Beta Test Handmark’s New Android Application!


Want to be a beta tester for Handmark’s upcoming Android Application? Simply email [email protected] with your request but hurry because only 50 will be let in! A phandroid reader (Alexey Volovoy) spotted the announcement via Twitter and it seems the application is called Express News.


Handmark has applications for the iPhone, Palm, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile devices that deliver branded news from the likes of Associated Press, Forbes.com, ZDNet, Wall Street Journal and more! This is a great opportunity to test out an up and coming application from a big name software developer before everyone else has it!

Let us know if you get in and if so, keep us up to date with how you like the application.

[Thanks Alexey!]

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  1. I joined the beta and first impressions are incredibly good indeed. App seems reasonably stable and interface is very nice to use. My most desired feature so far is automatic update of the news streams but I am certain this will come in good time! Will keep you updated.

  2. I sent an email in, at first they said they didn’t have space, but I got a second email giving me a link to the apk. I’m not allowed to share my opinion about it online, but I’m definitely looking forward to when it comes out of beta ;)

  3. It went live today! Check it out on the Market Place.

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