Microsoft confirms Cortana personal assistant is coming to Android this summer

May 26th - Microsoft today announced that Windows 10 will support Cortana integration not only with their own smartphone, but also for those using Android phones or the iPhone. The functionality will come as part of the OS upgrade happening later this summer.

[Update] You can now download Periscope for Android

May 26th - Waiting for Periscope to hit Android? The app will be launching today according to press information sent out by the company. If you aren't aware, Periscope is Twitter's new live streaming service that'll allow you to quickly and easily broadcast a live stream from your phone and Tweet it out to your followers.

Iron Man Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has been fully revealed — here’s the official unboxing video

May 26th - Samsung has been teasing the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man edition for quite some time, but the goods have finally been fully revealed. It's everything we imagined it would be, with a very nice red chassis accented with some elegant-looking gold.

DIY: Motorola DROID Turbo battery cover swap

May 25th - If you recently purchased a Motorola DROID Turbo but had your heart set on a different color or finish (Ballistic Nylon, Kevlar fiber), you may want to consider giving your device a battery cover transplant. Here's how.

‘Does not Commute’ is a traffic game with a time-traveling twist [VIDEO]

May 25th - One of my favorite developers in this genre is Mediocre. They've made games like Smash Hit, Sprinkle, and Granny Smith. Their latest games is called Does Not Commute, and it's another smash hit (pun intended).

This cool virtual reality headset claims to be able to track eye movement [KICKSTARTER]

May 25th - Talk about the HTC Re Vives and the Oculus Rifts of the world all you want, but no one is doing anything quite like what FOVE is promising. Their virtual reality headset does more than just track head and body movement: it can even track your eyes.

KFC’s food trays with built-in Bluetooth keyboards need to come to every restaurant RIGHT NOW

May 25th - Germany KFC restaurants have started a limited trial run of new food trays. Big deal, right? Who cares about a food tray that you're only going to be using for 20 minutes while you stuff your face with food? Except these food trays have Bluetooth keyboards built inside.

Game Review: How AdVenture Capitalist made me even more jealous of the 1%

May 25th - AdVenture Capitalist isn't a game that's been around a long time, but long enough for folks to have found healthy addictions awaiting within. It's a free "capitalism simulator" which tasks you with one straight-forward, forward-looking goal: make a crap ton of money, and do it fast. Check it out!

Namco and the creators of Crossy Road team up for new Pac-Man game based on level 256 glitch

May 22nd - In case you didn't mark your calendar, Pac-Man officially turned 35 years old today. To help celebrate, Bandai Namco and Hipster Whale -- creators of the smash hit game Crossy Road -- have released a trailer for an upcoming game based around Pac-Man's infamous level 256 glitch.

Official: Nexus 6 on T-Mobile will start receiving Android 5.1.1 with WiFi Calling this weekend

May 22nd - Yesterday, T-Mobile’s Des Smith hinted at the possibility of the Nexus 6 finally receiving its WiFi Calling update this weekend but today, he’s finally confirming it. The Nexus 6 will officially receive Android 5.1.1 — build number LYZ28E — on T-Mobile this weekend.

I spent a week without Android Wear or how I turned into a savage without my smartwatch

May 22nd - I’ve been living like a savage barbarian the past week and I don’t like it one bit. In fact, my life has been inconvenienced more times than not, it’s been filled with various frustrations, and from time to time certain tasks that were once simple have been much harder. Next month will mark twelve months […]

Playboy NOW app for Android is surprisingly safe for work, might actually read it for the articles

May 22nd - Because man cannot liveth on boobs alone, Playboy has introduced a new app into the Google Play Store that puts a focus on suitable for work articles... and babes.

LG G Watch R doesn’t support WiFi right now, but it will later this year

May 22nd - According to an LG spokesperson, a future maintenance release will activate the LG G Watch R's hidden WiFi functionality. They even gave us a rough release date.

Official: Sprint gets the LG G4 June 5th, pre-sale starts today with 3 free goodies

May 22nd - Sprint has announced that they will be getting the LG G4 June 5th. The carrier is among the first to offer up solid availability. They'll have a few different options for upgrading depending on what works best for you.

Photoshop Touch is being discontinued May 28th to make way for the new kids

May 22nd - Adobe has announced that Photoshop Touch will be discontinued May 28th, after which the apps will cease to exist in mobile app stores everywhere. Those who have bought Photoshop Touch will be able to continue using the app beyond then, though they won’t be able to redownload it unless they back the .APK file up […]