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Palringo recently launched in the Android Market, allowing G1 and Dream owners to communicate with a load of messenging services in innovative ways. They claim to offer more messaging services/options than any other messaging type app on the market. The application is free to download but you do need to create a Palringo account. Check out a demo the company put together a couple days ago:

They have a sweeping offering of connectivity options that leads me to the question, how many chatting accounts can one person have? I personally have AIM, gTalk, Yahoo and MSN and only use Yahoo and MSN because in certain geographic regions these seem to be more popular.


In addition to simple “chatting” options, Palringo offers some interesting features that other chatting apps don’t have:

  • Easily share pictures with your contacts
  • Share your location with your contacts
  • Participate in communities
  • Vocal instant messages (not in Android yet but coming soon!)


And lets top it off with a Palringo “Commercial” from YouTube – less informational but certainly more entertaining than the first video!

[Via Palringo]

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  1. personally i’ve been waiting for palringo for a while now and even requested the beta from palringo (didn’t get a reply even:() so installed it as soon as it hit the market. i think it’s a great chat client for the G1 but there’s still a few bugs to be taken care of in future updates, so it’s not perfect but a great start, throw in skype chat and a open chats list option along with activating the voice push and it’ll be grat:)

  2. It seems that the password of the testing acc is meebosux lol ;))

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