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Mr. Yury Cassini has set the blog world on fire by posting a video, pictures, specs and information about Motorola’s upcoming Android Phone which he calls the Motorola TouchZINE HD. Unfortunately, it’s likely a case of rumor arson with Photoshop taking the wrap as an accomplice/accessory to the blogging crime.

Here is the video/pics of the supposed Motorola TouchZINE HD running Android. PLEASE NOTE: the following pictures are FAKE and are not real – we will illustrate why after the vid/pics:

Motorola Touch ZINE - HD

Motorola Touch ZINE - HD

Motorola Touch ZINE - HD

You can find more pics of the fake at UnwiredView who also note that Yuri has a credibility problem right off the bat:

Also the slideshow is copyrighted to “Motorola Elctronics“, with Yury’s e-mail address at motomail.com – a non-working domain registered to Motor Bookstore from Florida. Doesn’t sound too convincing, does it?

Engadget takes it a step further by analyzing the improbability due to one of the pics:

it’s said that it’ll do 1080p video playback via HDMI, but the collection of leaked images shows the phone connected to a composite RCA cable, which isn’t gonna cut it for 1080p — and we’re not buying that the display itself is going to be capable of that kind of resolution.

Here is the picture to which they’re referring:

Motorola Touch ZINE - HD

And last but not least, AndroPhones.com shows that the supposed “leak” is nothing more than a photoshop job mixing the Moto ROKR E8 and the Motozine ZN5. You can see how they stretched the front screen of the ROKR:


And on the back, simply combined the camera of the ZN5 (on the left) with the “frame” of the ROKR E8 (on the right) to create the now busted Motorola FAKR Droid (in the middle):


It’s a shame this ISN’T real because the specs idiot boy Yury was claiming for the device were disgustingly awesome. Maybe Moto should take note and copy the fake! For your amusement, Yury’s comments from Youtube which include the specs have been pasted below  across many comments [Warning: grammatical impotence beyond this point]:

It is right, this is my project is almost confirmed by Motorola, but he will have Android and the camera they do not believe me that will be specified more than 5 megapixels, the display of 1024×800 pixels in 3.8 inches, records video in HD, 16 GB of memory, if Could you disclose to me the more disclosure more likely enter the market it okay!

Look the issue is not the number of megapixels in resolution in mass, but more the quality of products, which is the case with Zine ZN5, the camera is 5 megapixels it better for 12MP, that picture has 3 pictures of 5.0 Megapixel juntão and if it is in 15 Megapixel resolution in 16:9 widescreen, and the search afirmão the ZN5 was elected the phone with a camera perfect perfect!

So, back to TouchZINE If the HD will be on the operating system Android.
For any news that you want to know let me know!

Motorola, because it was so much that enventou, and invented the 3G in 2003, because there are so few phones with this technology, “later this year, Motorola will launch in 2010 for the technology 2 times faster than the previous LTE 4G technology faster than before and that works in the same frequency of the former, and that WiMAX will replace Wi-Fi, which is twice the speed of Wi-Fi, this is Motorola, the officials that all the fans expect a big year for the company.

not sell this part of the business, the thinnest RARZ3 is RARZ2 V8 that has the display internal 2.4-inch, the external 2.2 inch Touchscreen (technology invented by Motorola), and 16GB of memory, the operating system Android, a 5.0 Megapixel camera with auto focus, panorama, shoot videos in high definition, polymer battery líthio and, of course, the design is unique and incomparable, it is a Motorola. Now you have something I do not understand the

Jay and Mr. Brown told me and said one more conference, which this year will be for Motorola a year of achievements and not prejudice and losses, because each company has a more difficult but it will not empredir that Motorola, which is always responsible for the technological advancement, which is possible only in large part thanks to Motorola, and if things worsen the company will never abandon the division of the mobile unit (sell) the company can even make a loan,

Moto TouchZINE-HD, so I spoke with the department’s unit for mobile devices from Motorola, I think they will approve my project, I created other other projects that were approved, what company you lack the initiative, ” I do not know if you are a fan of Motorola, but I am and I will do everything so that this storm passes, and that soon we will soon see the sun shine, but as

Motorola would take more time to be formalized, and when everything was for the official protocol, Motorola canceled the launch at CES 2009 and also informed me that Motorola will make few changes in the phone-Zine Touch HD, a memory of 16GB, possession just 4 physical buttons, two buttons for volume, camera, and to block the display,

Windows Mobile, because the last cell, rumor has the operating system Microsoft was the SURF A3100, Motorola iran because now only focus on Android, as the company invested more than half a billion in developing the system opercacional Google’s open source, so that the RARZ3 was removed because the thought that

parameters of the applications was developed by me, it is clear that without help of the Motorola I will not go anywhere and without neither of you, because I sent a document of 20 pages written for Motorola by telling me, the issue of house in the start menu button, fissa because I did not know if Motorola would continue even with

graphic chip Tegra, Nvidia’s, with HDMI connectivity, with support for high resolution in displaying video at up to 1080p, and will come Tembe a package of applications for the Motorola MotoAplications, How MotoVideoMaker, MotoMusicMaker, MotoImageMaker, among others as the Application Z10 Zine that has to be updated to MotoStudio, MotoMusic Store, Motorola MotoTV not informed me, none more comment because the

As the mobile-review says rumors and criticism about me, I do not know me because Motorola does not specify details of the project, because what I called the phone is a touchscreen FULL of 800X480 pixels (300 were said to be of 1024×800 pixels, by a source not identeificada, because that would be a phone to 4:3, which is not the case) the camera will be at the discretion of Motorola, but yes iran record videos in high definition, with a

[Thanks Silver!]

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  1. Wow, how much publicity did this guy get for his fake phone? Did he do it as a prank or is there some other motive behind this? I can’t wait to see the real deal

  2. Is he a twelve year old getting a hard on when he think of people looking at his video fake? What a knob.

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