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GoTV currently has 4 applications on the Android Market: Es Musica, HipHop Official, Rock On Altitude, True Country. I would best describe them as Musical Video Magazines which organize video content by genre and various “feature categories” such as music videos, concerts, interviews, etc…

After taking a look at their website, it appears as though GoTV will have even more applications organized around other content they have. And perhaps more interestingly, it appears as though GoTV Networks is the company behind Verizon’s VCAST services. Uhoh Verizon… we TOLD you to hop on Android!

I really enjoyed the application, to be honest. Instead of having to search around for new content on YouTube or other video sites, GoTV organizes their video content into a magazine-like style and by Genre which provides a pretty nice entertainment option for your Android phone.

In addition to the content, it has a slick User Interface, is intuitively organized and works like a charm. If you’re a music buff and are particularly interested in HipHop, Rock/Pop, Country and/or Hispanic music I would download the corresponding application and give it a whirl. I think you’ll enjoy them.

We recently posted the has launched and hoped they would release an Android application that interfaces with the website. Even if a MTVmusic android application popped up, GoTV’s applications would still be a top choice because of the mix of editorial content and music while selectively featuring the videos for the application.

Right now each application has a limited number of videos and you wonder at what pace the content will be updated. The interesting thing here is how GoTV will proceed. Rather than dumping a ton of content onto the app I’d like to see a gradual process where a few new videos are added to each section each day or couple days. That will give you the true feel of a magazine and/or website that you want to check up on every once and a while.

Of course the whole comparison to a magazine was made by me… and GoTV could have a different direction in mind. Either way, job well done and nice application.

Rob Jackson
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  1. Altitude will post new videos 6-8 times / week

    in other words our application will update daily

  2. Thanks for the info! Can I get the raw .APK file to put on so our members can download it there as well? Hit me up via contact form!

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