T-Mobile G1 vs. BlackBerry Storm vs. iPhone


Our sister site, MobileRoar.com, had the opportunity to get a hands on look at the BlackBerry Storm today. There is no doubt that the T-Mobile G1, BlackBerry Storm and iPhone look poised to be the 3 hottest phones of the holiday season… lucky for us then that they were able to snag a picture of the 3 devices back-to-back-to-back!

The G1 is definitely a bit taller and narrower, but I love the way it feels and fits into my pocket. That being said, I don’t want to discredit the BlackBerry Storm which was the main purpose of the MobileRoar article. The touchscreen button (called SurePress technology) is the number one reason they said, “the BlackBerry Storm absolutely ROCKS!”

The article also suggests that the BlackBerry Storm might keep potential VZW customers from leaving for T-Mobile and the G1. Are you facing this predicament? What’s your take?

But these days, as the article states, its “all about the apps”… and while Verizon is offering Storm owners access to the all new VZAppZone, it simply won’t be able to measure up in any way, shape or form to what the Android Market can and will become.

Here is a pic of only the BlackBerry Storm next to the T-Mobile G1:

So how do the devices actually stack up? The G1 and iPhone both get a ton of bonus points for having WiFi and a ridiculous amount of apps (even if upcoming) while the iPhone and Storm get brownie points for the 3.5mm headphone jack. But the G1 and the Storm have 3.2MP cameras to the iPhone’s 2MP camera.

Lets not argue over the details… lets just enjoy a nice side by side comparison of two of the year’s coolest phone’s sitting next to eachother on a landmark day for the mobile industry. The BlackBerry Storm touchscreen seems nothing short of revolutionary and MobileRoarers had nothing but great things to Roar about it.

So… who can finally convince Verizon to man up offer its customers an Android Phone with SurePress technology?. That, ladies and gentlemen… THAT would be a great day for many, many people.

[Via MobileRoar]

Rob Jackson
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  1. Amen to the final sentence about Verizon. They’re so sure of themselves that they’re letting the other carriers get ahead of them. If they offered a decent phone, that’d be wonderful. If I didn’t have a year left on my contract, I’d be gone…

  2. G1 and Iphone are similar but two different things its like comparing apples and oranges.. both fruit but two different flavors! and I LOVE MY G1

  3. Verizon Wireless never launch trendy phones without having other carriers test the market first. I’m sure that there will be line-up of Android phones in the first-half of next year for them. If Samsung or LG or Motorolla will get them soon then VZW will embrace them.

  4. BlackBerry should adopt the Android platform and then we can kill 2 birds with one stone. Ha!

  5. G1 is ok.. a lot cheaper but no where as usefull as the iphone

  6. G1 the poor man’s iphone is what they call it lol

  7. The G1 isn’t the “poor man’s” iPhone. I would imagine that anyone who can afford a G1 can afford an iPhone. However, the G1 offers versatility that the iPhone never will. Not to mention you don’t need to mess with that DRM laden iTunes shit…

  8. or maybe the fool’s gold…(im sori)

  9. Let’s not fight about which cell phone is better… we all know that t-mobile is the better company. AT&T/cingular doesn’t know who they want to be most of the time and the service plans for the iphone suck (which is why most of the iphone buyers unlocked them and got t-mobile service). Verizon isn’t even a factor in this battle they have came out with so many iphone clones its crazy… what makes this blackberry anymore different than the dare.

  10. @Samuel – if you’re asking what makes the BlackBerry any different than the Dare you need to do a lot of research. Suggesting they are nearly identical in features would be incredibly inaccurate.

  11. Oh yes and I am a G1 owner.

  12. @ Rob… i wasn’t trying to say they are alike in any way i was making the point that since the success of the iphone verizon has released so many (iphone clones) like every phone company who had a phone somewhat like the iphone verizon had it. my point is that this new blackberry storm would probably be more highly anticipated if they didnt have so many other phones just like it.

  13. And in other words blackberrys will never be to the point that the iphone and g1 are at now… people seemed to forget that blackberrys were scrictly business phones just a few years ago. I believe the blackberry pearl was the first one to have a built in camera and the commercials for the storm are saying this one has mp3 capabilities which htc and apple I would say have both mastered. Blackberry’s are business phones and the pearl were they’re first attempt at a hip phone that teens would like. Let’s see how their second attempt goes.

  14. dude you’re talking crazy. first off the g1 is huge in comparison to the storm or iphone not to mention..UGLY!. just because blackberry was more of a business phone a couple years ago has nothing to do with the storm. its got push email, which is great. it also has a way better camera (3.2) and you’ll be able to send picture messages and record video, something your precious iphone cant do. you also have blackberry messanger, which allows you to send voice notes, pictures and chat with anyone that has a blackberry for free. also you’ll be able to sync your itunes of the storm aswell. i DARE you to compare! lol

  15. @ jesse… blah blah blah… yea I got one better I can talk/message everyone that has t-mobile service for free. Its called MOBILE 2 MOBILE and sorry to break it to you its been out for awhile. (Where have you been dude) oh and blacjberry’s being business phones years ago has something to do with the storm. This will be the first “fun” cell phone the RIM has produced. My friend had a curve and the only game he had was brick breaker and the commercial for the storm makes it seem like camera phones and mp3 capable phones are brand spanking new(well to them it pretty much is). And yes the iphone can’t send and recieve video/picture mail but my G1 can. HTC has mastered this smartphone game. My old t-mobile MDA had a NES emulator on it so when I got bored I’m playing Tecmo Bowl or something let’s see the storm do that.(or any blackberry in that case) And come on .2 megapixels is not enough evidence to say the camera is “way better”. Come on people give me some good points. Turn me into a blackberry man(if you can). If you can’t you could dazzle me by pulling up an excel spreadsheet or a powerpoint presentation.

  16. I crack myself up. lol

  17. sounds like you want a psp more than a cell phone.

    ps……the g1 is pretty ugly!

  18. @ samuel….did you say t-mobile is the better company??? hahahahahahahah they’re going to get bought out soon. also you said verizon came out with a lot of iphone clones??? so if it has a touch screen it automatically an iphone clone? makes no sense! i think you need to look up this info before you start posting.

  19. I will have to agree with Jesse. I’m leaning towards storm, first thing first T-MOBILE’s network here in Hawaii SUCKS! so many discrepancies with this network and customer service sucks and rude, I canceled my contract before my 2 year term… as far as the features of the phone, i’d go with either iphone or storm. And yes i did my research, I’m sure android phones is big and a hit, and I’m willing to try it only if other carriers have it. The only reason tmobile is “good” is because it’s CHEAP!.. like what they say.. you get what you paid for… so again over-all TMOBILE service SUCKS!

