    So why does the image say downloaded and verified and then the. Very next line says available for download.

    Sounds like we wait or root our phones


  88. @KennyC You can backup your current system state, and put that away, then flash to a rooted OS or even to the ADP version if you want. I would only recommend if you are a big tech head, but rooting isn’t something that you would want to take away. Why would you want to go back to no root?

  89. @Justin2 from what I know of what a rooted system can do, I wouldn’t want to take it away, but I was just wondering how permanent it was.

    I want to root my phone and I would consider my self pretty tech savy, but does anyone have any suggestions on developer to use to root the phone? I know there are many versions of it out.

    I see in the video that JF works great, but what other options do I have or what do YOU guys suggest?

  90. To let everyone the the new 1.5 firmware removed the direct root access to the phone to make the phones more secure. But you can still use adb.exe to push apps and do root function on the phone been playing around last night with it hope this helps.

  91. @Justin. So…about that apology.

  92. You are all right about reps not getting much advanced notice, however no update has or ever will come out with out them knowing at the time. Honestly I think as a loyal phandroid follower, that someone here on the site should step up and help put this arguement away. The dev phone has an update, t-mobile uk is releasing it presently, and t-mobile us will release it soon. It is ridiculous that people are acting so childish, I want the update too, but complaining about it and claiming you have it won’t get it to you any faster.

    (Typed on my Sidekick 09)

  93. Also, people need to quit saying they were told january then april now this.

    It is not T-mobile’s fault that you read rumor websites that misled you about the release date. T-mobile hasn’t said anything because they want to make an ass of themselves, they were intelligent enough to wait until it was developed

  94. Lol if u guys cant wait.. go to youtube and type in “how to get cupcake 1.5” lmao i been havin it since the 29.. i know its not the full thing, but its almost all of it and im loving it


  96. Well guess we’re just gonna be waiting.. til maybe middle of this month for the US 1.5 OS update..

  97. T-Mobile has released a comprehensive software update that brings its innovative handset into line with the latest Android platform development. It comes with new functions, loads of enhancements, and more improvements to the design of most input screens. From the beginning of May, T‑Mobile will be shipping new handsets with this latest software, and will offer existing T‑Mobile G1 customers the mobile update for download with an automatic installation over the air and free of charge. Alongside its software updates, T-Mobile will be further expanding the Android cell phone portfolio during 2009 to introduce new handsets.

  98. I just got off the phone with t-mobile g1 tech support and the woman confirmed that cupcake is only in europe right now and won’t be released into the U.S. until a “later date”. I’m gonna stop getting my hopes up until I see an actual update on my phone!

  99. Earlier I was told get my facts straight, but I told everyone that this was nothing more than a rumor. When 1.5 is available there will be a press release end of story no more rumors please.

  100. Hi all, i have become too impatient waiting for the Cupcake to come to my phone. So i decided to phone T-mobile (UK) and speak to the tech support about getting it pushed to my phone early. I quote the technician as saying: “T-mobile released the update on April 30th to 1000 randomly selected units in the UK. This is to allow for any issues to be picked up as a result of the update. As of Monday depending on the issues that have arisen the update will be pushed out to all G1 units over the following two weeks.”

    Hope that helps someone out there.



    Here is a camcorder test if anyone cares to see how smooth it runs.

  102. How do you get a OTA update with a wifi connection as in the picture looks phony to me…

  103. From the different reports:
    – T-Mo UK has sent (or is sending) 1.5 OTA to a least some non-rooted G1.
    – T-Mo US has not sent 1.5 OTA to any non-rooted G1.
    – 1.5 is being sent to all 1.5 dev & rooted systems
    This makes sense in many ways: a number of apps seems to be broken by 1.5, and this provides some time for developers to fix them, as they (developers) will get 1.5 either manually or OTA sooner than “regular” end-users with non-rooted G1s.
    Also, once 1.5 is sent OTA to every non-rooted G1, it will take a while before we all get it. The previous release took apparently up to 2 weeks to make it to some users, some because we now have many more users & the update is 2x larger, we should expect the distribution to take even longer.
    In other words, we need to be patient.

    I just wish T-Mo and/or Google (who ever is in charge) realized that many of the users that are reading these forums would be better (more patient) testers than the random sample of UK users. For one, I’d be ready to update via download with the multiple caveat that must apply right now, including broken apps that will have to be fixed later…

    I’m afraid T-Mo doesn’t realize that we are geekier crowd than your average brainwashed iPhone user who actually believes that multitasking is bad because it drains your battery! (Thanks for letting me choose what apps I want to run & how to use my battery. If I’d rather have a longer battery life, I’d use a trivial phone! I want smart features & I’m ready to pay for it!)

