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That’s right, Cupcake with a capital “C”, and not because it was in the title! That’s how certain we are that Cupcake is coming this April. Call us the Kevin Rose of Android. It’s all but certain (at least in our gadget-infested geek minds) that this overused, overabused party food is coming to an Android Handset(s…but barely) near you; and for your sake, I hope it’s really near you, like…in your pocket.

So, in light of the news of the iPhone 3.0 Software, we’re gonna throw our own party. In the already infamous words of Asher Roth: “That party last night was awfully crazy I wish we taped it”. Now, we might not be able to tape this party with our phone until April, but we can still have it. 

What are you guys/gals geeking over this go around? Is it the recently unveiled circular zoom? Is it the video recording (so we can tape it…!), or is it something else? It’s a little hard to post “Wishlists” here because we all but know what’s going to go down, but it’s difficult to tell exactly when. So let your voices be heard! And please, try to limit the “C” word as much as possible…many thanks! And I’ll try to stop italicizing my words.



Spencer Gardner
Spencer sheds blood, sweat, and sometimes tears over each and every story that is written. All in the name of Sci..er..Android! He also runs many miles many days of the year and hugely enjoys the tech world in general.

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  1. I really hope the battery life will be improved! And of course a soft keyboard and video recording will be awesome! And everybody woohooo for “Global Time” ;)

    Can one be positive that all of the Cupcake features will be available on G1 devices, too?

  2. Soft keyboard will be nice, I just hope it’s more functional than versions I’ve seen like in the Steel browser.

    What I’m really looking forward to though is just minor bug fixes. Like when you send a text message that’s over 3 messages long, it converts it to some kind of other message and then NEVER SENDS IT and gives errors every time you try to resend it.

    Or how about the one where you open maps/gmail/any app that has a search feature, then start typing before the screen loads, and it always misses the second character you type. So fracking annoying…

    That’s the kind of stuff I’m really looking forward to, sad to say.

  3. A2DP without question. I miss streaming music to my car radio via this nifty little speakerphone that I got from motorola.

  4. I am just hoping for the most likely stuff, which ofcourse is added Google functionalities: Docs, Reader, Youtube (subscriptions), Calendar (invites)

  5. Yeah ddv I hear you on the A2DP I’ve always wanted to be able to wirelessly (literally…not with an annoying dongle)stream some musico to my radio

  6. Honestly, I haven’t heard anything so far about Cupcake that has me caring about it at all.

    If they have updates for Reader and Docs functionality (as Roy is hoping for) that would be OUTSTANDING, but I haven’t heard about it.

    What would I care about?
    Reader (keyboard shortcuts, tag editing),
    Docs (read/write, act as the viewer for local documents, load documents from Gmail),
    Gmail (send as, edit/create filters, “filter messages like this”),
    Wifi/BT-DUN/BT-PAN/USB Tethering (PDAnet only gets you USB tethering, I think),

    Give me those things, and I’ll start to care about/look forward to Cupcake.

  7. Circular zoom, video recording, A2DP and (please surprise us with) multitouch.

  8. Support for other phones like the HTC touch pro 2 or diamond 2.

  9. Soft keyboard is probably the biggest thing I’m looking forward to. The physical keyboard is awesome, but really when I just want to do a quick search or type a quick text I don’t want to have to bust out the full keyboard.

    Video recording will be nice and the new zoom feature will also be awesome as I don’t currently like the way we zoom now.

    Other than that, however, I would like some bigger updates such as:

    Wider range of google products use within Android (google voice, reader, docs, etc.)

    Multitouch capabilities. Screw Apple, Google can put whatever the hell they want on their phone.

    Flash support for the browser (although Adobe has said they are currently working on this for Android).

    Any of these three things handily trumps anything and everything I’m looking forward to in Cupcake.

  10. I would like to see a way to save apps and app caches to the sd card to save on that tiny internal 71mb that I have available for use built in.

