Multi-Touch on the G1 (VIDEO)


We’ve heard that Android has Multi-Touch capabilities before but we’ve never seen it in action with such detail and such great explanation/description. The video uses a lot of developer lingo but illustrates beautifully how multi-touch could work on real applications like Google Maps scaling (4-minutes in):

This Multi-Touch “hack” does NOT require a recompilation of the kernel and only one Java system library needs to be modified. However, this multi-touch system does have some limitations due to the locking of the X and Y coordinates.

Luke Hutchinson created this little app hack and has open sourced the entire thing on this website. Hit the via link to visit his website which has a RIDICULOUS amount of detail on the matter. BIG PROPS LUKE!

[Via Luke Hutchinson]

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  1. This is terrific. Maybe google, or a dev, will get this to work in things like google maps so that we can not have to use those plus and minus buttons.

  2. why did Google have to comment it out?

  3. @MB: – I would guess that they commented it out due to the non-optimal performance Luke demonstrated (not because of threats from a fruit flavoured company like some have rumoured).

  4. great work. thank you!

  5. comments out because th HW does not support it ‘period’. HTC’s fault. maybe to reduce the cost or their suply in taipei gave them the wrong stuff.

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