  104. Small correction to my own previous post: when I say “more patient”, I mean that I bet a very large share of visitors of these forums would be ready to trade a simple but manual installation via web download of an updater, and gladly accept the rough edges of being an early adopter (bugs, even severe, in applications that need to be updated for instance).
    In facts, all those who root their G1 to have Cupcake early fall in that category. Many more (like me) would be ready to if they didn’t have to loose all their settings on the way…

    So T-Mo or Google, who ever can decide this, why do you make a signed 1.5 updater available via web download and let us burn ourselves if we so decide?…

  105. Cupcake is coming for sure sometimes soon. Checked with a friend – a Google employee and he showed me the update features installed on his phone and also informed me that it’s coming officially from T-Mobile.

  106. You are are extremely inaccurate in your reports. Let’s get some facts with documentation no more of this he says she says. No more braining our hopes up then smashing us back down. How many heart attacks can we suffer with these rumors? I’ve had enough. I want the facts, no more assumptions. I want my freaking cupcake cause I’ve waiting since January. I sold my iPhone to get this phone, I deserve it! Come on… don’t give me a lick give me the whole thing!

  107. I have to agree with GeorgesB’s post about G1 users’ willingness to help test the new software; we are DEFINITELY a far geekier bunch, I enjoy talking about this phone way too much with my co-workers! lol.

  108. You folks just crack me up. Always need to complain. Come on people, its a freakin phone. “Smart” or not, its still a phone. Whether you’re geeky or not, its still a phone. Let’s be adults and treat it like a phone. We don’t have to bash iPhone users. No tech wars are even needed here. They get far to emotional over things that don’t matter, like a phone. Now where is my phreak’n update!!! ;) have a great one!

  109. this is not a tmobile update this is a rooted force updated notice how he has his phone connected to the computer the update has not started in us only uk

  110. Nothing for me in RI.

  111. Still nothing for me in Columbus, OH. I just bought my phone about a month ago. I WANT CUPCAKE!

  112. hey if the guy says he got officail ota update cant he get the and upload it so we could all use it?

  113. no update here (Jax, FL) yet

  114. not in texas yet

  115. Nothing in Portland OR yet lame i want my cupcake

  116. Nothing in State College, PA yet…

  117. hello united states i talk to t-mobile they transfer me over to g1 tech and she said dont have 1.5 cup cake yet but is coming for all u people downloaded of the computer u will mess up your phone cupcake 1.5 is uk only dont mess up your phone

  118. Nothing here in SLC UT.

  119. I have had my G1 since launch. I love my HTC G1 and I too am excited about the new 1.5 OS. So to all you people bitchin ponder this….. T-mobile/Google/HTC all said 1Q of 09. Well they missed that target according to my phone. Am I mad? No. Am I getting a bit excited? Yes. Just chill It will come. If you can’t wait Gain Root and flash the build of your choice. There are many hacked builds using the “Cupcake Branch”.

    And to all you “sucks compaired to iPhone” people.

    GET A PHUCKING IPHONE! Sign up with ATT and Apple and keep away from my bandwith.

    Luv Ya!

  120. Sean, how will rooting your G1 to install cupcake 1.5 mess up your phone? I have my G1 running cupcake already, which I installed manually and chances are, Tmobile updates won’t even go through.

  121. Nothing here yet nj

  122. still nothing here in Seattle, WA

  123. I don’t know much about this technical stuff but I don’t think its a good idea to “root” the phone, I would rather Tmobile work out the bugs and send the update when it’s ready. There’s no reason to argue over this mess. Just don’t think about it, it’s obviously much too stressful for us to handle. :)

  124. Nothing in Chicago,Il. I cant take the wait…….

  125. no update yet. Tampa, FL

  126. Nothing here in Utah either LOL

  127. I’m in tracy ca got my g1 in oct. Still don’t have cupcake

  128. Ok folks. You can stop posting where you aren’t getting it. Everyone should realize by now that the rollout was a false alarm, and Tmo, as Justin and GeorgesB have said, will release a press statement when things are going to start. So just sit down, and drink some lemonade, or something harder if you prefer.

    If you are truly impatient, you can flash your phone to be a dev phone by following this:

    However, if you are still a Tmo Customer, you will lose your MyFaves app by doing so. You could also apply the JesusFreke update, which will just flash over your current OS and still have MyFaves. The Only reason I would recommend waiting and being patient is in case they reduce the size of the update, and iron out any final bugs that are going through. That’s the key reason why the dev phones got it first, and why they only released Cupcake to 1k UK customers.

    It’s coming, I know it’s been a long road, but you aren’t going to die or go postal because you don’t have stereo Bluetooth. And if you do… Then you should be in a looney bin, and give all your monies to people who need it. (Like me) :P

  129. Got Cupcake when i woke up this morning here in UK, Leeds

  130. I live in the UK and i got a system update this morning fone is now showing firmware version of 1.5, but i dont see any addition widgets – but Google Talk has appeared..