  20. @ samuel…. dude I couldn’t agree with you more. I was with vzw for 8 years before I moved to t mobile with a new g1. And I love the service and the phone. Vzw has always limited their customers with the “get it now” crap. I am so much more happier now with the g1…… to everyone else who thinks the g1 is ugly, that’s great that you are more worried about aesthetics rather than functionality of a phone that fits your needs. Oh to have a cool looking phone so ill be accepted socially

  21. To start off… this will be a rather long post. First I wanna address Daniel, I’m really not wanting a psp but a smartphone can really show its potential power when you can do something like run an emulator. I’ve yet to hear of a blackberry that can do that so I guess it will be brickbreaker for all you storm followers lol. Secondly @ Michael yes T-mobile is the better service. J.D. Power and Associates ranked the carrier no.1 for 5 yrs in a row. The people have spoken. (Lol) sir I do my research and I wasn’t meaning a touchscreen phone makes it a iphone clone but the voyager, dare, glyde, xv6900 (or sprint touch) has the the finger swipe technology and potrait and landscape viewing capabilites just like the iphone with the storm they may have a winner and put all those other crappy phones to bed. Third, @ Georgous if you had done your research you would’ve known that you can request a antenna tower placed in your area to improve your service… guess you must’ve overlooked that. In general t-mobile has always been on the curve of technology. Have you all forgotten about my little friend the sidekick. Sidekick were equipped with a full. Web browser and email. While the blackberry had that watered down mobile crap. Blackberry need take risks and be the first company that does something revolutionary and not be the last all the time. (Camera, full web, mp3, etc.) Tyler thanks for backing me up I haven’t been making too many friends as you can see and I am glad to hear from a ex user of another service so people don’t think I’m just making this all up. In summation iphones are great the made a break through but AT&T service is to overpriced. Verizon has in my opinion never “wowed” anybody with service nor cell phone technology. T-mobile has been named no.1 for 5 years and Service plans and phones are affordable. Thanks for playing. Try again? Lol

  22. @ samuel. . . Well played sir

  23. Samuel is right tmobile and G1 both rock! @georgous and who wouldn’t want a cheapper phone?dnt hate, congratulate

  24. samuel just shut your freaking jot!!! U dont know what the hell u talking bout. Verizon takes the thrown of all companies it has better coverage plus forgot to mention better phones… t-mobile is at the bottom of the sea with metro pcs. F*** that freakin g1 brick phone that sucka looks like a dang brick… it so long in narrow it looks a freaking penis sitting in your pocket…LOL. I mean its a ugly phone not to sink you g1 owners boat or anything but not to get me wrong the features are pretty good. But I feel sorry that it just packed inside such a bad build phone… That sucka is HUGE!!! It looks like a deform dick I mean gosh. But overall the features are great but I am not digging its body. VERIZON RULES!!!!!!!so I give it to the storm !!! Its way cooler with a click screen yea!!!

  25. @ olivia… again with the aestetics. What is it with you people? This is why there are diff phones for dif people. It sounds to me like you are more obessed with the phone lookin like a dildo. You spent your whole post talking about how much it looks like a penis. Are you f*cking stupid or what? it looks like a damn phone. Obviously samuel has done his research ( if you were smart enough yourself to read all the prior posts) not to mention i was a verizion customer for 8 years and they suck as far as customer service. i guess your happy being limited to the “get it now” shit…. yeah they have great coverage but so does t mobile and for less money. so as far as the phone looking like a penis….. get some glasses. and props to my boy LOK… “dont hate, congradulate”

  26. Lok, Tyler, and Samuel= The G1 Gang lol… Tyler don’t waste your breath. I got this! @ olivia first off how many penises have you seen in your life. Since owning my G1 I’ve never gone to take a piss and thought “wow my penis looks just like my phone.” (Lmao) I crack myself up. Look go out have a few boyfriends have some sex and actually get a good look at a penis. That is the most craziest shit I ever heard. Yea it looks like a brick, most smartphones do but damnit I’ve yet to hear of a sextoy company making a cell phone. I think you maybe using the vibration function on your phone the wrong way. (Say hello to Celluar Logistics Innovational Technology Communications or for short C.L.I.T Com. all phones come with the orgasm function.) Too funny. Why why why are you people going “ga-ga, crazy, apeshit, etc” over the click-screen technology. That’s been out for years yes it may be allitte different but the first touchscreen phones clicked when you touch the screen. idiots. The clicking is there to ensure that you applied enough pressure to activate the desired function. The MDA, Treo’s, Iphone and yes the G1 has it and I’m pretty sure you silly blackberry storm chasers will disable that function after your 100th text msg because it will get annoying. 1, 2 punch and down goes Frazier lol

  27. Lok, Tyler, and Samuel= The G1 Gang lol… Tyler don’t waste your breath. I got this! @ olivia first off how many penises have you seen in your life. Since owning my G1 I’ve never gone to take a piss and thought “wow my penis looks just like my phone.” (Lmao) I crack myself up. Look go out have a few boyfriends have some sex and actually get a good look at a penis. That is the most craziest sh*t I ever heard. Yea it looks like a brick, most smartphones do but damnit I’ve yet to hear of a sextoy company making a cell phone. I think you maybe using the vibration function on your phone the wrong way. (Say hello to Celluar Logistics Innovational Technology Communications or for short C.L.I.T Com. all phones come with the orgasm function.) Too funny. Why why why are you people going “ga-ga, crazy, apesh*t, etc” over the click-screen technology. That’s been out for years yes it may be allitte different but the first touchscreen phones clicked when you touch the screen. idiots. The clicking is there to ensure that you applied enough pressure to activate the desired function. The MDA, Treo’s, Iphone and yes the G1 has it and I’m pretty sure you silly blackberry storm chasers will disable that function after your 100th text msg because it will get annoying. 1, 2 punch and down goes Frazier lol

  28. Oh yea and olivia what the flying fuck is a “jot”

  29. hey samuel i have a quick question. the only way i have found to save a picture is to send it to my gmail account and then save it to my card. do you know of another way to save pictures sent through text message to your phone?

  30. Sorry to say but that is exactly what I do but I’m sure all the little things like that will be addressed and fixed on the next update.

  31. any idea when that will be?

