Advanced Caller ID with White Pages Application


The folks at the White Pages contacted me about their White Pages application for Android which is actually a VERY cool addition to your app collection. It uses White Pages info of over 200 million phone listings to provide additional information to your phone’s Caller ID!

I love this concept… how many times do you get a call from a number not in your phonebook and wonder whether or not you should answer the call? WhitePages will help to erase that feeling by telling you exactly who is calling you based on their omniscient phone number info.

Additionally, it allows you to map the location of the caller and add the caller to your contacts. I wonder if you can always keep the application ON or whether you have to re-start it with each power up & power down of the application.

Awesome application, 2 thumbs up and this will find a permanent home on my G1

[Thanks Anna!]

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  1. That is awesome….I will def. be downloading!

  2. I can’t seem to find it…is it called White Pages?

  3. yup its called WhitePages

  4. Great!
    Only thing missing now is a G1! (Living outside of the US, D*mnit!)

  5. I down loaded this app but it’s not working. What’s the trick? I really want to use it and excited. Help!

  6. @ Android Freak

    This one’s not available outside of the US still? Shoot!

  7. Does this work in canada??

  8. the app is 7 bucks and they are promoting now improved to 50% more calls identified. First off, $7 is pretty steep and second, it says with sprint and verizon phones it shows up after the call. Whats the point of caller id if it shows up after? I want to know if I need to answer not check my messages… I would not recommend paying for it.

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