Android In South Korea Q3?


Google is eyeing Korea as an upcoming landings spot for Android and the Android Market, as is one of the countries largest mobile operators, KT. This according to articles by Yonhap News Agency and Telecoms Korea which claim that the carrier is in talks with both Samsung and Korea to offer an Android Phone to their customers. This might not be as easy as it sounds, however.


There are two major challenges with bringing Android to South Korea:

  1. Governmental approval is needed for mobile game distribution in South Korea, posing a logistical threat to the Open Source platform. I’m guessing the carrier will ultimately maintain the responsibility of policing games/apps in an Android Market customized for the country.
  2. Google checkout, the payment method for Android Market, is not currently operational in South Korea.

Oddly enough, Telecoms Korea says that Android Market will open in the country in the third quarter, no matter if there is an Android Phone available in the country or not. How this makes any sense, I have no clue, but the comment form is all yours if you’d like to enlighten me.

This would be wonderful news for Korean Phandroids but the accuracy of the claims are unverified.

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  2. pepsi did it first

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