HTC Magic Launching In April!


A tipster (thanks, Matt!) just pointed out to us that the HTC Magic is appearing on the Vodafone website and shows that it is “Coming In April”!


Interesting to note that the camera is listed as “3.0-4.0 Megapixels”, what does that mean? The camera is 3.2 megapixels in case you were wondering. Allow us to regurgitate some of the info and trust us – it tastes just as good coming up as it did going down!


  • Built in GPS Navigation
  • 3.0 -4.0 megapixel (WTF?)
  • GPRS
  • Games
  • Calendar
  • WiFi
  • Touch Screen
  • MP3 Player
  • Handsfree headset
  • Triband
  • Vodafone Mobile Internet
  • Camera/Video
  • White
  • 3G
  • Bluetooth
  • Email
  • Alarm clock
  • Touch Screen (they listed it twice so they must have felt it is very important)

What’s in the box?

  • Phone and battery
  • Charger
  • User Guide

You can sign up for updates and I would recommend you head on over there and do so! There you have it… the HTC Magic available in April! Man, HTC is really on a roll with this Android thing.

Rob Jackson
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  1. “Touch Screen (they listed it twice so they must have felt it is very important)” … you got me really laughing there!

  2. Do you think this phone will be available without a contract? When are we going to start to see android phones without contracts?

  3. Hi Rob,

    Do we know what the internal memory is on the HTC Magic? Is it more than on the G1?


  4. Why is that none of these phone spec lists includes the type of headphone jack? One of the things I hate most about my phone (palm centro) is that I can’t just plug in my own headphones. This is one of the few areas of technology where there is a real standard, and yet most phones ignore it and either put in a 2.5mm jack or their own proprietary nonsense. I believe even the G1 (open standards for everyone) ignores this.

    Do you know if the Magic also has this trouble? Why do these companies torture me so?

  5. Does this mean that the full cupcake release will be out in/by April? And Alex, I think the Magic uses the same mini USB port for headphones, just like the G1.

  6. Will it be offered in black like the G1? Apparently Apple asked Google not to use a 3.5mm headphone jack because it violated patents for multitouch devices.

  7. Does anyone know when O2 are going to bring out a Android phone?

  8. Hi Rob,

    Do we know what the internal memory is on the HTC Magic? Is it more than on the G1?


    Yes, it’s double the memory of the G1 at 512MB.

    Will it be offered in black like the G1?

    Yeah, in a few select countries. I think the Vodafone-exclusive nations only get white, though.

  9. Does anyone have an idea when the magic will appear at tmobil? I just ordered the g1 so i dont want to be waiting another 2 years to upgrade to the g2, or will I just have wait till it magically appears in the us.

  10. yo this msg is for paul…. hey paul buddy i bought the now infamous Tmobile G1 on the flex-pay plan, its not a contracy but it is a contract…hard to figure out really
    but its simple to get.. all you really have to do is pay upfront for the month…

    ie…april’s payment is due at the end of march…

    sure you have a minor contract for 2 years..but not a thorough <—(did i spell that right??) credit check.
    but if ya get the G1,,you won’t mind the 2 years,,the phone is F#(%!N Sweet !!!!!!!!!!
    so i would advise you to get it no matter what it takes..
    i only had the phone a week and don’t know how i lived my life wit-out it…….. Once Again this phone is

    ””’Freakin SweeT””’

    signed,, Hop

  11. hey one more ting… Radio shack has a 8 G sandisk micro SD card on sale right now for $19.99..
    That,s right i said $$19.99.. tmobile’s kiosk in the local mall wants 79.95 for it…wow what a difference 80% discount…. and a 4g card is 12.99..
    get em while there hot n on sale…

  12. Hey does anyone know if you got ahold of a Vodafone will my T-Mobile service work on it since they are unlocked, my main consern is for the internet.

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