  32. All I got to say is that the g1 sucks and all u scalliwags that’s riding the g1 jock need to shut the fuck up…sammie boy u is one lame fucker u Is corny as hell. Go fly a kite until you have more non lame jokes and the g1 sucks… Oh yea tell your dad I see him later… Oh yea I went there!!!!VERIZON RULES!!! I dont know why I bother with u lame fucks I was just looking for some specs about the storm and I just happen to bump into you losers… I have sum words for you g1 hoes get a mother fucking life wierdos!!!!talk to me when you can reach my level i am on verizon ur on t-mobile see the difference get a life you skanks… Now excuse me while I go back to mine!!… O yea Tyler stop riding sammie boys jock your ass hole

  33. O yeah I forgot to mention why u hatin on the storm you just mad that you can’t afford it… How you like den apples biotch!!!!!and I’m not hatin i am just sayin its the ugliest biggest phone ever they should make a phone tv show instead of best week ever ugliest phone ever!… LOL and the g1 phone is the fitst choice now I crack myself up… The g stands for gag 1 phone lol

  34. olivia… since you can afford the storm maybe you can afford hooked on phonics program so your ass can stop sounding like an illiterate under-aged minority :) ……….Always a pleasure….. kinda like your vibration function on your phone… hahaha

  35. Awwwww shit I was waiting on you to reply Olivia. Don’t let the smooth taste fool you bitch I’m from the streets. Allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is Sam. Oh yea you will be seeing my dad tonight he told me about you. So you the new hoe he pimping. Oh yea and its “you are corny” not “you is corny”. If using proper grammer makes us lame then I don’t want to be popular. I’m with Tyler you definately need hooked on phonics with your sididdy ass. Bitch I got money and if you got it I suggest you use it to enroll in some grammer classes. Oh yea I went there. You proved how stupid you really are. You were looking for blackberry storm specs on a Android based site. The blackberry isn’t android you fucking idiot. I mean the G1 is the only android phone at the time so in a way this is a G1 site and again you were looking for Storm specs here. That’s pretty stupid. Ok verizion is better that’s your opinion but what I post are FACTS. Look up the definition of “fact” in the dictionary, oh and the dictionary is the 1 really thick book in your house you should find it easily its probably the only book you have. What the fuck is that jib jab shit in your second post I couldn’t understand the point you were trying to make. Heard it all before yea the G1 isn’t the best looking phone you don’t have to keep saying. What you should do is talk about another negative about the G1… I know easier said than done. With your ignorant posts I don’t think you did your cause any good. Other people that may read your posts might think all Storm chasers are just as stupid as your dumbass.


  37. Oh yea and I don’t wanna get on your level because I don’t think I can bend down that low.

  38. samual/tyler

    im with u guys i have been with verizon for a while now and never liked how over priced they r im switching to t mobile soon and getting the g1 i cant wait!!! :)

  39. Tyler shut up you low life fuck…pretty soon you are going to like the vibration once I stick your big ass phone up your ass!!!…shit I won this fucking battle by being a bigger person and squashing this shit ok every has a opinion and mine is that the phone is just ugly to me okay. You and sammie boy dont have to freaking attack me like wild animals. So get off my shit, and yea I am young unlike you old fucks. While you calling me dumb you both are probally older guys starting shit with people who fucking diss the g1 phone, while that show your maturity. All I’m just sayin that we all have an opinion and I know you guys like the g1 phone and that’s ok but I am not a fan. So dont start pointing fingers at me because I didn’t start this arguement someone else did I was just backing up verion I’m sorry on how I came out about it. So I am willing to squash this if you two are willing to. But I will note: I WILL START BACK TALKING SHIT IF YALL SAY SOMETHING NEGATIVE AFTER I HAD APOLOGIZED ON SOME GROWN WOMAN SHIT OK.

  40. How old is f….ing olivia, if I may ask? she needs to go back to school

  41. Olivia you need a good shag, this is what you need. now f… off. don’t post anymore. You can’t even spell

  42. olivia… as i recall your first damn post on this blog started with your fists being thrown at Sam… “samuel shut your freakin jot (and im still with sam, what the hell is a jot?) you dont know what the hell your talking about” i am pretty sure those were your words… scroll up and check me if im wrong. as sam said he has his shit straight and quoted you facts that you simply refused to acknowledge. however, i do accept your apology but don’t act like you didnlt start this argument, because you did… your up sam haha

  43. Oh and one more thing… your absolutly correct everyone does has an opinion. But to have a negative opinion of a phone just because its “ugly” is simple minded. Personally my opinion is that the phone looks great… moreover I base my opinion on the functionality of a phone rather than the look…. I love my g1 not because of it’s looks but because of what all it can do

  44. @ corey great man! Glad to hear to that you are switching too. Your gonna love the g1 if you are all about functionality. Like I said I was with vzw for a while… nothing against them personally but vzw is very limited to what they offer… and more expensive. T mobile offers so much more for less. Hope you enjoy the phone and the service as much as I do…

  45. This is some funny stuff. Listen fellas supporting the G1 I want to thank you guys. I have a blackberry curve with t-mobile and have been contemplating ending my contract and getting either the iphone or storm. I haven’t heard anyone defend the G1 like you guys and I’m going to take your advise and stick to T-Mobile and get myself the G1. Thanks for your help guys and keep it up fellas.

  46. You guys are pathetic, I came on this site to do my research on this phone along with the G1 so i could get an informative review. Instead I’m getting spoiled children bitching at each other over “mine is better than yours,” shit. You guys are pathetic, truly, give me an informative review and let me do my research. And for god sake, use proper English, you guys sound ignorant as can be. (actually this is where I will applaud Samuel and Tyler, PROPER English sways people to your side.)

  47. I am currently a Qwest cell phone customer and I have the HTC Mogul data phone. I like it a lot. However, Qwest is merging with Verizon; Actually I believe Qwest cell phone customers will be required to either merge with Verizon by Febuary, or the phones will just not work after Feburary. Here is what I am looking at: I absolutely love both the G1 (Tmobile) & the Blackberry Storm (Verizon). Before getting too ahead of myself, I do not want to have a credit check for a new line of service. I can either migrate to Verizon for free and be commited w/ a 2-year contract, or I can go with Tmobile and just purchase the G1 on Flexpay for $189 + first month’s service. Tmobile will be the cheaper of the two carriers- monthly, but Verizon will be cheaper of the two carriers for getting right into the phone. Any takes? I share another line, making my current monthly obligations for 1500 shared minutes & unlimited data at around $150/month or so. So again; I love both the G1 & the Blackberry Storm. Any takes on this….??

  48. First I wanna apologize to olivia and jake… first olivia, I did go alittle harder than I needed to but I will have to agree with tyler when he said you did actually start this. I commend you for wanting to end this in an adult manner. Jake this is the last thing I want someone wanting to do research to see. I hope my previous posts have been helpful and if you have anymore questions please feel free to ask. Sorry again to you both. Thanks to all who agreed with my facts and I hope this entire article has been helpful.

  49. @ irving, your gonna love the G1. What was everyones previous phone. I’ve owned a sidekick II, T-mobile MDA, sidekick LX and now the G1.

  50. Now, I was going to go to the Storm, but the more i think about it, the G1 is the better choice. I’d cost me less most likely, I’m on T-Mobile currently, extended my contract in for the slide (because my 3 died a hard, hard death) and it’s been given me problems. Was going for the Storm thinking that it would be cheaper to buy, but the plan is so over prices that it won’t matter. Just out of curiosity, how much is the data plan for the G1 and what does it cover? If I am getting the G1 or the Storm i will be getting it tonight.

