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Checking your G1 every other minute to see if RC33 has been beamed down upon you? Welcome to the club. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait to join. We got an email yesterday (Thanks Peter) with a link to to the most recent firmware update, version 1.1 and RC33. Here is a direct link to the file:

  • https://android.clients.google.com/updates/si gned-PLAT-RC33-from-RC30.f06aa9b3.zip


We didn’t spread the word soon enough but it appears the rest of the interwebz did and as everyone else proclaimed, PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK. UPDATING MANUALLY IS NOT ENDORSED BY PHANDROID AND COULD BRICK YOUR PHONE AND VOID YOUR WARRANTY. That being said, if you’re a rebel and want to dive into the deep end, MobileCrunch provided an excellent guide to updating manually that we’ve pasted below:

Note: You must currently be on RC30 for this to work.

Mandatory warning: Updating firmware can be a delicate procedure, so continue at your own risk. Always back up everything. Make sure to check the hash or otherwise verify a firmware’s source. Whenever possible, download it directly from Google (as you will in this tutorial). Make sure that your battery is charged so as to keep it from fizzling out mid-update, and that you don’t have the G1 plugged into USB during the actual update process.

1. Grab the RC33 update from Google here.

2. Rename it from signed-PLAT-RC33-from-RC30.f06aa9b3.zip to update.zip, and place it at the root (the very top directory) of your Micro SD card. (If you added the file to your microSD card by connecting the handset to your computer via USB [rather than using a dedicated microSD card reader], make sure to unmount it and disconnect the USB cable now.

3. Turn off your G1, then turn it back on by holding the Home+End keys until you see an icon popup after the T-Mobile G1 logo.

4. From the icon screen, open the keyboard and hit Alt+L. This allows you to see what’s going on during the update.

5. Press Alt+S to begin the update. Remember, the update needs to be in the root of the Micro SD card and needs to be named update.zip.

6. Once it finishes, follow the onscreen instructions and press Home+Back to finish.

7. The G1 will reboot a few times to flash different parts of the firmware.

If all went well, you should now be running the latest update, RC33. To make sure all your hard work wasn’t for nothing, hit Menu > Settings > About Phone > scroll to Build Number. You should see RC33 in there somewhere. Congrats!


  • Some microSD cards don’t seem to play friendly with this process. If you have trouble with one card, try another..

Links have been reportedly up and down but XDA-DEV forum has a bunch of mirrored versions you can download here.

Also, please tell me that somebody (cough anyone that has played Tony Hawk cough) understands the above picture?

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  1. Works great! Lattitude is SWEET!

  2. Won’t work for UK, I take it? We’re on TC5-R8 :(

  3. Worked like a charm! Thanks :)

    FYI — the “last” reboot into RC33 (where the Android logo throbs for a minute) takes longer. Don’t panic and don’t reboot/power-cycle the poor beast or it’ll have to start over again and it’ll just take even longer.

  4. Worked perfect. I’ve been using latitude for a couple weeks and very glad to see it integrated into maps now, great feature and i can uninstall loopt.

    Best best best part … I just spent about 2 hours flagging comments as spam. Don’t know if it takes a certain number of flags to make it go away. but gosh darnit i’m going to do my part.

  5. works great!

  6. Has anyone tried this on the G1 Dev phone yet?

  7. The update came for me right in the middle of a txt message.. pissed me off. What is lattitude? I notice the GPS icon shows when I power up my phone now.

  8. I’m also wondering if someone tried this on a dev phone…


  9. See here for more info on latitude:


  10. Home+End is not working for me.

  11. when renaming the file, users should type only update and not update.zip , zip is automatically added. If they type zip, the update will not work.

  12. Lol “manual download” at first I was like wtf does a skateboard have to do with this??, hahah nice.

    I’m too much of a chicken to try and do it myself, I’m pissed my wife got the update already when she was standing RIGHT BESIDE me 4 hours ago!

    Waiting and waiting and waiting, I played with her vocal search, I said “supercalifragilisticexpealodochas” and it thought I said “super california flights along the ocean” lmao, I tried it again a bit slower and it totally got it right! (:

  13. Latitude is google’s integration of location based social networking, sort of. If you’ve used loopt its somewhat like that, but integrates with the phone for sms, email, etc. You request sharing with your friends and if they accept you can see each others location or customize it for any or all friends so they can see just what city or nothing at all.

    Its pretty cool in my opinion. I don’t worry about privacy like the media seems to, if you don’t want someone to see where you are you can just turn it off for them.

  14. Thanks David for the response. I have now grown to like latitude and the potential it has. It’s great to see this phone keep getting better.

  15. Can we select between German and English? I need the german Firmware that some People can modify it but t-mobile Germany say updates only UAP.

  16. i cant seem to find the directory for micro sd. whats the problem? i plugged in the usb and everything.

  17. Thanks alot! Just when I think it can’t suprise me it does.

  18. No this update does not work on the Dev 1 Phone when you attempt to install it it errors out and restarts the phone… But some good news it doesn’t brick the phone :) guess we will have to wait and see if google releases a update for the Dev 1 phones…

  19. ive never been one to manually update anything. in this day and age things should update automatically and so i caved in and updated my g1 (which im not very happy or impressed with), and I DID IT. it actually worked. it worked flawlessly. I’m loving the voice search…im using it instead of using bookmarks lol….awesome.

  20. it work work with mine. it says cant open! despriately need help!!!!

  21. WONT*

  22. for some reason it the file wont go on to my sdcard im gonna reformat it

  23. manual download= brilliant!

  24. WONT WORK 4 ME (in uk) if i take it off the memory card and restart now will it kill my phone? plz help me!

  25. any ideas? plz help! im not ever shutting down my phone at the moment.

  26. dont worry i was on rc8 opppss ! sorry

  27. I also have the RC8.. what am I supposed to do? can I use this file to update it, or do I need another update file first?

  28. if I update to RC30 Mod v 1.2, is it then possible to update to RC33?

  29. just noticed I have the UK version, so this is nothing for me, or what?

  30. uhm everytime i download tha program it dont wanna go to my sd card cause tha folder is zip how do i unzip it

  31. Did google remove the zip file? The server says ‘url not found’ … boo hoo….

  32. It’s official. I just bought my Droid phone yesterday and it is AMAZING. I am wondering how I ever survived without it. The time I could have saved over the past year with my business if only I would have known.

    What baffles me, is the fellow at the store was trying to convince me that blackberry would be better. I don’t think there is any comparison.

    I would highly recommend it to anyone.

  33. I am so glad I found this site. I am currently studying a group of new phones to purchase and a Droid is my top choice so far. Great informaton.

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