  131. Hi UK T-Mobile user here. Just got the cupcake update OTA today at 13:57 (06/05/2009) I think. The phone started up with a different android animation (android text shining). Now got a camcorder option. Information showing the following:

    Firmware 1.5
    Build CRB17

  132. no update yet – tampa fl.

    im patient tho..its a lil disturbing seeing all these people literally about to commit “suicide” because they dont have the update…extreme

  133. im in the uk aswell and i got my update this morning :)

    love itttt!


  135. @brian guy

    I live in Minneapolis MN too! How do I get this?! :(

    Do I have to have a dev phone?

  136. I think all us USA Non-Rooted, Non-Dev, G1 users are just frustrated to hear that all these other people are getting this “fabulous” update, when the US is just left in the dust.

    Its more that we feel left out and forgotten, we don’t mean to insult google or Tmobile, they are doing what they can.

    Well thats just my two cents….

  137. I live in Vegas and just called the 800 t-mobile rep. Did you know they have a special “expert” department for G1 and Blackberrys? Anyway i asked for them and they told me today, 5/6/09, that they have just received word that the 1.5 update is oficially coming out at the end of the week of May 11th.

    I hope it really comes.

  138. @glock: With RC33, the UK was left in the cold last time for about a month. Maybe it is just our turn to wait (somewhat) patiently. Perhaps we could all call T-Mobile every hour and ask them when the update will be released?

  139. Ok everybody, check out, they have info that says tmobileusa will begin sending our ota update out on may 11

  140. the cupcake 1.5 is OFICIALLY coming the end of next week for USA G1 users! but you might get yours a few days, or weeks later depending on how luck you get

    so calm down and wait one more week :)

  141. it is official cupcake is going to be released next week here is the official post

    take a look

  142. Its coming next week, supposedly the 13th

  143. check this out

    paste it on the browser its the official cupcake release announcement also check this one out.

    this is the official T-MOBILE announcment

  144. found this link to do a mamual update on UK G1.
    think i will try it after reading comments.

  145. ha later this year my behind, did u guys mean later this fortnight?

  146. I got mine today but it wont update because i am rooted with JF’s RC9 .1.1 update.
    Does anyone know a way around this?
    I cant do a wipe as i dont have a data plan, just wifi.
    I heard it’s possible to revert back to RC7 and install Anycut and then check for updates via that but that would still wipe my phone i think?
    So, yeah, if anyone can help me out my email is [email protected]
    Thanks a lot people :)

  147. I recieved an email from my corporate office saying that the US cwill be recieving the cupcake update starting on the 14th and going on through the 21st. Hopefully I don’t have to wait that long for mine.

  148. I have not received the updat yet & its the 16th! From Chicago and I have not heard of anyone here who has received the update! I’m so hungry for cupcake and can’t wait to explore!

  149. i have the g1,its may 17 and i still dont have cupcake,idk why?

    it says im up to date but i dont have the features of cupcake =/

  150. Please let me know if someone with a rooted US G1 gets the update outside the US.

  151. Not sure is anyone has told you or if you have searched, but not until late May early June for the cupcake update:

    As for updating a modded or jailbroken phone, you will have to downgrade to an official OTA to receive the updates. Now this can not be officially confirmed until the update is actually released. But all indications point to the rooted phones not being able to update, so to get the update you will have to downgrade to a earlier version and the reinstall official updates or let the phone update itself (this has been confirmed as I have done this myself).

    If you want to downgrade, there is an excellent video on youtube explaining the process in detail on how to downgrade to jailbreak. Use the same video and you can downgrade your phone to an earlier point, then if you search out the net for “OTA” updates, you can bring your phone back to an official 1.1 version and be ready to receive the update.

    I have taken my phone, jailbroken it, updated to cupcake, taken it back down again, let it update itself to a current 1.1 (rc33), Jailbroken it again, and currently have just brought it back to an official t-mobile updated phone. I highly do not recommend all this, as it cannot be good for the phone, but the thought here is that it can be done.

    Hope this is helpful to ya all….

  152. for everyone asking if you will get the OTA update if you have a JF dist on your phone, NO! JF intentionally disabled OTA updates to keep tmo from being able to un-root your phone. if you want the tmo dist when it gets pushed, you will have to down grade to older official dist, get OTA update to official rc33 and wait. you will lose root if you go that rout, but you can always get it back (but not with official release).

  153. I got. Cupcake its easy just download and install that easy

  154. No update :( My dad got his today and he got his phone after I did. I wonder how the updates are going out…in order or purchase or randomly?

  155. hey i got my update tis morning it is so much better!! and im in the U.S…

  156. got my update today also, and let me say im very pleased with it, im glad 2 have a g1

  157. Omg..I live in new haven ct and ijust received da update about two hours ago and im loving it.using the vk now

  158. Just got my update in South Carolina!

  159. Nothing here yet alabama

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