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After getting a “tip” from a Phandroid commenter named Bo Shonka that the Official Cupcake Update was hitting T-Mobile G1s in the US and UK, I vowed not to sleep until I learned the truth. The rumor proved true as others across the globe began confirming the news and Bo Shonka sent in a picture of the update in progress to prove it. While you can still see that picture (here), he has one-upped himself and published a YouTube video highlighting features of the update and proving the Version 1.5 is official:

Thanks a billion for the initial tip and the shoutout. Unfortunately, I still hate you just a little bit because I haven’t gotten the update yet! Kidding… kidding… but seriously, I’m incredibly excited for my little G1 friend to let me know Cupcake is ready for chomping.

Show of hands – have you gotten Cupcake yet?

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  1. I’m in Chicago and I have not gotten any updates as of yet.

  2. This is for the Dev phones!! It is not official OTA from T-Mobile for retail G1!! How disappointing!

  3. what case/cover is that?

  4. Nope !!!!

    I search the zipped archive on the google server to make an update manually… but don’t find !

    We have found the adp cupcake on the google server, but at this time no ‘normal’ cupcake update

  5. Do you think it matters that he’s got a Dev phone?

  6. Video! Auto-orientation! Spelling correction! FTW! flash…?

  7. I think it matters lots actually… I’m not convinced it’s ‘live’ yet until it hits my phone!

  8. It does matter A LOT that it is the dev phone update. It is a whole different update. If you tried to update with the Dev update on your retail G1, it will not accept it.

  9. Lol, its not the dev phone, just JF’s ROM. I don’t know if Dev ROMs got it first but i did take the update picture last night.

  10. ive had cupcake for about 2 1/2 weeks now =P

  11. @Apo11oBo how are your apps working with 1.5? Getting many force closed?

  12. That looks amazing, very very big update.

  13. I submitted to digg, hit that digg button above!

  14. No, all my apps have been perfect so far. The calendar and market had a couple small problems at first but nothing a reset didn’t fix. I did notice some sluggishness with my Useful Switchers app tho but nothing has been crippled or force closed yet

  15. can the virtual keyboard be used while texting??

  16. Hey, great demo !!!

  17. I love how my comments disappered… it not be a dev phone, but it is run the andro dev phone 1 one it. T

  18. Do you need to do anything proactive to get cupcake or does tmo just push it onto your G1?

  19. Your forgot to tell them how you can save mms pix now and can also send out videos through mms’s also and multi-touch browser

  20. I have a dev phone with cupcake, and this video has a few features that I don’t currently have.

    I think it may be authentic.

  21. If you want the update now root your phone and download the update .yes you can use the virtual keyboard for any text asettings isn’t working and when I try to adjust brightness on usefull switchers it force closes every time and I have had a lot of force closes lately

  22. The biggest thing I noticed seemed to be the speed increase. It seems snappier than my phone though I noticed mine drags when I don’t delete the data in K-9.

  23. im in Iowa and i just got the update

  24. @Ermin – Did you get the update alert after a boot, or did it just pop a message? Also, is yours a ‘regular’ phone?

  25. Just a quick note. I have a retail G1 but it is running the JF 1.43 ADP1 ROM. That may have something to do with why i got the update but it IS an OTA update. After soeaking with T-Mo, it is a gradual update. You should all see yours very soon. latinSilEighty brought up a good point. You can send video through MMS and save any MMS messages you’ve received. One feauture I missed is that you can now do in-browser searches for words on the web page you’re viewing similar to CTRL+F in Firefox.

  26. BTW: great job, Bo!

  27. Long Beach, CA = no update yet…..but VERY anxious!

  28. This window animation thingy was in the old version too. I just activated it through DroidSans Tweak.

  29. G1 with jf adp rom identifies itself as dev phone 1 that’s why it has get adp ota update. Let’s face the truth its NOT g1 cupcake. sorry

  30. Great video Bo! But I have to admit, I’m so jealous. Like, really, really, really jealous. Ha ha.
    I just hope I get it soon, because I’m always last to get these things. :(

  31. @mark
    it was just a pop up message that asked me to update

  32. I just got off the phone with T-Mobile PDA support and they said the Firmware v1.5 is not out yet and there is no set release date yet, but it will for sure be out with in the month.

