Oct 31st, 2008

A new Android application is on the market called Vote2008 which allows Android users in the United States to vote for either Barack Obama or John McCain. After you vote (you can’t change, so pick wisely) you’re able to see the poll results in percentage and vote total which can be refreshed in Real Time!

The application is sponsored by AndroidForums.com and we’ve set up a Political Sub-Forum for people to voice their opinions with spirited debate (keep it friendly, please!) The application was developed by Votalizer.com and there will be more applications from them in the future.

Votalizer’s upcoming applications are a mystery but we’ll keep you posted!

In the meantime, if you don’t plan on voting in the REAL election, Votalizer is encouraging you to… simply visit http://m.google.com/elections from your computer or mobile phone and you can see where your designated election location is… you MUST go to the proper place or you cannot cast a ballot.

We look forward to spirited political debate with you on AndroidForums.com!