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We’ve spent a LOT of time with the G1, so taking 10 minutes to go over the User Interface, Display and Customizations seemed like no time at all. There are certain nuances and details you sometimes don’t notice until you’ve spent a decent amount of time with a device and I now that I’m comfortably familiar with Android/G1 UI I can safely say that I love it.

That’s not to say there aren’t flaws and factors that can and should be improved, but as the first ever Android enabled device the G1 makes a great showing across the board and gives those that come after a great stepping stone to work from:

All In All a pretty darn good device. Many people have also complained that the icons graphically lacking, an issue I didn’t address in this video. I agree that the icons could be a little more sharp and attractive, but for the most part that seems like another “preference” issue. It will be interesting to see if developers are able to implement “icon sets” that replace these existing icons. And if not possible now, perhaps with future phones?

Attention to detail is certainly important when developing the UI. The Android/G1 User Interface gets most of it right with a few obvious shortcomings that seem rather difficult to address considering their nature. Regardless, the touch screen is quick and enjoyable and there are a TON of customization options and features that will make using the G1 a greater experience than the vast majority of alternatives. And even still – again – that is merely a matter of preference and opinion.

Bottom Line: The Android/G1 UI passes with flying colors.

Rob Jackson
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  1. Ugh, this just makes me want my phone even more!!!! On a side note though, any way you could do an Android interface vs Iphone interface review? I think it would be interesting to see some detailed differences (and not just speculation like I have read in most articles)

  2. To close a folder you can just click the title bar, no need to target the little x on the right.
    You can also drop apps on the desktop straight from the drawer. No need to go through the add dialog. You can also drop stuff directly into an open folder from the same drawer.

  3. I will have to wait until tomorrow for my G1, however, I saw somewhere about a gesture keyboard… if I find it I’ll post a reply… maybe someone or you already know of it.

  4. Oooh, I agree with Daniel (for both).

    Great overview btw.


    on response to question regarding on virtual keyboard. I’m not sure when and if they will release this, but it looks promising.

  6. I got mine yesterday and I basically played with it for the last 24 hours non stop… I LOVE IT…. Its better than….. what was the name of that other phone… you know the one from a while back… that was okay but… oh… IPHONE… hahaha…

    I love this damn phone! But NO VIDEO PLAYBACK… IS ANYONE CREATING A PROGRAM….. Also some kind of program that will allow video playback from other websites thats not YOU TUBE!

  7. Ilove G1 so much. Its everything in my hands.
    But no games and finds it difficult to connect the bluetooth with other devices to transfer info.
    Its really easy to work with. ooohh thaaaats my phone.

    help me connect the bluetooth on


    e-mail [email protected]

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