Verizon: The G1 Sucks, Here Is Why


If you can’t beat them… publicly humiliate customers who want them! That appears to be the tactic that Verizon Wireless is taking with the T-Mobile G1, releasing a long list of reasons why both the G1 and T-Mobile suck and you should stick with Big Red:

Does it seem ironic how many times the word “limited” appears in the paragraph above, considering we’re talking about Verizon here? Oh yeah… well another document somewhat “smears” the “positive aspects” of the T-Mobile G1 and they make sure to address how the Android Market and Android Operating System aren’t limited enough:

In all fairness, whatever Verizon executive put this together did a nice job in covering every detraction they possibly could from the device and potential G1 owners might want to give the bias document a look over if they’re still concerned the G1 might not be for them. Just remember that the document is slightly bias and was probably created by a whole TEAM of people trying to figure out how their sales folks could bury the device once and for all.

Unfortunately for Verizon, they won’t be able to bury Android. Get on the train baby… we’ve got places to go.

[Via EngadgetMobile]

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  1. Get on the train, or stand in front of it. Either is fine by me.

    Half that list will have an application solution.

    Either they get on the bandwagon, or I head to T-mobile the day 3G hits my area. I’ve stuck with them long enough (8 years) and dealt with their nickel and diming long enough. It cracks me the hell up to see VERIZON of all companies use ‘limitations’ on the offensive. I’ve never felt as limited with any service I’ve ever had, as I do with Verizon.

  2. Can you point out which of Verizon’s points is factually incorrect?

  3. Here is a true story about Verizon’s limitations. I am a verizon wireless customer, and I used to live on Galveston Island where hurricane Ike came ashore. After the hurricane, my 7 and a half month’s pregnant wife were and technically still are homeless. I used my cell phone to try and find hotels to stay at, all were booked by the energy company or FEMA. I used my cell phone to call FEMA; I used my cell phone to contact my insurances and file claims; and I used my cell phone to contact friends and family to let them know that we were okay. From the very beginning I knew that we would need some extra minutes. I called my “friendly” verizon wireless representative and she proceeded to tell me that I ought to upgrade my plan!!! My wife and I never even get close to using up our minutes… ever!!! I then got online and wrote an e-mail to verizon wireless, and they did give me 150 extra minutes… well when all was said and done, I was still 250 minutes over. I called verizon thinking, surely they’ll understand that we’re living out of hotels having to go through all the run around with the insurance companies. Well several phone calls and e-mails later, they finally agreed to a measly 25% off my overage. Talk about putting a bandaid on a broken arm!!! Verizon has successfully lost us as customers I’m afraid. As soon as our contract is up in the Spring of ’09… I’m going hunting for the nearest android phone!

  4. Ohh, and I forgot to mention that Verizon just posted their biggest earnings yet on their Q3 earnings report!!! Happy to know that my Hurricane misfortune has pushed Verizon that much higher in their earnings.

  5. the war of the phones.
    All Cell carriers are the same except att or cingular or sprint.
    I have been with TMO for 5 years now. I don’t care about cell carriers anymore. I care about my phone. Thanks to sim cards and unlocking phones.

    I remember being in Florida after a hurricane we had to borrow our neighbors verizon phone. they were the only ones with service. Here at work I see verizon customers using their phones in the elevators. I loose reception once I am inside the building. I care less.

  6. Most of the shortcomings listed are also true of the iPhone. I take it they wouldn’t want that either.

  7. I think Verizon should have done a comparison with the LG phones they sell I’m sure they would have beat the G1 ROFL!!!


  9. Chris: Why wait until your contract expires? Break the contract and you’ll probably pay less with a termination fee than you would paying a bill for about another 6 months or so.

  10. Already thought of that… Unfortunately I will need cell phone services anyway, so I’ll be paying a cell phone bill no matter what for the next 6 months. I did think about doing it anyway, because I didn’t want to support a company like Verizon, but in the end, they would be getting $160 dollars for nothing, so I thought I might as well make them work for their money.

  11. Did anyone else notice how SHORT This list is? Personally, I think the g1 is wayyyyy better than anything from verizon or at&t or any of those others. In fact, I’m posting this from my g1 right now =] it has better wifi than the iphone and actually has a keyboard, unlike the iphone.