    He said the risk of putting ‘JF’ and putting the v1.5 on your G1 yourself voids the warranty.

  33. I’ve heard others who claim to have received the new cupcake can’t connect to the market…that wouldn’t have anything to do with the rumors that the market won’t be available to rooted (or what droid thinks is rooted) G1’s, would it? Any chance of getting a video of a cupcaked, non-rooted, non-airplane mode G1 connecting to the market? Should clear that up…

  34. Seems like it is the Google release for developers. I am not buying it. Lets have him go on the market and start downloading apps..the we will see if it is the real deal.

  35. I’m in Virginia. I haven’t gotten my update yet. Waiting
    anxiously for it tho.

  36. A true test is anyone else that claims to have it, put up screenies that don’t show ADP as the model. Bet we won’t see any for a few days, if Tmo sticks to their early may rumored release.

  37. I hope I get this soon, im live in Chicago.

  38. Ermin just wondering you got regular g1 or dev or rooted?

  39. Does it finally have a flash player ?
    Video capture is huge. I got the phone in the mail the day before its public release and it been annoying that it doesnt have a flash player !

  40. If Ermin is Bo, then he has a G1, but he put the JF ADP update on his phone which made the network see it as an ADP.

    Otherwise, if Ermin isn’t Bo, get us a screeny so we can see undeniable proof.

  41. I have cupcake. Typing on my vk right now.

  42. The virtual keyboard is nothing new to those that downloaded the Steel browser from the market.
    Video capture is big though !

  43. Regular g1

  44. @JOHN JOHN. I have a regular g1

  45. Cameron, my video shows that market works. haykuro’s G builds didn’t work with the Market at all, but if you still want me to, i’ll post a vid of me downloading an app. i’ve already pulled a few so just let me know.

  46. But Bo, the only reason you got the update is because your phone thinks it’s an ADP.

  47. Does Cupcake 1.5 allow me to grab screenshots without having to root?

  48. omg im dying to get this!

  49. Sure. I guess it is hard to believe that they are releasing it ota already. I thought is was early May. Looks pretty similar to the G version.

  50. Is it just me, or is it incredibly funny that the above comment was posted in early May?

  51. I’m in avondale arizona and I haven’t got my cupcake yet :/ anyone know what’s up

  52. @Matt F, not just you.

  53. Any word yet at all on a download link for manual installation?

  54. In Long Beach, CA = still no update….I’m so excited I can’t sleep! Goodnight all ;)

  55. This guy is just an attention-whore…there’s nothing official about the ROM he is running, it’s the hacked ADP ROM that everyone has known about all week. Try again.

  56. Hey i’m running an unlocked HTC G1 (u.s. version)in India. Do i stand to get the Cupcake update or no??
    I’m kinda confused, i thought i could but a friends tells me i can’t.


  57. Yes and no. You probably won’t get the OTA because of being on a different carrier, but when JF or whoever decides to package up cupcake after the OTA release has come and gone then you will probably find it for download. Of course you could go ahead and flash your G1 system to read as an ADP and get the update that way. Up to you. Already did that myself, but flashed back to G1 model just so I didn’t futz anything up.

  58. @Sid you’re going to get the cupcake update eventually, you just have to wait, i have an unlocked HTC G1 and i live in Jordan and i had all OTA updates before. Patience my friend.

  59. where are some widgets im earching sooo much but i can only find the sky widget and the battery widget on the market for a buck.the sdk has been out forever now how come no widgets

  60. @josh – Umm…The 1.5 SDK, even if you include the Beta (i don’t, most devs prolly would only play with the Beta, not really code much against it) has only been out for like 3 weeks now. That’s *VERY* little time to think up a widget, design the UI of it and code it properly especially if the devs have day jobs and girlfriends/wives.

