Mar 24th, 2009

Six months ago, the T-Mobile G1 didn’t exist. Today, the device is responsible for 5% of all mobile web traffic from smartphones. While that’s certainly an impressive number, the iPhone still towers over Android, RIM, WinMo and Palm with 50% of the market. And to be honest, it drives more than all 4 of those combined:


Keep in mind that this is based on United States statistics. If you widen the perspective and look at global mobile web usage it’s Nokia’s Symbian platform that dominates with 43% of the entire market. And while THAT seems impressive, six months prior they were at 64% – there seems to be a change of the guard as RIM and Windows Mobile are on the way to, “I shunk your battleship.” Palm could be in that same boat, but it appears they’re close to bailing themselves out with the Palm Pre and what operating system better to take them into the web age than webOS?

Here is a look at the global marketshare numbers:


Oh my gosh golly gee, Android doesn’t appear on the global scale?

  • It is SLOWLY being rolled out Internationally
  • It will soon be available on the world’s largest carrier

When Android lands on China Mobile it could REALLY shake up the global picture. China Mobile has over 400 Million Subscribers, more than all the United States Carriers combined. If Android is as popular in China as many think it could be, and if we see at least 3-4 new Android Phones in the next 6 months, we could be looking at a VERY different chart come holiday season.

[Via TechCrunch]