  51. @michael post 18

    T-mobile bought out by who. Yeah they are not the biggest in the United States so what.

    Just like I posted in the Andriod Community Forums.


    T-mobile may be the fourth largest carrier in the United States, but internationally it the world’s sixth largest mobile phone service provider by subscribers and the third largest multinational.

    Worldwide AT&T is a distant eleventh worldwide and Verizon is an even bigger fifteenth behind.

    So If T-Mobile eventually gets Andriod phones to all its users that want it, how is Android doomed?

    There are also 5 other international carriers that are plenty bigger than T-Mobile so they are options that have not closed their doors to Andriod.

    So why is it that Android is doomed?”

    So who can afford to buy T-mobile huh? Lets see China Mobile, Vodafone, Telefónica, América Móvil, Telenor, and China Unicom. Thats the order of biggest mobile network operators in the world with T-Mobile at number 7, while AT&T Mobility lags at number 12 and Verizon lags at number 14 so whose gonna buy who now.

    BTW the G1 is an awsome phone and people need to stop talking shit out their ass and back up some of thier claims with actual facts and numbers. You can Google the information I just posted so you know I’m no liar and I hate talking shit.

  52. Jake, the unlimited data for the G1 I believe is only $25; versus the storm unlimited is around $45 or $49 or so.

  53. @Jake there is a $35 plan that get you unlimited web, e-mail, messaging (text, picture, and IM) and, T-Mobile HotSpot data access. There is also a $25 plan that get you unlimited web, e-mail, 400 total messages (text, picture, and IM) and, T-Mobile HotSpot data access. i already pay $20 for unlimited messages so I pay for the $25 plan and I just took off the 400 messages because theres no real need for it.

    Hope that helps and I’m glad your getting a G1.

  54. There are 2 plans for the G1: 1. 500 text/picture msgs and unlimited internet and email for $25. 2. unlimited text/picture msgs and unlimited internet and email for $35. depending on the type of minute plan you have it wouldn’t be that much to pay monthly. My bill is about $75 a month which is alittle more expensive than the sidekick put hell of alot cheaper than my MDA.

  55. Yeah, The sidekick plan is pretty good, only reason I stayed with it. But, wow, just wow. The Slide is a god awful piece of hardware. The G1 I looked at seemed to be quite good physically with features that are pretty insane I was disappointing when I found out that there was no video taking capabilities or a 3.5 mm phone jack.

  56. As of now the G1 has an adapter for the 3.5 jack in the box with the G1. I’m sure that with a update later in the year of 2009 we will get an update for video capabilites. When I got my sidekick LX (great phone) it didn’t have video and after a over-the-air update I was able to record and play video.

  57. and also the G1 has video playback but only 3gp format (which isnt the best) but ive heard from my sources that to compete with the iphone the G1 and Amazon will venture into movies and music videos. so just like now how you can buy music via amazon music we will be able to download movies, tv shows, concerts, etc. I myself can’t wait for that to happen.

  58. Okay Tyler you are the only one that said something negative to me after I had apologized. I respect Sam now for not coming back at me wrong. Yeah I know I went kind of hard at the begining, but then I came to realize how immature I was acting just because someone dissed the storm, and I can see why yourself and Sam came at me like that( well at anyone who talked bad about the g1 phone key people like gorgeous etc)I was just defending verizon and I didn’t appreciate the way you two was bagging on them. So yea I jumped in, but it was an arguement that I shouldn’t have dipped in so I am sorry about that. Oh yea and jot means mouth it can mean really anything but I just put it the sentence that replaced mouth…I stoled it off of Juno, yea i am a junior in high school, so yea I know my spelling is off that tells me that I need to pay more attention in class, you’re probally suprised about my cussing habits yea that’s what you get when you hang out with the wrong crowd so yea good day people have fun with your phones

  59. Oh yea not to be rude or anything but Tyler who told you to jump in. I was talking to Sam then out of the blue here come you!!…so when you said pointing fist at Sam yea it was meant for him not you…hopefully there won’t be another arguement sorry that you felt left out. But please dont start arguing with me I apologized and I’m not in the mood today I cleansed all the bs out of me and dont want it back in me so it would help if you dont say anything negative to because I will go back to were we started and I am pretty sure you all dont want to go back to that point. so goodbye people and have a good day!

  60. I’ve been a T-mobile man for 8 1/2 years. Also had a Verizon service for one contract. Back then they had better coverage but t-mobile was far cheaper. Nowadays, my T-mobile has expanded the coverage enormously and as a truck driver I need to get out in many places. I own the Dash which I love. (talk about ugly) Thinkin about going to the G1 because of the new operating system and the G3 network. Don’t really know why I posted except to let people know that although there are folks that seem to dislike T-mobile for some reason or another. I want to put my vote in for T-mobile.

  61. i have done all the research and after a long thought process i am going back to blackberry, just ordered my storm. with the iphone i cant stand the typing it just feels unnatural and my fingers are to big so i am always typing the wrong letters. the g1 is better with the flip up screen revealing the qwerty key pad which i really liked, but again i think the g1 is really ugly, but android is the wave of the future. now the storm is a very good looking phone, i already know the software so i wont have to look up how to add my email accounts or pretty much anything else. so my vote goes to the blackberry just cause im a blackberry kind of guy!!!!!!!!

  62. @ the Olivia, Sammuel/Sam, and Tyler:

    Originally, speaking as a normal cell phone user who has a life, i wanted to come to this site and get some good comparisons between 3 nice phones [ usually when i compare phones, i read the cmmnts at the bottom because it shows a diverted way of listing the feedback from the various phone owners, of various comapanies]. Now, i see that this is an immature blogging site for low class socialites, poising to have a sense of an elite economic status. For Sammuel/ Sam, Olivia, and Tyler, what in the hell is wrong with you people? The BlackBerry Storm, Apple iPhone, and Google Android Phone/ G1, are 3 different phones, made by 3 different companies, targeted for different types of phone users; (speaking hypothetically) why are we being low-lives, and arguing about cellular devices again?… have not you all ever heard of a laptop/digital camera/ iPod/etc,… It really isnt necessary to try to have the “biggest” and “baddest”, most “hip” phone on the market. You all are constantly hopping from one cellular network to the other just to try to impress your “societies!” Man, you freaks of phones are MAD… GET EDUCATED ON MEDICINE or LAW and stop waisting precious time researching phones damnit!… and by the way guys, OLIVIA was speaking “internet slang” so being “hooked on phonics” isn’t an absolute necessity… and to be quite frankly ( everything she siad was literally correct).


