Apr 30th, 2009

After getting a “tip” from a Phandroid commenter named Bo Shonka that the Official Cupcake Update was hitting T-Mobile G1s in the US and UK, I vowed not to sleep until I learned the truth. The rumor proved true as others across the globe began confirming the news and Bo Shonka sent in a picture of the update in progress to prove it. While you can still see that picture (here), he has one-upped himself and published a YouTube video highlighting features of the update and proving the Version 1.5 is official:

Thanks a billion for the initial tip and the shoutout. Unfortunately, I still hate you just a little bit because I haven’t gotten the update yet! Kidding… kidding… but seriously, I’m incredibly excited for my little G1 friend to let me know Cupcake is ready for chomping.

Show of hands – have you gotten Cupcake yet?