Samsung Omnia Going Android?


android-samsung-omniaThe Samsung Omnia has gotten its fair share of praise but if a rumor from msmobiles is accurate, we’re going to be hearing a LOT more about Omnia. And not Omnia the phone… Omnia the LINE of many different Samsung Omnia phones – including an Android-Based Samsung Omnia!

According to what they consider a “reliable source” the Samsung Omnia HD will be powered by Symbian. While Windows Mobile was a possibility, Microsoft was too slow to get WinMo 6.5 to market and Samsung decided to go a different direction. But that’s where it gets really interesting.

In the past, speculators were trying to pin down which mobile operating system Samsung would choose for the Omnia. If this rumor is true, Samsung could choose all of them. Word has it that Omnia will become a full line of phones and include models with many different mobile operating systems… including Android! Much like HTC has their “Touch” line, Samsung would hope their Omnia line would face the same praise and destiny.

How soon could this happen? Who knows – we still don’t know if it WILL happen as this article is categorized as “Rumor” until further notice. Trust us – we want to refile it just as much as you do and we’ll keep an eye on any evidence that allows us to firmly state the above as fact. Cross those fingers!

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  1. Those Omnia phones all use resistive screens… I can’t in a million years understand why somebody would even want to bother with such a screen.

  2. Maybe somebody who needs accuracy for his stylus. Things can’t be done only with your finger, even if you’ve got sharp claws. ;)

  3. Exactly. My ideal Android device would be a Palm T5 adapted to include a phone and the rest of the G1 abilities sans physical keyboard. I believe there is an entire class of business users who would welcome a stylus-able Android phone. And, it’s not like you can’t use fingers on a resistive screen, it just doesn’t block stylus usage.

  4. If you design the UI with finger use in mind you don’t need a stylus.

  5. Todd: For me, instead of the Palm T5, Nokia N97 scaled up to Nokia N810 size (4.1″ screen), WITH 5 row physical keyboard (and dual sim cards), and a dpad and the android buttons on the face. But, lack of physical keyboard is a deal breaker for me.

    Phil: Unless you’re drawing with a fine “brush”/pen, in which case you get a whole new definition of “fat finger”. A UI should be fat finger friendly for general use, but also capable of stylus input for finer details.

  6. @ Lalo

    Stylus? With my G1 and it’s CAPACITIVE screen I don’t need a stylus. Everything works perfectly well with my finger. Seriously there is no reason why manufacturers should still be making resistive touch screens as, even with a stylus, a resistive screen is still less accurate than a capacitive screen. It’s the next evolution in touch screen interfaces.

  7. keyboard, no keyboard resistive/capacitive, it all looks good to me. I just love that we live in a time when our phones can even do all of this (mostly not REALLY needed) crap.

    Now hurry up Samsung, get together with Sprint and release this damn thing so I can get away from windows mobile!!!!!

    hehe, @johnkzin you said ‘fat finger’

  8. I published an article on my blog back in December 2008 about the possibility of getting the Android OS on the 1st gen Omnia: http://patricksoon.blogspot.com/2008/12/googles-android-os-on-samsung-omnia.html

    It’ll be great to see a variety of OSes to choose from on the Omnia HD!

  9. So, ‘a “reliable source” says the Samsung Omnia HD will be powered by Symbian’? It’s an open, obvious fact that the Omnia HD is running Symbian S60 5th Edition.

  10. Wouldn’t the HTC touch pro 2 kick this baby’s ass like hell?

    My 2 cents about the screen: if the software is well developed I don’t think there’s should be a need for a stylus. WM e.g. sucks without stylus because my fingers are too fat to close any windows. :D


  11. i hope if they do it have a 3.5mm headjack
    because the reason i am getting the HTC Magic cause the no 3.5mm headjack

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