  63. So, just an update, I did, infact get a G1 and it is so sweet, glad I went with this choice, biggest flaws I’ve seen so far are a realy sort battery life and way way way to many free apps to play with!

  64. @ sam hey sam just wanted 2 say thanks

    My contract ends in a few months and I was about 2 switch 2 verizon and get the storm but im gonna get a g1 instead. Thanks for the heads up. But I did have 1 question. Does the g1 stream videos?

  65. I’m going to get the g1 but i might need some help I’m getting a family share plan and i think i need the 700 mins plan but would i also need to get the 25 or 35$ plan for the g1? because that will bring the price up more can anyone help me on maybe getting it cheaper???

  66. Corey, you best asked Tmobile directly. they are well placed to advise you the plan to suit you best

  67. julien thx i guess i will i was hoping someone new a bit about them before i went there

  68. i need you guys opinion. See im 15 with a sidekick lx and with christmas coming up i have the option of getting either the storm or the G1 . I have no idea which one to get but i do know that t-mobile service in my house is horrible . And im also not sure how accurate the touch screen is on the storm . any advice ?

  69. olivia its in the past forget about it.. i have. all i have to say to anyone that is considering a g1 that i highly recommend it. im not big on having a touch screen qwerty keyboard. i love being able to feel the buttons im touching and use the touch screen for everything else. its great. and for a simple 35 dollars more a month you get the unlimited data plan. not to mention with the my faves and the free nights and weekends my minute useage has been cut more than half! so kudos to tmobile. been a while since ive posted… how ya been sam

  70. oh and to corey….
    man dude me and my gf are on the same plan… with the my faves and free nights and weekends for the whole month me and my gf used less than 400 minutes… so like julien said its prolly best to talk to a rep… just kinda take note of how many minutes you will use after you select your fave 5 and that might help in your decision on selecting a plan

  71. I got my G1 2 weeks ago and I love it! The Iphone is also a great phone and if it were available on T-Mobile I would have gotten it a long time ago. To each his own. This is not a competition people so calm down. But I now have an Android powered phone with T-Mobile and I could not be happier. I also tried a Samsung Behold and if it ran on Android I would call it great. Get the phone you want and enjoy it, save your gripes for someone who cares!

  72. PS…. the G1 now has a touch screen qwerty keyboard free on the Android App Market. Download it and have fun with your choices G1 owners.

  73. Mmm-k, I’ve read all posts. This section is for olivia. Think, you’re on a site that’s based on android, the first phone to have it? The T-Mobile G1. Its like walkin into a tmobile store talkin that storm bullshit, Your gonna get attacked. Now, I’m A+ certified to fix computers so I know what I’m sayin, as a previous owner of a blackberry, the storm is sweet, but it doesn’t compare to the G1 even powerwise. The G1 operates on a qualcomm processor running at 528Mhz with a adreno graphic chipset, and a video accelerator on it (that’s for you sam check out that “neocore” in the android market), the storm operates at 500Mhz. The G1 ugly? Ok, let’s have all you storm AND iphone users put your phones face down on a smooth table and slide it across the table, don’t worry, us G1 users are doing it too. Now pick it up, see all that nice dirt and possible scratches on your shit? The G1’s chin says we don’t have to worry bout that, why? Because HTC puts this “thing” on every phone they make (in this case the G1 battery) called “innovation” your precious storm has restrictions, the G1 has virtually none, I can surf the net, watch a YouTube video, and listen 2 music, all WHILE I’m on the phone. I’ve seen an unboxing of the storm and the guy crashed it turning off the scree while playing a video. You can’t even turn the freakin thing to go into portrait mode while the video playing sure the G1 didn’t come with a standalone video player, but the open platform known as android dawned a guy to make a simple video player and throw it on the android marketplace one day later after the G1 was released. So I would advise you to do some research on your phones before you post about a phone that doesn’t even switch between wi-fi and 3G seamlessly.

  74. Oh and one more thing olivia, the factory price is the same for both, 500 bucks

  75. all i want to say is the better provider is AT&T and verizon is right there with them, look at the service maps……. explains a lot and also AT&T also has a more advanced network!!! AT&T arent even done with their goodies….. few more years and you will see!!!! also i have had every provider ranging from AT&T to cricket and AT&T takes the cake!!!!
    and also that blackberry has a ways to go to come close to the iphone…..and the G1…well they have more going for them if they werent on T-Mobile Which is going to be bought out by AT&T which wont matter anyways!!! T-Mobile should just give up anyways….. their company isnt even half the size of AT&T and Verizon! So if you live near the east coast then T-Mobile should work but anywhere else it doesnt!!! So most Deff the Iphone still holds the crown for now!!!


  77. Telecom companies are all crap, just buy an unlocked phone and use whatever provider you want! Just got my unlocked iPhone in Hong Kong. ;-)

    As for the phones, BB Storm screen looks great… OS can’t touch the iPhone though. Anyway, competition is good.

  78. I live in Ny , and my tmboile service is horrible =/

  79. @kayla. Request a tower.

  80. Hey everybody… seeing so many new posts since the site when down not to long ago. @ trevor yes the g1 does stream videos… you can also play videos from an sd card but only 3gp format (I know it sucks). Ok @ michael look no one on this site said that t-mobile was the best company. J.d. power said that T-mobile was the best for 5 years in a row. I liked how you compared your storm to just the iphone. The G1 has so the power to be able to customize anything you like. No jailbreaking, unlocking, or voiding your warranty needed.

  81. @ noel… obviously you are from the south… no others use the term ya’ll. i too am from the south texas actually so yeah any ways no offense taken but if you had read my previous posts you would have found that i agree with you on diff phones for diff people. but hey its thanksgiving so even with everyones differences i hope everyone has a safe and food filled thanksgiving. happy thanksgiving everyone

  82. Well I was looking forward to seeing the Storm or at least reviews on the storm. I have a BB Curve and an iphone. I bought the iphone to replace the curve but after using the iphone for a week I couldn’t type as quickly on it as the Curve. So back to the Curve. For business use the curve rules, but for recreation and fun the iphone is it.
    I see there is no wifi on this version of the Storm, thus making it useless for me to switch from my Curve. One thing about the Storm that Apple should integrate is the ability to turn the iphone sideways on email and allow you to type sideways as well. If you look at the Storm, the email when flipped sideways gives you a QWERTY board across the bottom which for me would be ideal spacing to make typing easier on a touch screen. I find the iphone is to narrow for email typing. APPLE TAKE NOTE!!!! I really believe that with this ability on iphone, Apple would conquer the business people!!!!!!!

