Jan 7th, 2009

It’s probably safe to say that you have your mobile phone with you close to 100% of the time. Even if you’re carrying around a netbook, you would have your phone in your pocket, purse, hand, bag, etc…. right? The folks at CELIO Corp took that fact to heart when developing  RedFly.

REDFLY identifies itself as a “Smartphone Terminal”:

That means that the REDFLY device – the netbook looking thing in the picture above – has no CPU, no Operating System, no Storage… no nothing! The REDFLY team argues that if your phone already has that stuff, why duplicate it? In the end, it only creates more problems, like the need to sync.

Connect your smartphone to the REDFLY terminal via Bluetooth and BAM – you can operate your phone directly on the device. If you were to do this with your T-Mobile G1, you could say that REDFLY is virtually the first Android Netbook.

Good news: it has been done:

This is only a proof of concept video but it is a real, live, working system that will only be improved as time goes on! Speed and stability of the Android REDFLY concept will increase over time and we’re REALLY excited for this thing to hit the market.

When you think about it… this really is the first Android Netbook. In many ways, it takes what the Palm Foleo was supposed to do and builds on the idea, embracing the smartphone as the brain behind the enlarged screen/keyboard. REDFLY with Windows Mobile, Symbian or some proprietary OS seems like a total waste of time but with that T-Mobile G1 powering the thing… WOW

Color ourselves yellow… we’re peeing our pants in anticipation.

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