Oct 20th, 2008

For now, the games where virtual worlds and real worlds collide (Parallel Kingdom, WiFi Army, etc…) are MIA from the Android Market. We’ll see them spring up once the G1 is in more hands, but for now, the majority of the games on the market are arcade and puzzle type games. The best of them? Bonsai Blast.

Is it anything ground breaking? Far, far from it. But its a simple, fun game that you could easily waste hours playing when you have time you need to kill. At the moment, its my favorite Arcade Game on the market and I’m sure I’ll be playing it for quite awhile.

I’d love to see an interactive Score Board feature that ranks you against opposing players across the world for your Adventure and Survival games. That would double the fun. But for now, I’ll settle for this… while I wait for more games to emerge.

And trust us… there will be HOARDS of games in no time.