Feb 5th, 2009 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 4:28 pm


If we told you that 6 to 8 Android Phones would launch in 2009 you would probably get excited considering that over the first 4 months of Android’s life only 1 device had been launched. But if we told you that O2 Germany ALONE planned to launch 6 to 8 Android phones how would you feel? Getting that warm, tingly “I’m in love” sensation yet? Yeah, we thought so.

At an Official Press Conference at O2 Innovation Days in Germany a product manager was quoted (By A Popular German Blog) as saying, “We want to get out 6 to 8 Android devices this year.” O2 Germany is a subsidiary of OHA member Telefonica, so its no surprise they’re supporting Android but EIGHT HANDSETS? Sweet! Telefonica is the world’s third largest carrier with 220 million subscribers and with Vodafone and ChinaMobile ready to roll it appears as if 2008 was “check your engine” and 2009 is rocket fueled launch time for Android.

As pointed out by VentureBeat, the source/inspiration for this article, “For the industry this will likely further drive the mass adoption of the smartphones and the rising use of the mobile web.” And isn’t that what Google set out to do with Android?

The author also poitns out thta he predicts 2009 will see 40+ Android devices and Android based phones will be outselling the iPhone by July. I have two things to say to you Mr. Matthaus Krzykowski from VentureBeat:

  • Great article, made my morning
  • I hope you’re right!

Let’s just please, please make sure that a proportional amount of those devices are launching in the states. But we don’t want to be greedy… spread the love evenly!

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