    So uhhhhhh…. what nowwwwwww?????? Haha

  12. in response to Chris, here’s why I’ve stayed with T-mo over the years.

    In one fell swoop, I lost a significant portion of my family. in that time, I was on my phone constantly coordinating among all of the various parties involved (funeral directors, friends, relatives, lawyers, etc). At the end of the following month, I found I had a $500+ T-mobile bill (they were usually about $60).

    I called them up, and spoke to the CSR who deferred me up to her manager. He said he understood that the last thing you think of in those situations is what the limitations of your cell phone plan are, and gave me a very much appreciated credit for most of the overage. T-mo is far from perfect… but they’re probably the most “fair” large company I’ve ever dealt with, and I’m glad I’ve stuck with ’em.

  13. What hype? I’ve seen the commercials and they are doing nothing more than showing the phone. They are not talking about freedom or open source or even showing some of the more compelling apps. I really think TMO’s campaign is too soft.

  14. Lol verizon…. look if you ask me. Verizon does have the best coverage but all of there phones are basicly the same(os). Its dull and ugly. Verizon is known to strip out some of the best features of a cell phone and dumb it down. I have had all carriers and when it comes to choice of phone the gsm carriers have it. Due solely to the fact that I can simlpy unlock any gsm phone and slap in my sim card. The g1 is nearly perfect but that is just my opinion(everyone has one). Go to hell verizon!!!!!! Yeah G1 and tmobile


    MySD Card Reader works and then it doesnt…. it resets itself and does not read the SD….

    Also my Sim Card is perfectly fine but somehow the Phone again spurts of times when it doesnt read it and then it does…

    TMobile is sending me a new one but its going to be a week until the second shipments of the product goes out! Urgh…

    Oh VERIZON… UM I used to be with them for 10 years and all I can say is I GOT RIPPED OFF! VERIZON is a stupid shitty overpriced always messing up my billing company…….. VERIZON does dumb and water down phone features…. and I agree with the comment above that all their phones all look a like… so yeah…. ugly, bland, and oh look Plain!

    VERIZON YOU SUCK! I HOPE YOUR COMPANY ENDS UP LIKE ENRON! VERIZON, I hope you get genital warts and end up like Richard Simmons…. DEATH TO VERIZON! (whispering…….”and the iPhone”)

  16. new to the g1 family for abot a week..

    only thing i found annoying about it is the picture mail.. and you have to forward all pictures to gmail then… save em..
    kinda of a hassle but they told me it is being fixed in a soon to be OTA update… so other than that.. its 100% perfect!!!

    i dont care much for the video part.. cause all cell phone videos end up succin anyways.. and the videos never look good enough to do anything with em!! lol.. so fucc a video.. service is perfect.. phone is light..slim..and not a brick like other phones.. everytime ive called tmobile the ask how is the phone and i always tell em.. BETTER THAN ANY PHONE IVE Ad (black berry/ sidekick 2-lx) so in my opinion.. and im really picky,,, this phone is by far the best phone out… even the iphone…dont have nadd on this phone… maps are fast.. 3g is super fast.. and well i dont like touch keyboards like other phone.. i love the slide up and actual keyboard (like sidekcks) its way beter then tryin to use my big fingers on them little touch screen keyboards… why would you want that anyways… try drivin and hittin 8 different letters at once!! lol

    so to all you futre buyers..


    mr. nv

    i am a real customer.. and i have spoke!

    obama 09′ president!!

  17. BEHOLD JUST CAME OUT.. I wish it would go back into its closet! hahaha its alright not bad… not good either!

  18. I returned my G1 as well. Phones OS is really cool. Needs some work thou. My main issues were with the phone being ugly and cheap. The phone squeaks and creaks oddly during normal use. The battery life is just useless, my GF owns a 3g iphone and gets FAR better battery life. Typically i take my phone off the charger around 7am. By noon time i’m below 15%. That along with the shitty camera and no stereo headphone jack, made me return it. I’ll wait another few months. Hope a better android phone comes along :)

