Oct 30th, 2008

We’ve got a warning/announcement for all folks who pre-ordered their T-Mobile G1 and have it in hand. Remember that 1 week of free data service you got with your phone? Well, after that 1 week your “free” service is turned off but your “paid service” is never turned on!

So if you’ve just passed that 1 week with your G1 and are wondering why you’re having terrible connection problems, you need to call T-Mobile Customer Care and tell them to turn your data service plan back on. Word has it their inundated with phone calls so don’t be surprised if you have a slight “wait”. (UPDATE: You can handle this online as pointed out by our first commenter, JB!)

This news comes courtesy of AndroidForums.com member dkaufman1 who voiced his frustration with the matter. For him though, it was about much more than not having data service… it was about the circumstances under which he had no data service.

“I was out at a networking event today showing off…how it was broken. It went over “real” well when the iPhone user pulled out his Google Maps and looked it up nice and quick.”

I hate to say it but… I have to admit that’s total pwnage by the iPhone. Apparently there were similar problems when the Sidekick was released and with the huge importance of this release, you would expect TMO to have learned from their mistakes and be a bit more buttoned up.

I don’t think there is a way to force an “automatic switch-over” at this point so it appears that each individual is on their own to communicate the data plan issues to Customer Care. Hope this heads up helps in your transition and let us know what you guys are hearing out there as far as updates go.

[Check out Dave Kaufman’s syndicated column, TechLife]

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