Jan 7th, 2009

According to Gizmodo, Asus CEO Johnny Shih has confirmed that they are interested in possibly developing an Android-based Eee PC. Android Netbooks… here we come.

Just yesterday we saw Android running on an HP, and surprise-surprise, Android running on an ASUS Eee. Fast forward to about 5 minutes ago and we saw REDFLY’s interest in Android with a proof of concept of what COULD be considered the first ever Android Netbook. Does the action ever stop?

We hope not.

In addition to the self-fueled Andriod Netbook speculation , ASUS wants to create a simple device that can be, “put in the pocket, play MP3s, offer GPS services, works like a PDA and offers Mobile TV altogether.” Not exactly an earth shattering statement, but I think we can assume an Android phone is on the way as well.

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