G1 Succesfully Unlocked… For A Price


Our newest buddies over at Unlock T-Mobile G1 have brought us all some unlockin’ goodness after merely a week since the G1’s launch. Earlier, we reported that it would be just a few weeks before the G1 was unlocked. Well, if eight days means a few weeks, then we were correct.

For a fee of $22.99, you’ll now be able to be like the rest of the sneetches on the beaches and get a star on your unlocked G1’s back.  You’ll be sent an unlock code by the company and will then be able to use any GSM carrier you wish worldwide. You’ll also need to do a little toying around to access data from your carrier.

It all seems pretty slick, but there will most likely eventually (and by eventually we mean pretty darn soon) be a free alternative. In review of this past week, the G1 has gotten a price drop at Wal-Mart to circa $150 and has been unlocked. So now you’ll be able to get your ballin’ unlock on for as much as the G1 originally cost! Except that if you’re making a 2-year commitment to get that $150 price, your need for unlocking just got flushed down the toilet.

Let’s hear what you think about paying for the unlock rather than doing what the iPhone crowd is doing (that is, NOT paying) in the comments. Or, for further discussion hit up our forums.

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  1. This is the same thing that happens with every phone and it’s for people who don’t have the desire to wait a few days/weeks or do just a little more research.

    1) Someone will just write an app that does the same thing and either post it on the market (which tmo said they can’t/won’t do anything about).

    2) People can just call tmo, say “i’m going out of the country on business” and they’ll likely just give you the code which has worked for me before. I have tmo already, so I haven’t tried.

  2. Yep.. tmo will give you ur code if u ask.

  3. called today to request an unlock code, they where very nice, asked my to give them my IMEI id and an email, they will email the code with instructions. saved $23.00.

  4. Online unlocking sites are spotty. I have always had better success directly dealing with TMo or ATT Customer Support when it comes to getting the Subsidy Unlock Code and the Instructions on unlocking devices. I have built a list of instructions on how to unlock devices here: I have verified the instructions as I have personally unlock all of these devices.

  5. Well, some of the unlocking sites are a bit shady…but definitely not all of them. The one mentioned in this article is a great one, along with a new one called

    Both will get your phone unlocked with no issues, and might come in handy for those that have special circumstances or just want to unlock an additional phone (to sell it on ebay, craigslist, etc…).

  6. Ok. I was going to wait for a better Android phone but I’m tired of waiting. I have also noticed that the droids coming out in the future seem to be more expensive or have to potential to do so. The only thing that I did not like about the current G1 is that the screen was not as big as I would like. Anyway, I have decided to jump in. I cannot wait anymore. However, I am an economist. Especially in these times. I have never used the data package much and don’t have a real need to start now. I have Tmobile but plan to buy a G1 and unlock it so I don’t have to pay for the extra $25 -$35 a month. I am hoping to be able to download all of the apps that I like through the built in WiFi. I also may turn on the data package on months where i may be on vacation or just want to use the data package. I just don’t want to be committed to 2 years of an increased phone bill. After all of that bla bla, here’s my question. I have heard it said that without the data package a lot of the apps will not work. Will they not work with the
    WiFi or when I decide to turn on the data package from time to time. I also heard that the gmail may not be accessible through the WiFi. Is this true. Comments anyone?

  7. Anyone thinking of doing what RAWG1 is thinking of doing be warned that android uses the internet all the time. I have the CLIQ on pay as you go unlocked and it is costing me a fortune in data usage. I’m going to get a non-smartphone now because I can’t keep up with the bills, so be careful.

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