Oct 20th, 2008 publishUpdated   Oct 21st, 2008, 4:50 pm

Users on AndroidForums are starting to indicate that they are indeed receiving their T-Mobile G1 orders two days earlier than the posted shipping date. Some soon-to-be owners have also received notifications that their G1 will arrive tomorrow. Either way, customers are pleased with the extra 24 to 48 hours they get to spend with the newest member of their family.

Originally, T-Mobile stated that Jack’s Magic Beans their G1s would arrive on user’s doorsteps on the morning of October 22nd. However, due to shipping deficiencies (proficiencies?), it seems that T-Mobile’s targeted ship date has been skewed to the advantage of the customer.

We’ve already given potential users (and those who can’t wait to get their hands all up on it) an up close and personal video review. You can also play with a dumbed down emulator until that special day comes. As user’s impressions and opinions start to trickle through the interweb, we’ll be sure to keep you up to date on what people are thinking.

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