  11. where the hell is Flash! we need flash! A2DP shoulda came with this damn phone in the first place, better be in

  12. A2DP is welcome… but I would prefer better email’s attachment handling. I want to be able to open, read and edit .doc and .docx, .xls and.xlsx and .pdf.
    Also I want flash (and skyfire) :)

  13. One would hope that along with Flash will come a Pandora app/widget… I would love to listen to my fave Pandora stations. Also since I have a stereo bluetooth headset.. A2DP would be great.
    Soft keyboard might useful for quick little things that you don’t want to open the keyboard for every second, but I don’t see it as a replacement.
    Since some of the brave pioneers over at xda forums are compiling their own (C-word here)from the daily Android source tree…..and seem to think it is almost ready for public consumption… I would assume that it would not take t-mobile a whole lot longer to have an update ready of their own.

  14. For me first of all a better battery life, an Adobe/doc/xls/odt/ods/ppt/etc.. reader, flash support, better gmail attachment handling (all kind of files downloadable) and gmail multi address manager (I want to choose from witch address I send an e-mail), unlocked bluetooth for file transfer between my and other devices, soft keyboard and new widget (I NEED a working background calendar!).
    For now it’s all…

  15. Right you people start thinking outside the box. The onlything I hear is video recording and soft keyboard it does sound good and they are working on it. So we need other stuff like contact details synced with gtalk or msn see if people are online. Automatic contact detail update instead to send tons of sms saying “hey guys I got a new number” run apps in background, close process if wanted. Improve browser, calenders, even facebook sync that’d be awesome. I like it that the cupcake has offline mail ability and the so called circular zoom sounds intreging. If only the would let us access root by default.

  16. touchscreen keyboard, battery life, sd card apps, attachment viewing, bluetooth file transfer.. all this will make it only slightly better in the world dominated by iphone… we need something more than that, let that be a surprise.. if equation will be completed by developers on android market, give us a better android market.

  17. 1. Auto-rotate- This was a very, very, very pleasant surprise in the recent CNet France video. Being able to easily put the device into landscape view for typing and browsing is very much welcomed.
    2. Soft Keyboard- Even though most of the time a hardware one is preferred, sometimes going to the hard keyboard is an annoyance for little things.
    3. Circular Zoom- Is nice.

    I too would like to see document editing but I don’t really care about filetype. What they need is an app that takes letters you draw and puts it into text for quick note jotting.

  18. I think some of you all are still a bit confused as to what should be handled by the Android OS and what should be handled by people developing third party software.

    Everytime you mention something like Facebook or Pandora thats a third party duty. If you want to see social networking all wrapped into one place like WebOS thats an opportunity for a third party app. Android gives the developers the ability to write apps that look and behave as if they are baked into the OS so developers should use this. I imagine alot of these things will become a part of the home replacement applications.

    What Cupcake should focus on is stability and performance along with drivers like bluetooth and core functions like the zoom and softkeyboard. Personally I just want a better IMAP client and performance fixes so the home screen doesn’t lag when I go back to it. I’d like to see some reminders on the SMS system that clean up your messages over time but I guess that could be in a third party SMS replacement.

  19. 4- Currently Running Apps Menu- Forgot about this, it’s pretty big for me, maybe even higher than the circular zoom.

    With these four features plus the bigger battery on the Magic I cannot wait for its US launch.

  20. All I’m looking forward to is for it to come out sooner than later. The features that I’ll use a lot are: A2DP, soft keyboard (for quick search etc.), copy/paste from anywhere (browser, text message (I’m not sure if this is on cupcake but it’s a must when someone texts me an address it’s hard to transfer it to maps especially when I’m driving)) and search on the browser webpages.

  21. Soft keyboard mainly, and now the circle zoom looks cool.

    What is A2DP?


  22. I would say video recording as a current CupCake dev path feature I would most want.

    Beyond CupCake I REALLY want FLASH – hurry up Adobe! :)

    ,Michael Martin
    Google And Blog

  23. A2DP…I’m with you guys. Streaming out audio to BT headsets, amplified speakers and in car hands free systems (SYNC) is a big deal for me. I can understand the lack of 3.5mm jack on the G1 as BT will become mainstream soon…. but A2DP will need to be there.

    Second for me is the on screen kybd. I am actually considering an Android device that does not have a physical kybd…I’m more of a mail checker and do not text too much if at all. Although using Gmote and a flat panel on the wall has tempted me in to keeping the G1 and using it’s kybd to use it as a remote kybd & mouse.