  83. the G1 is the better phone then the gayberry and Iphone

  84. sorry to say but as an owner of both phones the g1 and the bb storm. yet, i would say the g1 is more efficient and i love its features. as an ex -vzw user, i would have to say that there phoes are have too high and from the experience i’ve had they have way to many defects as well. t-mobile is both low and has great customer service around my city, unlike vzw i found there customer service very rude. [not bagging on it but from experience i lean towards the g1 and t-mobiles side] i’ve been with t-mobile for 3 years now and all of there phones are great i’ve had an [ sk lx, wing & dash]

    @ samuel yes i agree, after a few text messages the clicking did get annoying.

    not wanting to jump i but i have to get this off my chest. i dont condone trash talking but the way you supported vzw was very un-lady like, disrespectful and immature. i to am in junior high but have way more class. i do see that you took up and apologized but that was rude. the g1 is far better than the bb storm in my opinion. yes we all have opions but one’s shouldnt be put down by anothers beliefs.

    as to so, i am ending my plan with vzw even though i’ve only had the bb storm for 3 weeks now. and am selling my bb storm

    as to you, g1 owners i say great choice with the phone. so far its my fave from al the other phones i;ve had in the past

    – im with everyone who said, not to choose a phone by its appearance but as to its features and functionality . im totally with you tyler. that really caught my attention

    but i hope everyones chooses t-mobile sooner or later (:

    – zani

  85. please excuse my misspellings, i am in the car and this road is very bumpy. lol

  86. I have been a tmObile custOmer for about 3yrz now, & might I say, i’ve loved all of the phones i’ve had {sk3–>skLx—>g1}, BUT just like every other service out there it does have its network glitches, but all in all Id rather grow balls and cut them off than switch to Verizon [lOL, really though.] I have had at&t & I wont knock it, but i hated their phones so I switched to tmObile and got my old crackpipe the sidekick. The whole..only touchscreen thing with the iPhone sux ass as well as their plans. & who thee fuck wants a blackberry?? Psh. I looove my g1 ohdee, android shitz on everything else out there. GO G1 Gang.! [Lolz.]

  87. yo im thinkn bout getn da g1 but i jus wanna kno wats da monthly bill 4 it cuz i heard it was 70 a month but den da ppl telln me its 90 n im hearin mad shyt bout da g1 fukn up. my homegurl jus bout da g1 n she gave dat shyt back da nxt week but dats not stopn me from getn da g1 i jus wanna kno how much it cost n how much da plan is gonna cost

  88. and where i said i dont condone trash talking and such it was meant for olivia

    and the bb storm clicking got annoying

    – just wanted to clear it up

  89. verizon rules!!!!! i’m here in southern california and everyone here pretty much has verizon. blackberries are phones that are made for business which is why i love them. tmobile is pretty much crap when it comes to signal. and the service???? i dont even wanted to get started with that. i do however admit that i’ve played with the g1 and its got some pretty cool stuff, but the phone is way too bulky for my taste. i have a bb storm and yes the os wasnt very fast and actually pretty crappy as well. with a few updates that rim has given us the phone is up and running pretty quick. i’m very happy, especially since i’ve never had a phone do everything as efficiantly as bb does. and if i want music and videos i have them. the phone comes with 9 gigs of space. more then enough.

  90. Hey all, i was wondering if any of you could answer this question: on all three phones (iphone, g1, storm), can you use the browser to download movies to the phone and one, keep them for on the go, and two, also copy it to a computer for permanent storage? I’m looking forward to hearing back from you. Cheers!

  91. *sigh* I’m getting tired of the vzw people saying that “oh T-mobile sucks I never get a signal blah blah blah.” If you take those papers that you get when you sign a contract and actually read them you can see that you can REQUEST A SIGNAL ANTENNA. The last thing any phone company wants is to lose a customer but though the company has all this technology at their hands they have yet to invent a damn mind reading machine. Oh your signal sucks… how would the company know that. You all obiviously have never called customer service because a Rep. wouldve suggested that.(that is if you actually would call and complain to the right people instead of posting on here and complaining) excuse my french but alot of you need to quit your bitchin’ and read the contract.


  92. @samuel im getting the g1 next week and since u know everything about it i wanted to ask you what are some of the functions the g1 has and i want to know bout the contracts and there cost

  93. @kent… wow there are a lot of features that the g1 has. The application market is updated daily with new games and applications. With a 2 yr. contract agreement the g1 is $180 and the service is $25 for 400 txt/picture messages and email msg and unlimited email and $35 gets you unlimited txt/picture mail and email and internet.

  94. @jam yes you can download movies, full music tracks (without using the wi-fi as amazon requests) on the G1. @ Sam it also plays mp4s in a standalone player too. G1 h8rs, just face it, the G1 is one of the best mobile devices to hit the market, with the souls behind it (google, T-dash of course, HTC, qualcomm, and many others) it can only get better. Qualcomm really outdid thereselves putting a dual-core processor in it and with the next processor their working on, or already done with called Snapdragon? By the way their talkin bout puttin that into the G2 so id check that out sam, tyler, and all. Pretty soon phones are gonna be upgraded to 1GHz phones, being able to record and playback in high def 720p, provide 3D user interfaces, WWLAN, all kinds of things. By the way I just mentioned all the things snapdragon supports. @ the Tmo h8rs, verizon sucks, sprint sucks, at&t sucks, and even for you broke mo-fo’s out there, metroPCS sucks too, although their commercials are pretty funny.

  95. Well well, I would like to start off by saying I’m a g1 owner and I fucking love my phone!!!! Matter of fact this comment was brought 2 u courtesy from my g1. Any who I was on google searching for more about the g1, bb storm, and the iphone and I happened to run across this site. I took the liberty of reading all the posted comments, and I have to say it amused me (olivia and the infamous g1 gang). Glad u all quashed ur verbal quarrel. Any who I’ve been with tmobile for 2yrs I have had phones ranging from a free nokia to the shadow(htc of course), sidekick lx, and now the g1. I never had a problem with my tmobile services, which I guess it varies what region u live in. I haven’t did my homework like some of u have. I know that the g1 rocks and I can’t account for bb storm or iphone. Oh yeah I can say this tmobile isn’t cheap it is resonable bcuz I probably would’ve went with vzw or at&t, but vzw wanted a deposit of 500 to1000 dollars not including activation and at&t wanted 300 to 600 dollar deposit also not including activation. Then I happened across tmobile all they wanted a 75 dollar deposit and that covered my activation fee. So please don’t talk trash about tmobile. Oh I can’t remember left the comment of the g1 being bulky all I know they are with vzw, I just want 2 say the voyager isn’t the most sleekist phone either its way bulkier than the g1.

  96. Well played finch… for the g1 fans there are 2 sites just for us. Think of it as a myspace for g1 owners… the first is g1profiles.com and the other is g1freaks.com.

  97. Thanks Samuel, I appreciate u for knowledge u r bestowing on me and all the other g1 owners. The information u post is very helpful and informative. Keep it up the word needs 2 get out 2 the people who r still in the dark about the g1.

