Mar 25th, 2009

If you like to keep track of how many minutes you’ve used, how many texts you’ve sent, how much all of this is costing you and how close you are to pummeling your wallet into the ground you’re in luck because T-Mobile has just launched MyAccount which will do all of the above. Except pummel your wallet into the ground – the app is free.


I’m plesasantly surprised to see T-Mobile launch this app which lets you keep track of your stats and bills. No, the application isn’t complicated by any means. But the app is simple and serves a great purposes, not to mention that its capabilities couldn’t be replicated by a 3rd party. On top of that, T-Mobile would probably benefit by NOT providing access to this application. Afterall, those overage minutes and texts are just money in the bank for the carrier.

But T-Mobile gets it. MyAccount is a simple and useful application that will be a permanent fixture on my T-Mobile G1.

[AndroidAndMe via Gizmodo]