  24. A2DP is essential, it’s the only way to take Android seriously at this point…or must I forever use this crappy Nokia to listen to podcasts and music? By the way the Sony DR-BT21G are the best sounding BT headphones of the five I have used.

  25. I do not think this will be the Cupcake Update. How many times has the CU supposed to have come out? And they never said it’s the “Cupcake Update”. They said a firmware update. Which if you remember has happened several times. I would think that if they were going to release the cupcake there would be more media and news about it. We pay for the phones and I’m pretty sure they would let us know if something that big was coming out. They say we will get an update and then everyone goes crazy and says it is the “Cupcake Update”. If it is and I am wrong I am fine with that. But I am skeptical. And some people are talking about the G2, really? With as much advertisement as the G1 had, they wouldn’t release a phone they have not advertised. Use some common sense people and stop acting like starving dogs looking at someone’s empty had.

  26. Will Cupcake include the ability to install apps to the SD Card? This is HUGE for me. I’m having to uninstall purchased apps due to space limitations.

  27. this Cupcake update is cool
    what i want is that the phone will be able to SAVE the APPS on the SD CARD and of course of VIDEO RECORDER and SOFT KEYBOARD and also a better battery life and better game apps and etc thats about it COOOOOOLLLLL o and global thing

  28. Lot of good suggestions. I would like tot throw out a couple of new ones. Full functioning navigation system. Accelarometer to work when turn the phone sideways instead of opening the keyboard only. Faster startup when turning on the phone. Able to run more then one program at a time and especially webpages. Thanks

  29. On screen keyboard like the one on Hello Yahoo. Love that program. Video recording with upload to Youtube.com. and to be able to give me some free Diet Coke when needed.

  30. A2DP, soft keyboard, multiple Google accounts with one phone, calendar widget, Google tasks integration, Google Docs proper integration, video recording, SD card for apps, tethering, Voice dialling for non-US users, and the most frustrating thing: new Google functions e.g. Voice Search should be released on Android before iPhone. I mean, give the competition the best bits first why don’t you? WTF???

    To be honest I’ll fall off my chair if we even get just A2DP out of this. There are plenty of bugs to swat first.

  31. Cupcake is not comeing out next month in the u.s. its all a rumor.

  32. On screen keyboard. Hopefully in landscape as well.
    Hopefully some battery life improvement.

  33. I forgot to add a couple camera related things.

    Faster shutter speed (if possible as a software update)
    Video recording with sound.

  34. Will the G1 have video output capability? Is it possible with the Android OS? Thanks,

  35. I’m looking forward to the fix to the security hole that prevented google from developing homescreen widgets. So yeah, when home Widgets hit, the android experience will reach a new level of awesomeness.

  36. I use video recording on my current mobile phone (an LG Viewty) and am waiting for that feature to be available on an Android phone before I upgrade handsets. So, looking forward to checking out the HTC Magic (or maybe the G1 plus Cupcake) in April…

  37. Things I would like to see:

    1. Camera
    exposure controls
    faster shutter speed
    video recording

    2. UMA – for those of us who spend more time in the office and at home around networks that would allow us to save money on minutes.

    3. Contact forwarding – A client calls me and asks for another clients number, instead of hanging up and forwarding the contact info to him easily via txt, I have to look it up on my phone, remember the number in my head and manually txt it to him or call him back.

    4. – Bluetooth file transfer & A2DP

    5. – Since the trackball is the same part number as the blackberry, can we have ours light up too?

  38. I’d like to see many of the ideas suggested here like A2DP, soft keyboard etc, but the big thing I’d like to see someday soon is a way to sync my G1 with Outlook email, contacts etc without using Google’s cloud. I’d simply like to sync directly with Microsoft Exchange. This is one feature that has me missing my windows mobile.

  39. I would like for them to add the ability to put your contacts into groups through the phone.. I always end up having to use my computer to arrange the new contacts. Also the ability to make folders in the picture app and being able to move the pictures to whatever new folder you made, kind of like the sidekick.

  40. Absolutely necessary: Voice dial that can complete a call without touching anything other than my bluetooth headset. This is not new technology. This is a safety issue.

  41. looking for them to add two way sync between iCal and Gcal, also id like for them to rework that dumb zoom interface.

  42. i just want to know will i be able 2 send pic via bluetooth thanks

  43. VOIP! Android needs VOIP!

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