  61. I got the update this morning on my unmodified uk g1, can’t work out how to use the onscreen keyboard though :S
    Otherwise it looks nice and hopefully I will notice an improvement in the battery life

  62. I just got off of the phone with a T-Mobile rep and i asked them about the cupcake update for the G1 and she said…

    “Unfortunately, G1 update is only available for UK customer but we are working on the updates now. Please stay on track”

    I asked for a date and she said…

    “As of this moment there is no particular date as to when it will be available but we will post in once we have the updates.”

    We’ve been “staying on track for months now” hahaha.

  63. until someone posts an actual picture of the update message, update screen, and PROVES that they have a regular G1

    In my opinion this whole thing was a bunch of bullshit. a bunch of dev phone owners got it and made the rest of us think we got it.

    Sorry Ermin, but without proof i can’t even believe you since i’ve seen 10 people on other forums claim to have 1.5 on a regular phone and then after losts of hounding we find out they just rooted their phone and never got it legit. As far as i can tell t-mobile is not pushing it out to any regular G1. only dev phones.

  64. No updates in Texas yet.

  65. The widgets are Analog clock, calendar, music player, and live folders. No battery/weather on this update Josh.

  66. No update in Phoenix Arizona

  67. I’m in Las Vegas and haven’t gotten it yet =/

  68. What do I risk from rooting my phone and if I do choose to root my phone can I ever put it back to factory settings (like it had never been rooted)?

  69. Portland, OR here…
    I was running the JesusFreak Dev phone build, but…

    Got it Wed night, and it’s pretty cool. There are some nice new functions. It’s a bit cleaner looking and generally more fun to use. Not sure if I got it because the “Dev” status?

  70. The Update Is For Android Dev Phone 1 Only! It Is NOT Being Released To The General Public Yet!

  71. You are right RevenG. I just confirmed that with T-Mobile G1 Tech Support.

  72. This guy is full of crap. “It’s on airplane mode” because it’s a dev phone. And don’t chew gum and talk, you disgusting cow.

  73. (Sorry, it was someone that posted this link on another website that claimed this was an OTA update on a regular phone, not this guy.)

  74. BO SHANKA IS LYING there is NO update available yet for tmobile usa i have just called tmobile and talked to someone and they said that its only available in Tmobile UK
    so Bo Shanka either lives in england and got his phone there or he happened to be visiting and felt like getting a g1 so Bo Shanka is also prabably a fake name so do not trust anyone that says they have 1.5 in the US before Mid May at the latest(thats what the representative told me but it should come out much earlier than that) DO NOT TRUST BO SHANKA HE IS LYING


  76. no i have the dev version and there is a battery percentage widget and a third party weather widget that i downloaded online not from the market

  77. and yes KENNY C there is a small risk of screwing up your phone but probably wont happen and you can get it back to regular after you root it

  78. KENNY C it is really easy to Jailbreak your phone and update it to cupcake. I did mine today, i was afraid of messing up the phone and bricking it but i found a really good tutorial on YouTube called “Jailbreaking your T-Mobile G1 Made Easy!” Its step by step instructions with files included. I was able to do my phone in about 30 minutes or so. The author of the video also gives instructions on how to upgrade to cupcake as well as putting your phone back if you dont like cupcake. Hope this helps.

  79. US cupcakes most likely won’t be released until The Magic (or whateva name it’s gonna go by) is launched. UK is getting their cupcakes because The Magic was launched already. Well that’s my opinion on the matter.

  80. no updates in tampa !! =[

  81. Why is this guy chewing gum? Good vid though

  82. To Jim, lol, thats a pretty strong (and far off) generalization you made there. Calm down a bit. I DID find out that it was an OTA update pushed to DEV USERS and because I have the JF 1.43 APD 1 ROM, i got it. I apologize to everyone for the confusion because EVEN I was confused. I spoke with a T-Mo rep tho (so take this for what its worth with a grain of salt) and she said the retail G1’s WILL see the update in the early month of May. SOON! If you all want the update, i will be posting a youtube video of how to root your phone and safely install the same JF firmware. If you do that, you should get the same update before everyone else with no unwanted sideeffects. I need to know how much this vid would be in demand tho. If you don’t wanna wait for the vid, go to for the tutorial, they have a comprehensive, step by step process. It’s how i learned about rooting and installing custom ROMs. Good Luck everyone, and I hope the retail version gets pushed soon.

