Motorola CEO Confirms Holiday Android Phones


This morning, Motorola released their First-Quarter Financial Results. We could bore you with lots of financial details but instead, we’ll quote a passage that will certainly excite you:

Sanjay Jha, co-CEO of Motorola and CEO of Mobile Devices, added, “In the quarter at Mobile Devices, we implemented aggressive actions to reduce costs and also gained solid traction on improving operational effectiveness. Customer feedback on our smartphone roadmap remains very positive, and we plan to have differentiated Android-based devices in stores in time for the fourth-quarter holiday season. We significantly reduced the operating loss in Mobile Devices compared with the fourth quarter of 2008 and have increased the 2009 annual cost-reduction target to more than $1.3 billion.”

hello-motoIf you read this as I did than Sanjay Jha, Motorola CEO, basically just said there will be at least 2 Android Phones with different form factors launching by the end of November! Could the devices he speaks of be the Motorola Calgary and the Motorola Ironman that were leaked yesterday? It seems plausible.

In October 2008 it was rumored that Motorola wouldn’t have an Android Phone until Christmas 2009 at the earliest. I scrutinized Motorola for that but sitting 9 months out with only HTC devices on the table, Motorola may have played this right. Everyone has their opinion on the Calgary and Ironman – I’ve heard some who love them and some who hate them – and THAT is exactly why having 2 phones ready will be a MotoBlessing – they can target different types of users and styles.

The CEO himself says multiple Androids on the way… talk about a MotoBlessing… I’m delighted. Even if we do have to wait for the holidays.. that is a heckuva present!

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  1. Can’t wait for T-mobile to get more Android devices, I love my G1, but I could use a phone with more internal memory and a better camera. Its nice to see Motorola and Samsung finally getting close to releasing new devicws.

  2. i am in china , here start to copy and manufacture many android phones everyday ,
    i think after a few years all of the world everyone can get a phone with this system as very cheap price .
    Android bring a free ,low-cost and easy-going system to anti-Windows mobile ,
    here have one itme copy HTC with both windows and android system , http://www.lencoo.com/p3470-htccool-p600-624mhz-cpuwifiwm61google-android-dual-operating-systemgps-navigationedge_p443.html

    our world will be control by google . it’s a good news or not ?

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