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The Wall Street Journal is reporting on potential significant developments regarding both Android and Motorola, saying Co-CEO Sanjay Jha could detail his plans as early as Thursday – when the company reports on earnings. So, what exactly will be detailed in his plans? Get ready for this…

Motorola will (alledgedly) be ditching all phones besides those based on Windows Mobile (for business), their proprietary P2K platform (for low end)… and ANDROID. Mr. Jha is putting the full force of Android behind all of the feature handsets in Motorola’s future, which could mean a lot of new Android Phones from Motorola in 2009. If it doesn’t work out, the struggling handset unit could be sold off… so it seems Motorola has a HUGE investment in the success of Android.

But not all is roses in this story. The bottom line of the bottom line is that anyone working in areas not related to these three Operating Systems will no longer have a position with the company moving forward and thousands of jobs will be lossed. That, my friends, is a shame. But it would be better to see Motorola float… and it seems like Android is the inflatable rubber ducky robot they’ve wrapped around themselves.

This is HUGE news folks. It truly, truly is. One of the largest phone manufacturers is basing 33% of their entire strategy around Android. If the news DOES come tomorrow – we’ll be right on top of it. And if it DOESN’T come tomorrow… we’ll still be write on top of it.

[WSJ via Giz]

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  1. Could someone shed light on how many platforms Motorola has traditionally developed for? As far as I knew, they made P2K and Windows Mobile phones, plus a handful of Symbian. So I don’t really see how this is big news considering Moto had already announced they were going to support Android a while ago.

    Also, there’s nothing saying that they’ll devote 33% of their work on Android. It could be much less, as they tend to shell out a lot of low-end P2K phones.

  2. “thousands of jobs will be lossed.”?


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