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Every week, I share some of the best new Android apps and games. Now, I’m sharing the apps and games that I actually keep on my phone after the camera is turned off. I’ve been using Android for as long as I can remember. In that time, I’ve tried thousands of different apps. So I feel like I have my setup figured out pretty well.

Before we get into the apps, I should talk a little about the phone I use. My daily driver for the last five months has been the LG V30. I protect it with this awesome case from Bear Motion. The case is super thin and has a nice sandstone-like texture.

The full list of apps installed on my phone can be found below, but I wanted to highlight a few of my favorites first. Flamingo is probably my most-used app. It’s a 3rd-party Twitter app that works a million times better than the official app. I have it customized exactly to my liking and I will never go back to the awful official app.

(Every page has the same number of apps icons)

Facebook Messenger Lite is probably my second most-used app. If you find the full version to be bloated and battery killing, the Lite version is a breath of fresh air. Backdrops is by far my favorite wallpaper app. New custom-made wallpaper is added almost daily, which is how often I change my wallpaper.

There are a few apps that I recommend splurging on. Nova Launcher is my home screen launcher of choice. I’ve been using it for a long time and it continues to get better. The Pro version is well worth the price. I messed around with free podcast apps for a while, but I should have used Pocket Casts sooner. It’s amazing. Reddit Sync is a really simple, easy to use, and customizable Reddit app.

I’m not a huge widget and folder guy. My one widget (not counting the obligatory Google Search bar) is Weather Timeline. My two folders are for Phandroid apps (Forums, EarlyBird, and Phandroid News) and the other folder is for TV apps, such as adultswim, WatchESPN, and HDHomeRun.

That’s my phone! I’m interested to hear all about your setup. What launcher do you use? What icon packs do you like? What are your invaluable apps? Let me know in the comments below!

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