Galaxy S9 may combine iris scanner and face unlock for “Intelligent Scan”


One of the big new trends we’re about to see in smartphones is secure face unlock methods. Face unlock is certainly not new to Android phones, but it has never been as secure as a fingerprint. For example, you can use your fingerprint for mobile payments, but not your face. Apple’s Face ID is secure enough for those tasks.

Samsung phones have had face unlock for a while. Starting with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, they have also included iris scanning. Some users have been digging around in the Settings app of the Oreo beta for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. They discovered a few strings that relate to a new “Intelligent Scan” feature. This feature supposedly combines face unlock with iris scanner for a better experience.

The idea is using the two methods together will make the feature work better in all lighting conditions. Since there is no such feature on the Galaxy S8 and Note 8, it’s believed that this is for the Samsung Galaxy S9. Obviously, Samsung will want something to compete with Apple’s Face ID. Intelligent Scan could be the answer.

[via sammobile]

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