  19. The G1 is awful. Compared to an ancient Nokia flip-phone I’ve carried for years, it is neanderthal. 1. It cannot access Tmobile “My Albums” photobank. 2. It cannot access Family Allowance sliders for managing minutes. 3. It cannot download an sms photo to the phone. If you can get it to work at all,(Photos with embedded messages from very basic T Mobile photo phones totally baffle the phone and the Android experts) You must forward the phone to your Gmail account. And 4. OMG when you sync up with Gmail if you had an account for a while all your lame email contacts will push all your phone contacts off into the ether somewhere. 5. But the absolutely worst design feature by far is mounting the tiny delete button on the keyboard adjacent to the SEND button. Try to correct a typo or rethink a bit of poorly chosen words and a fat or misguided finger SENDS the mistake quicker then you can say G1! My old Nokia allowed me to set a timed “silence” or Meeting” ring tone for a predetermined time 2 hours for a movie, 8 hours for work. what have you… With G1, it is silent or Not. period No timers no choices. and the volume..there is none. you lay the phone on it’s back to protect the prcious touch screen and you are laying it on the speaker! If you have a hearing problem or need more volume in a noisy environment, a mall sports event or outdoors… forget about it.

    It can tell you the air quality in your neghborhood but it dials your least favorite person at just the wrong time all by itself. It sets errant alarms for no reason and dies at the worst times. This thing had to have been rushed to market with no prior end user testing.

    Simply put, a thousand software androids working with unlimited time could not fix the hardware and T-Mobile interface problems this thing carries. T-Mobile’s response “Yeah we forgot to tell ya that, but we know about the problems…and it is okay because some of our other phones don’t work with T mobile web features either. Oh… but next month it comes out in a white cased version. so look cool and explain why it is the next great thing.

    Remember you only have 14 days to discover what this thing won’t do. And don’t expect a user manual. T-Mobile and Android refuse to include a manual beyond “Getting started” which just hypes features with no real instructions. The full 141 page tome is not supplied with the unit still lacks clear directions for some features and pitfalls and it is buried online. I’m a fairly bright guy and I like technology more than most but this thing will make you feel dumb and have you scratching you head in an instant at every turn.

    My old Nokia is getting it’s SIM card back next week.

    Sir James
    Houston Texas

  20. Ok I’m on the G1 now. It is pretty cool seeing as how I last had the Sidekick LX, which I think ws far better. I had the samsung behold. It was pretty sleek but I cannot absolutely function without a keyboard. The camera and video was great! But it was really hard to adjust to. I might take it back. Also the I’M ws useless. Now I have G1. It is ugly. No lie. But inside it’s so nice with this update. You don’t have to trasfer picturtes to your mail. The Iming is great. Love the text messages, and web browser. But I do have problems with the 3G network. I must not have good signal because I always have to refresh the page and sometimes I’M acts up. Actually everything acts up ocassionally. And its annoying. I might switch back to the Behold but it would call people when I didny want it to because its all touch screen. Idk which one to get.

  21. Oh and the battery lifre is HORRIBLE on the G1.

  22. i have the G1 and so far it is pretty garbage doesn’t match up with the iPhone very well the quality of the applications on the G1 aren’t even subpar lol they are horrible and i know i know everyone is going to say but it doesn’t matter cause even when the 3G first came out it had Very Good applications open source sucks yeah in idea its great but in actuality it sucks all it leads to is horrible quality and security risks. yes i also have the iPhone and prefer it over the G1 any day of the week

  23. Verizon sucks for soooo many reasons…2 of which are:

    Verizon sucks b/c they have crappy service, when you go to another provider b/c of the crappy service they want to charge 200.00 to get out of the contract, and this is the worst part, they don’t even hire americans for the bill collecting, verizon outsources the jobs to either the philippines or india…

    this is a corrupt company that helped the corrupt bush-cheney government spy on americans…..

    Verizon is anti-american….

  24. I hope verizon crumbles. They take your money and give you shite! If you are considering giving verizon “a shot”….forget it. It is not worth it.
    Believe me…it is not worth it. Do not waste your money or time…
    Ahhh…I remember the good days when I could use the phone, internet, or watch T.V. and not worry if it would work every time. Now, I dread if there is a problem. Spending 2+ hours on the phone with these shysters – any time there is a problem that a 4 year old could have avoided – is not worth $200.00+/ month. If you like being gang raped in a dark alley while being laughed at by all of those “verizon network” people…then feel free to sign up.
    Down with verizon!

