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At the time of recording this video there were 3 Tip Calculators on the Android Market. Since then, even more have sprung up. While I tip my hat to the developers who put their best effort towards making gEZtip, Tip Calculator and SA Tip Calculator, but I found neither 3 were up to par with the Tip Calculator I had on my proprietary Verizon OS based LG Voyager.

The lack of a visual QWERTY is painfully apparent with tip calculators, where a few quick taps of numbers SHOULD be able to do the trick. But sliding open the hardware QWERTY is – until January- your only option.

Other than that, I would really enjoy if these tip calculators used your GPS location to automatically fill in the sales tax based on where you are. Afterall, location IS what determines sales tax and Android is fully capable… why not pull out all the stops?

Unfortunately, I can’t recommend any of these tip calculators and am still in search of the one I’ll ultimately keep on my phone – I do enjoy having one. If you’ve tried one you like that has come out since the recording of this video, please do share your experience!

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  1. The flakey GPS makes including any location-based service in your app a liability, once it fails to get a fix on the location your whole app gets shot and the geniuses in the app store leave you a “glowing” review

  2. BistroMath works well and is very simple and has an onscreen keyboard to make it easier

  3. thanks for the review, :) we really need the virtual keyboard to make our life easiers :)

  4. I agree. I’ve tried them all, and BistroMath is the most comprehensive functionally, and easiest to use.

  5. BistroMath is by far the best. give it a try

  6. BistroMath is really the pick of the litter–and until the GPS stops sucking battery life like it’s going out of style I’m content to enter tax information by hand if needed. There is no sales tax in my state, though, so it’s a moot point.

  7. Most people understand that they tip for the food and the service they received.
    Most people don’t want to celebrate being taxed.
    Most people realize they aren’t expected to tip for being taxed.

    gEZTip is the only android app that understands this.

    On gEZTip you enter the Tax Rate once. It saves your Tax Rate for the next time you use it.
    So the whole 2 seconds of your life you spent entering the Tax Rate field, will not go to waste.

  8. I’ve never understood the point of a tip calculator. Want to know the fastest, easiest, and most foolproof method of “calculating” tips?
    Move the decimal point one space to the left. That number is 10% of your check total. Now Double it. There – You have 20%. No calculus involved.
    Only want to tip 15% because your service was mediocre? Remember your 10% value? Divide by 2. Add that number to the 10% number. Bingo! 15%!
    Your friends will think you’re Rain Man, or that Kid from Malcolm in the Middle, but only you and I will know that you learned to tip in 3RD GRADE!

    Oh, and Tipster? Servers are assessed taxes on their estimated wages. Those wages are estimated using the grand total of the check, so every time you calculate out tax to figure your tip, you’re screwing your server over, because the IRS thinks that like a decent human being you’re going to tip based ont eh total, and not some ideological principal of Keynesian trickle-down libratarian tightwaddedness.

    Tip on your total, and tip well. In most states servers only make $2.25/hr, all of wich goes to taxes. Your tips are what keep them alive.

  9. I agree with tipster. I don’t want to tip based on the tax, just the pre-tax amount. So I wrote Geotip (for J2me, sorry Android people) and released it as freeware. It can also handle extra amounts such as liquor tax and has an option to save the tax and tip percents to use next time. It also can split the bill easily and shows a summary breakdown of all the amounts.

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