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Before the first Android Phone was released, the Android Developer Challenge gave us a great look at the types of concepts and ideas that Android would make possible. Among the top apps was Shop Savvy, a barcode scanning app that helped you save money, and it become somewhat of an Android Posterboy. And for good reason.

Before we tell you about the improvements in Shop Savvy, take a look at original app demo if you aren’t familiar with it:

Shop Savvy was already an amazing little shopping assistant but now its even better. Much better. My only initial complaints about the application were that it only pulled from a limited number of stores online and locally so when choosing somewhat obscure items, it could do a better job. This was especially true on the local level.

Now, not only has ShopSavvy increased the number of stores they access but they have included local store inventory so you know whether or not local retailers have the product in question currently in stock! What a bummer it would be to be shopping at Borders Books,  find out Barnes & Noble has the same book you’re about to buy for $5 cheaper across the street, travel over there and realize it is out of stock.

Thanks to a partnership with Krillion, Shop Savvy for Android now provides inventory for local stores. This application continues to get better and better and its amazing how the small team at Big In Japan can pull of such big accomplishments – and they wouldn’t argue.

This update comes just a few weeks after Shop Savvy added a bunch of new features including Quick Pay:

And some other nice features/improvements as well:

Awesome job to the Big In Japan guys! And thanks to jkontherun for the heads up!

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  1. Does this scan CD’s and DVD’s too?

  2. I’m just in awe with these features.

  3. Incredible, with one exception. I absolutely hate hate hate Paypal, how about… wait for it… Google Checkout? Is this not blindingly obvious?

    Seriously though, absolutely amazing app, and one of the big reasons I’ll be getting an Android phone this summer.

  4. Does anyone know if quickpay is active yet? I scan quite often, and have yet to come up with the feature. Also any idea when they will release the update with local store inventory?

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