Precious G1 gutted, sacrificed: all in the name of science.


Happy Halloween from Phandroid and! We have just the right news for you on a day like today. A teardown! We knew it would come sooner or later, and we couldn’t have chosen a more spooky time to do it. Instead of going to a haunted house tonight, you’ll get plenty of tech “scare”with the Halloween Havoc wreaked below:

As usual, that nagging feeling of “why did you do that!” is as strong as ever, but, the folks from the Nikkei Electronics Teardown Squad at Tech-On have just completed the ceremonial first-teardown of the T-Mobile G1, and it seems we have some good (make that double) vibrations.

Double vibrations? Yes, it’s true. The team of engineers have found not one, but two vibrational motors in the G1: one under the keyboard and another next to the display. They attempted to guess why HTC would have put two motors in the unit, but were unable to reach a conclusion. One possible reason could be for more localized haptic feedback and better vibrational response based on what part of the phone you’re using, since there’s a lot of flipping and turning, but don’t take my word for it.

Among other details, during the autopsy the team found that the trackball used in the G1 is identical to that of the Blackberry’s. And for you people that really dig the hardware innards:

-Panasonic-branded Main Board

-Asahi Kasei EMD Corp’s magnetometric sensor module for the compass.

-The antenna is about 0.2mm thick

So instead spilling your new G1’s guts (and you know as well as I do that you want to), you have two choics:

1) Take a look at some videos and pictures of the teardown, courtesy of Tech On.

2) Carve an Android-themed pumpkin

[via Tech On!]

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