Confirmed: G1 at Wal-Mart on Wednesday ($148.88)


CNN Money has now confirmed the rumors that Wal-Mart will begin selling the T-Mobile G1 at pretty hefty discount and sooner than first thought. G1s will be in-stock at Wal-Mart on WEDNESDAY and cost only $148.88 with a 2-year agreement, rebates and all that jazz.

This came directly from Wal-Mart spokeswoman Melissa O’Brien so yeah, it’s real. By the way, they used spokeswoman so don’t tell us spokesperson, spokeshuman, spokesman or anything else would be the proper nomenclature, as Walter from the Big Lebowski might add.

According to the article, Wal-Mart shares closed Tuesday down $1.73, or 3.4%, at $49.67. Day traders might want to hop on this news and hope for a quick uptick as soon as the news goes more widespread. But then again… how many people will buy their G1 in a freaking Wal-Mart?

For a $30+ dollar discount? I would.

[Via CNN Money]

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  1. I would. May as well buy it at walmart considering I am already there to buy food, fish hooks, clothes, Cds and pretty much everything else I buy.

  2. This is an amazingly smart move by T-Mobile and Walmart!

  3. Unfortunately, as someone who pre-bought the G1, now I’m ticked off that they’re already cutting the cost. What was the point of pre-buying? Horrible work on T-Mobile’s part. And Walmart is crap.

  4. Lerryjee,

    That’s the price of wanting to be an early adopter. Always has been, always will be.

  5. @Lerryjee
    Since when has preordereing ever been cheaper?
    Fact is that you pay a little extra to get it before everyone else.

    Nice move by T-Mobile!
    I´d buy it from walmart, no questions asked!

  6. From what I have read elsewhere on this news, the discounted price is only available to NEW subscribers who begin a 2-yr contract with T-Mobile. As always, the deals are more attractive to the people who HAVEN’T been loyal customers for years and years! To my knowledge, Wal-Mart has never been able to renew contracts, only begin them, so those who were able to pre-order (current customers) are just S.O.L. :(

  7. Has anyone actually saw G1’s in a walmart? I couldn’t find it online.

  8. its like a game “find the G1”
    of course local stores know nada.
    i called wally world corp, fwd to find anything dept
    to see what store of the 550 are near me
    here is where it gets good
    wally corp: of course we can find it for you, just give us the UPC code!
    HUH? me: and how do you suggest i get that?
    wally: read it off back of phone
    after the SoS (shock of stupidness) me: im trying to find WHAT store sells them
    wally : our system requires upc code
    me: i need to find G1 in wally store , get the upc code, give that to you so you can tell me what wally store sells them?
    wally:yes ((im struck temp deaf and dumb))
    wally sir?
    me:errrr ok what alts do i have?
    wally:write manufacturer for info
    me: you have a poorly designed system for help, thanks , good-bye

  9. Maybe someone can post the UPC number here and we can call the walmart.

  10. The G1’s are suppose to be available in 500 Walmart stores today.
    They’re not in a couple stores in my area.
    Anyone know which stores?

  11. It has been pushed back t November 3rd.

  12. i just called a couple of walmarts, of course only one of them had it, but they said the price is $179 with a 2 year contract. online, it has been saying it is going to be $148.88. has anyone found it at the $148.88 price?

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