ASUS Confirms: Considering Android Netbook


According to Gizmodo, Asus CEO Johnny Shih has confirmed that they are interested in possibly developing an Android-based Eee PC. Android Netbooks… here we come.

Just yesterday we saw Android running on an HP, and surprise-surprise, Android running on an ASUS Eee. Fast forward to about 5 minutes ago and we saw REDFLY’s interest in Android with a proof of concept of what COULD be considered the first ever Android Netbook. Does the action ever stop?

We hope not.

In addition to the self-fueled Andriod Netbook speculation , ASUS wants to create a simple device that can be, “put in the pocket, play MP3s, offer GPS services, works like a PDA and offers Mobile TV altogether.” Not exactly an earth shattering statement, but I think we can assume an Android phone is on the way as well.

Rob Jackson
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REDFLY – The First Android Netbook?

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  1. Add this to yesterday’s demo of a 8.9″ convertible/tablet EeePC, and that’d be quite cool.

    Just remember, fix Android’s 6 major shortcomings (full Gmail, full Google Reader, full Google Docs, better SSH/VNC integration, better IM support, SyncML client for Calendar). Put that on the 8.9″ convertible tablet model, available in black, hopefully with an internal 3G option. I’ll be all over that.

  2. Earth to Randy. Earth to Randy.

    The only complaint you mention is Android doesn’t have a billion apps yet. The market has only been open for 3 freakin months and paid apps don’t even exist yet plus ADC2 is on the way.

    Patience is a virtue, my friend.

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