Mar 22nd, 2009

android-samsung-omniaThe Samsung Omnia has gotten its fair share of praise but if a rumor from msmobiles is accurate, we’re going to be hearing a LOT more about Omnia. And not Omnia the phone… Omnia the LINE of many different Samsung Omnia phones – including an Android-Based Samsung Omnia!

According to what they consider a “reliable source” the Samsung Omnia HD will be powered by Symbian. While Windows Mobile was a possibility, Microsoft was too slow to get WinMo 6.5 to market and Samsung decided to go a different direction. But that’s where it gets really interesting.

In the past, speculators were trying to pin down which mobile operating system Samsung would choose for the Omnia. If this rumor is true, Samsung could choose all of them. Word has it that Omnia will become a full line of phones and include models with many different mobile operating systems… including Android! Much like HTC has their “Touch” line, Samsung would hope their Omnia line would face the same praise and destiny.

How soon could this happen? Who knows – we still don’t know if it WILL happen as this article is categorized as “Rumor” until further notice. Trust us – we want to refile it just as much as you do and we’ll keep an eye on any evidence that allows us to firmly state the above as fact. Cross those fingers!

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