  83. thanks for the info!

  84. To Rob,
    Lol, man I don’t know what it is but I wasn’t chewing any gum or eating anything, I’m not sure where that sound is coming from or why i’m making it, but I promise you, I’m not chewing. But I can’t tell you how many time’s someone’s told me it sounds like i’m eating or chewing something

  85. ota update will probably be pushed in 2 weeks to usa may 5 when magic come out or in 2 weeks i heard

  86. Apo11oBo, while I am sad about us “regular” G1 users not getting Cupcake yet, I DO have to complement the excellent video you made. Thanks for letting us know what’s coming !

  87. I wonder, if I rooted my phone today, will I still receive the Cupcake OTA that was pushed for the Dev phones?

  88. @maj thanks for the info buddy, i was kind of worried..
    Thanks a ton


  89. Does the cupcake update allow you to choose the input languages or locale?


  90. He didn’t say whether or not you could run applications from the memory stick now. Cool video. Thanks

  91. @Rich i don’t think it has been addressed, google would have mentioned it in their dev update if this happened. It seems we’re stuck to this.

  92. no update in NY either, and also i spoke with a tmo reps. and they said that there are no official date as when the OTA update will be available in the US. as for now is only on Dev..phones and the UK.

  93. I want my fucking update!

  94. Im confused. I just rooted and updated my phone using this guy’s stuff.


    Some people are talking that this is a very large rom and leaves no room for applications, my question is.. since I did this, will I still get OTA updates, and since my phone now shows as a HTC Magic phone, will it take dream updates? Did I screw myself?


  95. i’m in NYC no update yet???

  96. hey would like to say im vfrom the UK and still havnt recieved the 1.5 update.. is the update still being rolled out or am i just not recieving it? if its still early for the update, when would i most likely get the update?

    All the best,

  97. This is CRAP I want Firmware 1.5 but im afraid of rooting my phone due to bricking, and im impatient as hell idk what to do… BTW Indiana and no fuckin update lmao

  98. Ummm people? A little chill pill?
    1st off, the guy took time out to video some nice features (altho we already know everything) regarding OS 1.5
    2nd: RELAX! Some of you twat heads really need to find something to occupy your time. Im dying for cupcakes too but Im not gonna bash someone that posted a video because of my envy. The guy CLEARLY stated hes running JesusFreaks version, which in case you couldn’t figure out yet cuz your patience is just a bit higher than your IQ. JFs version IS Android 1.5.
    3rd: We ALL want cupcakes, but TMo is a business, not your “friend”. What kinda moron would expect TMo to release OS 1.5 when the G2 is coming out so soon? They will release it in due time. We will all get it. Just relax, have fun watching all the new videos and know that y’all made the right choice. The Android OS is rocking the mobile world, this is just the beginning.
    I say…. good job Bo, the only mistake you made was in the fact that you said GMail is pretty much the same just looks different when in fact, GMail now has multi-select so you can clean out your in-boxes super quick now instead of deleting one by one.

  99. The OS that comes with it leaves you about 70mb. Once I put Cupcake 1.5 on my phone the memory changed to 50mb. There is still a ton of room left for apps. This upgrade is a must for all dev phones. If you do decide to do the update make sure you do the latest Radio update as well. I didn’t at first and the volume on calls with my speaker phone was really low. Plus people on the other end said they were hearing delay sounds. Also my bluetooth would get any sound….so make sure you update the Radio with the 1.5 update.

  100. @ Everyone has anyone got the Update VIA ota or are these all just dev phones and rooted G1’s to have received the “cupcake” ????

  101. To all that are scared to ROOT your phone…there are video’s on Youtube. Here is the video I watched…it is in 2 parts.
    Part 1
    Part 2

    I was in the same boat and went for it anyway. It is pretty simple and you definitely get to know your device better…which is a good thing. Hope this helps.

  102. I just got the official update OTA this morning. I’m in london, UK.

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