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Samsung says they haven’t given up on Android Wear yet

May 25th - Samsung hasn’t created an Android Wear devices since the Gear Live in 2014. All of their smartwatch focus has been on Tizen. However, a Samsung rep has come out to shoot down the claims that they have given up on Android Wear.

Samsung’s first device with an iris scanner is the 7-inch Galaxy Tab Iris

May 25th - We thought Samsung might introduce their first ever mobile-appropriate iris scanner in some sort of high-end phone. The Samsung Galaxy Note 6, perhaps? It’s still possible that device will get one, but it won’t be able to claim the honors of being the first. That goes to the Galaxy Tab Iris.

OnePlus 3 launch date mistakenly revealed

May 25th - It looks like the OnePlus 3 will make its debut on June 14. The news was mistakenly shared by one of OnePlus’ customer service reps while chatting with someone who was hoping to get their hands on the OnePlus VR headset for the launch event.

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