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Up to this point, the vast majority of information regarding the T-Mobile G1 has come courtesy of blogging buzz, press releases, speculation and overall word of mouth in the media mill. But all that is about to change… T-Mobile is on the brink of releasing their biggest ever advertising campaign to promote the G1.

Here is the first advertisement in that campaign, dubbed “Questions”:

It’s an interesting advertisement but I think its far from the “best” that T-Mobile and Google could have done. This seems like an extremely “soft” sell and I would have taken a MUCH more hardline approach by explaining to consumers, sans jargon, what the heck Android is and what the heck it means for them with examples like ShopSavvy.

While the “questions” posed in the ad are interesting… are they REAL attention grabbers? Couldn’t most other phones with an internet connection claim to answer virtually all of these questions as well? I hope some of the other commercials focus on exactly WHY the G1  is different than regular phones and WHAT makes it different.

Regardless, T-Mobile, HTC and Google have relied mostly on buzz this far and I feel like the average consumer still doesn’t really know what the G1 is or what carrier its on or any of that good stuff. This advertising campaign is really going to be the tipping point for a lot of behind the scenes work that has already been HUGELY successful.

Here come the masses folks…

[Via MocoNews]

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  1. i love my g1!

  2. This isn’t a commercial for techies. It’s for people. People who will flip the channel at the first hint of technospeak. Notice not one person is holding a G1, or any gizmo. The most advanced electronic item shown is a boombox on a beach-blanket. You missed the understated point: if these people had a G1, they would have answers, not questions.

    The way the commercial ends, we are introduced to the G1 by being shown the ‘world is in it’. In the final shot, the camera angles up to the sky and then the scene pans back — the sky for the world of the people with the questions is all in a G1, along with the answers to their questions.

    Sure, a lot of other devices can get them answers; ads for any device could be applied to a competing one. This ad was about a G1 though, not another device. The commercial was fine, you couldn’t see the forest through the trees ;)

  3. @Benji… you make some good points. Still, I don’t think they did enough to help differentiate the G1 from any other cell phone on the market. Why buy the G1 instead of any other phone? That – I think – is the missing element I hoped we’d see.

  4. I liked the commercial very much. It describes the way I use my 3G connection today. And I think many of the ordinary folks can relate to that. (does a shark have eyelids? What´s really in a hot dog? etc.)
    Although i concur with you that they could have empathized why the G1 would do this better than other devices.
    Maybe that will come in the future commercials.
    Anyway thank you for the article!
    Keep it up!


  5. This commercial is for the simple people who are only technical enough to know about Google’s search engine. Hopefully they will have something later that touts its heavy advantages of being open.

  6. no longer available?

    DMCA takedown or something? lame :(

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