  25. As far as carriers go, TMO is ok, ive had problems here an there, but ive been with them ever since ive had a cell phone, and they havent given me too much trouble.

    now for the g phone, its really not all that, it doesn’t always have g3, which isn’t the end of the world, and if you have too much on the phone, it starts locking up and you have to force quit applications, but i can deal with that, just keep it relatively empty, right?

    but the major flaw i found, and the reason i sent my first one back?? the mechanism for opening the phone.
    for some reason, if you casually slide it open, and it clicks hard, one too many times, there goes your screen, it completely dies. but the quick fix to that is to just be nice to it.

    so all in all, its not so bad, i just hope if they come out with a 2nd generation, that android gets their act together on the OS and the opening mechanism is changed.

  26. T-Mobile is an awful provider. What good is a so called great phone if it doesn’t work anywhere. Face it CDMA is the dominant network in the United States so that leaves Verizon and Sprint. And Sprint is garbage.

  27. I have used Verizon, ATT, and T-Mobile Phones. Verizon has the best coverage in my area, I get a signal where ATT and T-Mobile doesn’t. I personalyl haven’t really had problems with billing and its decently priced for having 5 phones on our plan. What I dont like is the Verizon OS which I removed on my Razr, my newer phone I cannot do so oh well. They do remove some features but those are easy to fix with the right programs. I’m glad I have stuck with Verizon, my best friend who has T-Mobile has crap for coverage in San Fransico and is going to switch back to Verizon because it actually works.

  28. 3G Phones, Gmail, Androids and iphones…oh my.
    Do what works best for YOU. Verizon’s coverage is good but you PAY for it in every way. I finally want back to T-Mobile and it is great. CDMA on Verizon is muffled and interjects too much background noise no matter what phone you have. Verizon can’t have true 3G running on that old system, so it is just a marketing gimmick. Verizon has been selling OLD technology for sometime based on their “great network”. T-Mobile, while slow to boil will roll to #1 when they establish their new network.

  29. I agree. Very over-priced…. And the battery life!OMG.My XDA I bought 4 yrs ago is still better.
    The new battery pack makes the g1 an 80’s handset!For the life of me, I really dont know why the hell I couldnt w8 to get my hands on this Open Handset Alliance phone.
    I really really hope its the OS doing all this coz to my understanding, I’ve never seen an HTC handset cause this much agony to me!

    —And those comparing the G1 to the Iphone, I dont even know why they’re overstating its potential. The Iphone Whoops the G1’s ass in all areas apart from 3G. Has any1 compared the appstore to marketplace? The sheer size of the G1 almost got me into trouble at the airport!


  30. haha ya r juz jelouz kuz ya kant afford a g1 ya cheap bastardz…d G1 iz bad azz an verizon kan suk on my left sprint on my oda one r0fl

  31. I just bought a g1 4 days ago so far I’ve been having mixed feelings about it. Compared to my younger brothers iphone the g1 really is behind what really makes me mad is there is no headphone jack on it as well as the horrible battery life and the lack of styling. Apple is still number 1 when it comes to a pda phone. Also when compared side by side the screen quality looks much better on the iphone. I am giving the g1 back tomorrow and exchanging it for an iphone.

  32. man i have never heard and read so much shit talking about making mistakes on HTC G1 phones,carriers,billing, you fucking lameass kids whoever. You made the fucking mistake yourself, you got no one to blame but yourself. So quit bitchin about which carrier gots perfect signal & 3G network coverage. Who the fuck cares. And as a factor that’s why the G1 has apps so people can have their own needs. But yeah I got a shitty G1 and the battery life sucks. As for Verizon hmmm all I have to say is they screwed me as well on billing but you can always make that effort to always write an email or letter and shit they’ll understand. And oh haha I’m using my lameass virus tmobile G1.


  33. went to the T-Mobile store, checked out the G1… found the keyboard to be ungainly and a real pain to type on…. didn’t buy the phone. Had had bad experiences with T-Mobile years ago after the Voice Stream to T-Mobile change… had had VoiceStream… they were great, became T-Mobile and service when straight downhill. Went to AT&T at that point and they were mostly fine until they sold GSM service to Cingular and then bought singular… 2 carrier changes on 1 phone number/account and the service was slipping… they were having trouble handling their previous customers, after the iPhone came out, it got worse. Just bought Verizon, call quality is great (maintained a phone call through the Lincoln Tunnel last night — never been able to do that with anyone else), but I hate the apps limitations on the phones…contacts won’t even hold addresses and there’s no upgrade for the app available…. so not sure I’m keeping this one. Why the heck can’t any of the carriers get their act together across the board? It’s ridiculous if you want decent call quality, you can’t have a real address book?

