May 3rd, 2009

The built-in compass on your T-Mobile G1 isn’t ONLY good for pinpoiting your location… you can also use it as a metal detector to find your keys!

Unfortunately you’ll have to already know where your keys are in order to find them since this little “metal detector” app only works if you basically push your phone against the keys to begin with. But its neat to see that this capability even exists… could it be exploited for practical use? Potentially, if hardware that accentuates various features like this is produced.

Pretty neat. Pointless… but neat. And also, I’m digging the epic soundtrack.

[NOTE: You don’t need to watch any more than 1 minute of this video. They just continue to put the same keys underneath the G1 for 1 minute straight yielding the exact same results. Please Paypal me $1 as I just saved you at least a minute of your life and I know you probably make like $60/hr so yeah. Hook it up.]

[Via AndroidGuys]