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PieMessage brings iMessage to Android, but there’s just one small catch

May 3rd - It’s safe to say it will be a cold day in hell before Apple ever brings iMessage over to Android, but it’s not stopping developers from creating some clever workarounds. A new app called PieMessage is allowing Android users to tap-into-iMessage, but there’s just one small catch…

25+ Huawei P9 Tips & Tricks

May 3rd - Since the Huawei P9 has dozens of customization options and other hidden features which may not be obvious to most people, we’ve pulled together the most important ones for you.

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This comprehensive guide to Android Phones includes everything you need to know, from specs and reviews to Q&A and accessories.

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May 2nd - Are you looking to get the most out of the HTC 10? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve got over 40 tips and tricks to uncover all the best features of the HTC 10.

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May 3rd - Amazon Prime Now — the company’s “within the hour” delivery service — is great, but for those who like to do their shopping on their PCs it hasn’t yet been possible. Amazon has always forced us to use the mobile app to get those quick deliveries. But that’s no longer the case.

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