  98. thanks finch… i just love how far cell phones have come with technology and i want to know what im talking about and not give the wrong advice so i do research for myself and the people i may share it with. thats 1 side of me the other side is to keep it real lol. if i wouldnt have found out about the htc dream (later dubbed the t-mobile g1) back in june and also if the 3g iphones wasn’t so expensive to unlock I would have 1. I’m not gonna lie and say the iphone sucks because I know if I had the money I would have both lol. I also wanted a blackberry also but that was back in my teens when I had a boost moblie phone and I was gonna buy the nextel blackberry and just stick my sim card in it… and from the mouth of the nextel rep… and I quote “blackberry’s aren’t really that fun. They are more for business purposes. Why do you want one?” If a rep will turn down the comission of a sale to inform me that a phone I want wouldn’t be a good choice really had me thinking that blackberry’s may never be as fun as other phone.

  99. Hey if anybody needs help with the G1 and how to save songs, vids, etc from the internet or get free songs/vids feel free to hit me up on the Gtalk “ermacdoctrine”

  100. first off had tmobile (alright) second the blackberry i used wasn’t that great. AT&T is more expensive but TO EVERYBODY THE IPHONE IS WORTH IT COVERGE IS GREAT, and so is. Apple! There is so much you can do on this phone to begin with and so much more to get through the apps! the g1 is overrated looking forwrd to bb storm, but NOTHING TOPS THE IPHONE!

  101. You are all funny, Im Laughing my A off its Great, 1st Im with T-Mobile and they by far have the best customer service ive ever dealt with anybody, I was with ATT for years Cellular one,Cingular Etc, I left them because they have the worst customer service on Earth, cant Speak on Verizon never dealt with Them, Im a Tech Geek so i love Phones and stuff, Ive had the Curve alright average phone, MDA,was nice. I bought a G1 for me and my son he loves his and i do too, but im not a slider, so I bought a Apple3G and had it unlocked for T Mobile and it is Fat, They are both nice phones though, What i dont like about Verizon is there Phones are for them only, no unlocking like the others, But T Mobile Customer Service the Best hands Down. G1 or I Phone both Sweet.

  102. WoW WTF is going on here?

  103. T-mobile and the G1 rocks!

  104. i was looking for some spec info and ran into this thread.I see a lot drama going on with what people think as far as g1 ,iphone and storm …first off let me start off by saying olivia you are such a dumb skank internet whore wannabe cyber gangsta idiot that needs a rubber shoved down her throat (i think i speak for everybody on here -Please shut the F*ck up and get laid for once ,your probably some fat ugly pimple faced slob that has nothing better to do then talk shit on a thread-lick my sack and get a life u blow job …OK now that i got that out of my system lolol … i wanted to leave a REAL unbias review for the record ..I had an i phone with att(both the first gen and 3g )great phone but gave it up to my lil brother since i grew out of the mac hype and because he wanted one for X-mas .2)Storm also a great phone but can NOT compare to iphone or g1 so i wont even get into that ,3)I now have a g1 and
    this is by farrrrr the best phone PERIOD no mater what anyone else says most of which are haters(and remember this is not some moron talking his opinion like some others on here ,this is coming from someone that OWNS a cell phone store so if anyone has anything negative to say about the g1 get your fact straight …Oh and by the way i sold out of g1’s within 48 hours after release and had over a hundred pre orders
    So there you go guys
    it is what it is
    anyways im done
    hope my reply has helpful
    and olivia if you need a job to keep you busy gimme a call or shoot me an email
    i think my toilet bowl needs some cleaning

  105. wow, frankie i agree with you there is alot of drama lmao. and some of these people think they know what there talking about but they dont. im 15 and i bet you i know wayy more about a phone than most of you people here. first thing T-Mobile is the best cell phone company, you dont have to be expensive to be good. thats why tmobile has been a phone company for this long. plus their 3G is faster than verizon and AT&T so many ‘followers’ buy the iPhone and use the 3G and whats that lead to? more 3G use from AT&T and that means a slower 3G network for you cause you have to share it with 230987561234092098564586 iPhone users alone. and no one even talks about verizon, its boring and slow gay dial up internet speeds. verizon seems strictly like a “just call and hang up” company no games, again slow internet, and boring apps//interface. and verizon has to be scared and see if everyone will like what T-Mobile or AT&T is doing before they will even think about releasing a service/phone.
    now AT&T? they are a great company 3G may be slow, their making you pay twice as much as you should but they are a seemingly “fun” company plus they have some nice phones but wayy too much hype cause of the iphone.
    now T-Mobile? best company out, Customer Service is fansastic great phones G1(my phone), Sidekick, Behold etc… but not to many people are getting a G1 because they are locked to a 2 year contract cause of the iphone, dont get me wrong if you get T-Mobile you will be locked to a 2 year contract or you will have to pay alot of money, but now the G1 users will have a faster 3G speed cause it wont be used by 32472305782305782037 people and you have the android O.S plus its half the price of AT&T or Verizon. so go do your research now cause you just got schooled by a 15 year old/freshman in high school lmao aren’t you feeling dumb right now.

  106. all you guys are are talking crap about the g1 are just jealous of its interface. First of all the g1 looks smaller in person and the blackberry storm ckickable keyboard can break easily and the g1 has faster internet than the blackberry and iphone and all you guys who are talking bad about the phones are wasting there time because I done even know why you would make such a big deal why the g1 is bad and the blackberry is better I am not talking bad about about g1 I am just stating the facts about how the blackberry can break.and stating the facts all you have to say is what phone you think is better and why you don’t have to cuss. This is for all you g1 lovers I looooooooove you and the g1 can’t wait till I get this for xmas and iphone is out because I am on my moms as I am typing and you wouldn’t believe how many mistakes I have made (like 9000000000 mistakes LOL)

  107. sorry I am on my moms iPhone and made alot of mistakes

  108. T-mobile is the best cell phone company you’ll ever fine. Great customer service. You can upgrade and downgrade your plan whenever u want and never have to extend your contract. In fact, if you go over your minutes, they’ll upgrade your plan and back date your plan for you so you don’t have to pay for the minutes that you went over. And the next month you can down grade it again. I want iphone so bad but i hate AT&T. They used to rib my ass off. Rude customer service. I guess i m going to b happy with G1.

  109. [i deleted this comment because of racist remarks]

    I haven’t kept a very close tabs on the comments on this post. I know its pretty heated but I’m all for freedom of speech. Plus its entertaining. But racist remarks cross the line.

