Joe Fedewa

Features Editor


Will the Samsung Galaxy S8 have a Continuum-like feature?

Jan 2nd - We’ve been hearing a lot about the Samsung Galaxy S8 lately. Samsung really needs this phone to be a success after the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fiasco. So far, it sounds like Samsung is putting everything but the kitchen sink into this phone.


20+ Best Android Games [January 2017]

Dec 30th - The Holidays are mostly over and now we’re left with the cold of winter. The best thing to do while you’re snowed in is cozy up with your phone or tablet and play some games.


20+ Best Android Apps [January 2017]

Dec 29th - We’re back with another round-up of the best Android apps from last month. App releases slowed down a bit during the Holidays, but they should pick up again soon.


100 Best Android Apps of 2017

Dec 29th - Trying to find the Best Android Apps available for Download? Look no further: this up-to-date list has everything you need and more!


HTC could release 3 new phones in the next 3 months

Dec 28th - HTC didn’t do that great this year. It looks like they are trying to change that in 2017 with a trio of new devices. A new rumor out of Taiwan claims HTC will launch 3 new smartphones in Q1 of next year.


The LG G5 is the “Most Repairable” phone of 2016

Dec 23rd - The good folks at iFixIt have shared a list of the most (and least) repairable smartphones from 2016. Most people don’t bother with repairing their phones, but that hasn’t stopped iFixIt from tearing down every new gadget under the sun.