    Maybe the G1’s crappy keyboard isn’t such a bad thing after all.

  34. I had my sidekick Lx brown for over 6months and I had issues with it so now I just called cus care to get a replacmeent in t-mobile so idk I think there service is goo they offer me the G1 but I didn’t like it from the beginning cuz is touch screen and the warrnaty in it doesn’t cover that much so anywayz I took the G1 and I hope if it get defective ill take the new sidekick that came out this phon is been really good so far the thing with it u gotta shut off cuz if u don’t the web browser will slow down the phon but turn it off for at least 15mins 2 get the fast applz in it I have a lot of stuff in it that I might take another though about calling them if it still fails the G1 cuz I heard it fails so im sticking with the sidekick cuz of its good network in it but careful with the drop calls depending where u at and what time ur there!!!

  35. ROFLMAO…

    Android RULES!!!!

    LOL potential security risks in Android… LOL that is like saing Linux is more vunerable than Windows cause it is open source. WHAT RETARD!!! who wrote that!

    If you dont like it you are RETARDED and should go get a rotary phone. The potential of Android is far greater than anything VERIZON has… They are scared to get Android on their system because they cant lock out all the features and make you pay EXTRA for them. I have used Verizon for less tahn a year now and Im switching to TMO. I will pay the stuped canselation fee… They locked my XV6900… NO GPS, NO BT, NO THEDERING (maybe they should compare it with that phone!!!)… got it fixed though. Thanks to all that have HACKED this POS company and used up their bandwidth. I would not be suprized if Verizon starts billing you for calling customer care.

    I dont care what carrier I have I just want to use the phone as it was intended to and give me the option to customize it.

    BTW WinMo 6.1 SUCKS!!!

    and I second this:
    “TErenceC wrote on November 3, 2008


  36. Yeah I have a G1. They pretty much suck. My phone turns of by itself, it calls random people after I hang up, etc. It’s generally a POS and I’ve had it one month. Not a scratch on that hoe.

  37. It would be nice to turn the freakin GPS off

  38. Stupid! Whoever wrote this is dumb. Yes there are some things wrong with the G1 but there’s something wrong with every phone. Mines does have video capturing and a lot of other cool things.

  39. I’m a Verizon user. And I have to admit: Verizon phones suck. They plain stink. Verizon has every reason to criticize T-Mobil, but they shouldn’t pick on Android, because their phones are plain junk, and their selection is even worse.

    Wow. This is really funny. Verizon seems to believe that a LINUX phone will get more viruses than a WINDOZE phone. What planet did they grow up on?

    The Android platform seems very solid to me, the G1 not so much, and T-mobile not at all. But still, I can’t believe Verizon thinks people will take this seriously. Windows mobile is somehow secure? idiots.

    > Brian

  40. Ive had ah cell 4 about 20 years, first wit att nvr had Verizon, but ppl make calls evrywhr. Sprint sucks they’ve shut off my Jack 4 2$, t-mobile is the best, coverage sucks but they keep u on at all cost. Been wit them 4 7 years st8.


    Verizon is bashing the very first Android phone? Their Droid released 11/6/09 should be better than a phone that came out over a year ago. Does anybody know what happens with technology over the course of a year? Oh, I do, cameras in phones improve by 1.8 mega-pixels, Androids OS version 2.0 becomes standard, internal memory improves by 384 megabytes, bluetooth improves. Wow. Really that isn’t very impressive for a year + worth of work. Plus, instead of jabbing the oldest T-mobile Android, look at the newest T-mobile Android the Mytouch, which came out 6 months later than the G1 which improves on everything Verizon bashed about except for the 5.0 mp camera. So, Verizon doesn’t really have a basis for this slander. Plus, most of these things Verizon boast about isn’t their own doing its the improved version of the Android OS, namely the Turn by Turn Directions.

    Don’t be fooled by this propaganda, sure the Droid is a good phone, I’ll admit that, but why go around bashing other just as good Androids when really their competition is with iPhone.

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