    So ZULU: if you want to say something, say it. But please don’t bring racism into the phandroid comments section – it’s something that won’t be tolerated.

    k thx bye


    Love Always,
    Rob Jackson

  110. Why ppl hating on The G1…if u dont have the phone dont talk crap about it, The Strom sucks…NO WIFI are u serious hahaha. Im not gonna hate on the iphone but the G1 is better when u put two and two together. Its all about Tmo

  111. So, I’m pretty sure I know olivia in real life, and she is definitely as dumb as she makes herself out to be.

    Anyways, I’d been debating between dropping T-mobile and getting a storm when my contract is up, but after reading through everything on here my mind has been changed and I’m most definitely going to upgrade from a SK Slide to the far-superior G1. Thanks to everyone who used proper english to help sway my decision to stick with T-mobile; I’m lookin’ at you, Sam and Tyler.

  112. WOW! lol
    Am I late to the party?
    I’ve had T-Mobile service before and WOW it sure sucks, I called them to request a Antenna but their so called “Friendly” service pissed me off. They hang up on me every time I used the words “I would like to request a Antenna” so screw them I cancel my service, and told them to sick their damn phone up their ass. Oh Btw it was a (G1). Now I’ve been with Verizon for 1 year and WOW haha their service is pretty cool, I live in Colorado and my signal is great. Also I have the BB Storm and is AWESOME!

    Anyways T-Mobile, Verizon, At&t Users Have fun with your phonesl :)


  114. ok i have tmobile and i like it my two year agreement is up and im debating between extendin my contract and gettin a g1 or switchin to vzw and gettin the bb storm but after reading posts by sam and tyler i have decided to go with the g1 im 19 and a junior in college i need a phone to adapt to my busy schedule between classes friends work bills and just me time i need a phone Made for business and leisure at the same time and thats definently the g1 so thats the phone for me! thanks g1 crew lol

  115. No problem… thanks for sticking with us.

  116. I love the G1!!! It’s the hotest phone out right now.

  117. oh yeah!! The slide out keyboard makes texting much easier, It’s got the iphone BEAT..

  118. I have been with T mobile for 6 yrs and have had MDA and BB Curve. I have come to the end of my third contract and was trying to figure out if I should continue and go for G1 or switch to Verizon and go for BB storm. With 3 lines on my plan my monthly bill runs over 150 pm.
    Looks like I might be better off with extending with T mobile?

  119. oliva U know watsup
    g11 rules black berrry strom succ

  120. g1 poor mans iphone? well in a way that is true you have to be rich to be with at&t or verizon, i just got the storm, and i figured out that using it as a laptop modem oost $15 if you have the corperate email plan, or $30 extra if you have the unlimited web and email plan, tmobile doesnt charge for this at all, in addition verizon and at&t both have 5gb limits tmobile has no limit. so in addition to your over priced internet charge your paying an extra 360$ a year just for being allowed to do what the phone was ment to do, plus the keyboard on the storm is very hard to type on, this can easily be fixed by adding a little box on top of the keyboard showing which key your hovering over like the iphone, this simple feature makes the iphone a lot easier to type on,

  121. I’ve used all 3 phones and i like the G1 the best…..I was recently with T-mobile but had a whole lot of service issues and verizon is much better service wise. I’ll admit that i did like the G1 better though because of the variety of apps and its easier to type on for me than the iphone and the storm(which i have now). The trade off though, is that I get service all over NYC and even in the subway which is more than i can say about t-mobile phone

  122. All 3 phones are good in my opinion. It’s just a matter of preference in choosing the phone. If you like the amazing use of Apps and the Apple company, you get the iPhone. If you have a t-mobile carrier, and wish to get a cheaper phone than the iPhone but want many functions/use, get the G1.If you are running a business and need to keep things in schedule and have Verizon, get the Blackberry Storm.

    In my opinion (i have all 3 phones) the Storm won because I am trying to operate a business and assists me a lot. :)

  123. Thank you all for the information(specially Samuel) and for making my day because Some of the post were hilarious, and I definitely got to know which phone is better and I agree is the G1. I have experienced the 3 of them very lightly and not in depth so I needed more info. And yes T-mobile customer sevice is the best.

  124. Just in defense of AT&T. I love this company. I’ve had verizon and t- mobile, t mobile is geared more at the younger people, ( sidekicks, g1) texting. Verizon seems like they just got in the business because the got great network coverage because as yo know they do have cable boxes and house phone lines and crap like that. They never really had a phone that made you go wow. Yes I agree , don’t compare iPhone to the storm. Believe it or not it’s not AT&T that’s the beast it’s apple. Well maintained well supported apple. My list from top to bottom is iPhone, G1, storm in the catagory of fun. Storm, iPhone, g1 in the catagory of business. G1, storm, iPhone in the catagory of affordability, if that’s a word. My opinion . Holla

  125. wooooow yall are really serious about this..look i have the g1 and i love it, i can say the iphone does look waaaay better and can do a little more but who wants bad service and a high ass phone bill…not me! i like my G1 its good for now…but i kinda got my eyes on that new G2.lol!!!!

  126. Fuck storm,,,G1 RULES!!!,WOOOOOHOOOOO,lol

  127. @ jerzi that my touch sh*t is badazz my sis in law has it but in someways its kinda like a blackberry storm but it has wayyy more apps,lol,xD

  128. @ jerzi that my touch A.K.A G.2 sh*t is badazz my sis in law has it but in someways its kinda like a blackberry storm but it has wayyy more sh*t,lol,xD

  129. The G1 is pretty awesome and the fact that it also has a pull out keyboard is better! and it is so customizeable like the themes, and even chomp sms app you can customize the messaging screen. I love my G1!

  130. I have had all three services before and in my opinion, AT&T and Verizon are expensive and way over charge. I have T-Mobile for me and my mom on the same plan for less than 150 a month. Also I have had a sidekick and hated in and right now was debating over the blackberry pearl flip and the g1. Yes i had fun reading everything all you guys post but ALL you G1 guy’s and girl’s you have won me over and with the plan switch over its only going to cost 5 bucks more thank you to all the g1 people. Finally, good informative info that made my mind up. Thanks.

  131. sorry for mis prints I can’t always type. and This was just my opinion from my experience. For all you Verizon and AT&T lovers more power to you. Good Luck Everyone….

  132. bought the g1 and love it so so so much its so freaking amazing

  133. To me as person looking to buy soon.I love the Android operating ent communisystem and the futurer proof nature of of Android…The Iphone inferface is great but it is not customisabel or adaptable to sync on any OS..now looking dated…the Storm is overpriced the appeal has been lost as the storm 1 was a dog and people remember the unreliable nature of this black berry.Interesting ideas not as appealing and smaller development community.Best mix would be Android os on Iphone or storm 2

  134. Iphone is the best phone i have ever had. Was gonna get the htc dream but went with iphone and let me tell you its the best decision i have ever made. Whether it be the multi touch feature or the billions of apps, its an all around amazing phone. And also for people that do allot of texting the texting screen is amazing. But i gotta give it to the apps whatever you need theres an app for it. The g1 is a very nice phone but the iphone is a higher quality and all around better phone.

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